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    writing songs, photography, live music, spirituality, love, reading, laughing, self-growth, journaling, Obama '08
  1. I was thinking of that picture a lot! It's beyond gorgeous.
  2. Just want to say girls that Robert's arms looked delicious in an MSN grammy interview, He was in a simple tshirt and his hair was beautiful as well. My twitter update says, "Husband won a Grammy!" lol Love y'all!
  3. Hi! Hope you are having a lovely week!

  4. Lizzy_17

    Band Photos

    I like how different this one feels. excellent posts! Thanks!
  5. hehehehe I love this thread. Thanks Adi and all!
  6. I love that look too!!! Sexy, sexy, sexy
  7. Robert is my adonis... among other things
  8. Those are L-O-W! hehehe I'm blushing
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