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    writing songs, photography, live music, spirituality, love, reading, laughing, self-growth, journaling, Obama '08
  1. I was thinking of that picture a lot! It's beyond gorgeous.
  2. Just want to say girls that Robert's arms looked delicious in an MSN grammy interview, He was in a simple tshirt and his hair was beautiful as well. My twitter update says, "Husband won a Grammy!" lol Love y'all!
  3. Hey!! I was at the show too! I saw Robert leave the stage area when everyone was out of the arena, but was too far and my ears were ringing like mad to shout hi or something. It was so funny, his back to me, talking to a guy in the wings, grabbed his coat and left. Were you on the second level?
  4. Happy Birthday!!! You continue to rock the world of music!!!
  5. Hi! Hope you are having a lovely week!

  6. Cool info, thanks Knebby. RIP Jeff, he was one of the most creative and forward thinking musicians in a very long time. He influenced many artists and music lovers including myself. All my love for Jeff.
  7. Lizzy_17

    Band Photos

    I like how different this one feels. excellent posts! Thanks!
  8. I really like STH, but people requesting it during a Robert Plant/Alison Krauss show?? 1) you're lucky enough if you get Battle of Evermore.
  9. hehehehe I love this thread. Thanks Adi and all!
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