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  1. Gambit freaking rocks... wee! Hope he makes an appearance in the next XMen flick

  2. Reel Big Fish - Let's Go Smoke Some Pot Mmmm I wish...
  3. If your avatar gives us a clue, for sure. Gambit: ever little girls' dream. I'm sure alucard is very jealous.
  4. Actually, he told us on his site when he answered questions from us like... a million years ago. He said he had no idea, I think. So there you go. The best of them doesn't know and it's good enough for me.
  5. Seriously, Gains? In comparison to the past actors of the Batman roles, he's a GODSEND.
  6. I think the question is... did Led Zeppelin take that from someone else? There's Jimmy Page, the greatest thief of American black music who ever walked the earth - Homer
  7. Karma Sutra and The Mammoth Book of UFOs
  8. I like her position on old rockers. I do agree with her to some degree. At some age, you should just stop... Also, she was fucking gorgeous. As I always say, if it were the 60s, I'd be a lesbian for Grace
  9. Had a nice shexxxy dream last night Made me whole day awesomeness.
  10. Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I... I mean... weeeh? When are scientists gonna figure out how to reanimate dead flesh so the Who can really start touring? Cuz I mean really... Pete has been kinder stiff... Oh, plus Zombie Ox would probably be rockin'. It would give new meaning to Rigor Mortis Sets In. Or some other awesome reference to his solo work.
  11. Buahah, touche. Though I do disagree... of course, while a fan of Tolkien, I am not partial to the Lord of the Rings. So really, I think LOTR is generally boring and long-winded, while his other work is marvelous. I disagree specifically with the vocabulary comment. While Tolkien created, what I concider to be, a very thorough, intricate, complete novel (as it certainly was not his idea to make a trilogy, rather he wished for it to originally be one book*), I think his talent was in the construction of plots and peoples, rather than vocabulary. His discriptions were not as flowery as I'm accustomed to with some of the other things I read. Also, I'm not a great fan of fantasy, so I am not particularily well read in the works of those other authors you mentioned. But if you wanna talk about Tolkien, let's talk *He stated this many times, quite repetitvely too, in his many letters which were thoroughly published in The Letters of JRR Tolkien, a very interesting read, as Tolkien had so much swimming around in his head which pertained to the whole of Ea. Unfinished Tales is a wonderful book as well for this reason.
  12. Ignore that fool Psychedelic is the only way to go... munch a little shrooms, and Journey to the Centre of the Mind with the Amboy Dukes... far friggin' out, man.
  13. That was long-winded and boring, but nice vocabulary and grammar nonetheless Apparently I need to go and make a Tolkien thread in Random. (Cuz I'd rather talk about JRR than Percy... Plant is a little over-done on this website )
  14. Hmm. I probably meant the Norse crap. Then again, I watch Plant's segment, and it echos Arthurian legands (at least I think it does;) ), and I know Tolkien had a thing for that, too. Most mythologies and folklores which also centred around Britian, anyways. Or wait, was it that Tolkien thought Britain lacked in a proper set of myths and legends? Aw, crap, I just can not properly recall all my superior Tolkien knowledge of three years ago. (As you can see, I'd rather talk about his work than Plant's disposition and use of LOTR themes in Zep's music... cuz DUH he was influenced by it, it shouldn't even be a debate, unless Percy was making up names like Mordor and just unknowingly stepping all over Tolkien's copyright...)
  15. Bah. Wasnt a fan of the first one - all Black did was name drop. I shant be seeing the sequel.
  16. I can't believe only one person mentioned Jefferson Airplane... wow.
  17. Nah, Janis is backup, but she ain't too thrilled about it. Also, everyone who thinks Percy is being selfish is a fucking moron. I don't know how else to say it, lightly or otherwise.
  18. Also, yes, rings do show up in many mythologies, and to be more specific as to which mythology that directly inspired Tolkien, Norse is full o' 'em. Or magical jewlery and whatnot. I think Aule's dwarves are most closely inspired by Norse mythology, particularily with their affinitey for jewels and treasure. Plus, despite the fact that the vast majority of Tolkien's names and places were based on the several thorough languages he created (being a professor of linguistics and knowing all that crap), he took some names directly from Norse, Frodo and Gandalf (I believe) being two examples. Of course, most hobbit names were not of elvish construction (duh), and Gandalf not being elvish in origin either (it's from the humans I believe?). I believe Plant shared a love for that sort of crap with J R R as can be seen from his segment in The Song Remains the Same. At least there are some perilels. Also, my grammar is fucking attricious in this post, but I don't really care to use spell check.
  19. Deep is probably one of my favorite songs.
  20. I get to sleep in my soft, comfortable bed after a week away... although I do miss the cabin. Also, tomorrow it's my birthday! That's something to make me happy today.
  21. Going on vacation today! Weeeeeh! Gonne be gone for one week with my beloved, and his family. So happy. So long .com-inites! See you in a bit.
  22. Arntzen

    Oh CANADA!

    You know, you're not supposed to post your own reaction ( ) within my own statement. Also, the "" indicates some ammount of sarcasm. Or in the least, you take my statement as lightheartedly as I took yours. Are you reaching for a disagreement?
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