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  1. This list was Laughable!!! A Led Zeppelin song should have definitely been number 1. How in the hell was Kashmir only 21?? While Bon Jovi, twisted sister, KISS, where in the top 20. Where is Baba O'Reilly, Sympathy for the Devil, Black Dog, Helter Skelter, Revolution, Brick in the Wall, Money, War Pigs, Roadhouse Blues, LA Women, Bohemian Rhapsody, That's just off the top of my head. Its a complete joke to think that "Welcome to the Jungle" is the #1 Hard Rock song of all time. Give me a break.
  2. Your exactly right. It's not a coincidence that this all began on the opening day of the olympics. What is the message trying to be sent?
  3. You can make the argument that the McCain of 2000 was a "Maverick" one that would go against his party on a view issues. However, McCain in this Campaign has not had the courage to stand by previous positions for the simple fact that he needed the support of the republican base. He sold out for personal ambition. Example would be his opposition to the bush tax cuts where McCain said in 2003 that in a time of war a President of the United States has never cut Taxes and that it was morally irresponsible, McCain of 2008 has changed his mind and now supports those tax cuts for the wealthest Americ
  4. Your Exactly right, great point. I have a thought though, why the fuck does it matter if he was of the Muslim faith? I thought any born citizen of a certain intellect was qualified at becoming president? I thought we had freedom of religion in this country and that your religious believes couldn't be used against you when applying for a job ( such as president)? We have to get past these pointless fights over religion.
  5. Have the guts to come out and just say it....that you don't like obama because he is a black man, that you are ignorant and close minded enough to actually think that a man's damn name determines someone's allegiance. These Innuendo's used against Barack Obama appeal to the lowest denominator when it comes to intellectual ability to reason, it's what keeps us as a nation from progressing.
  6. Zionist Conspiracy?? wow, you really have me painted all wrong. Oh well, at least I tried . Good night guys.
  7. Clearly you have not thoroughly researched the subject matter. The global elite have been running the show for well over 100 years. John McCain is in the pockets of the global elite; That is a fact;You can call it whatever name you want,it is real and in the midst of unraveling. What I'm talking about has nothing to do with a NWO or a one world government, I'm talking about the reality of secret societies and secret governments that are controlled by the bilderberg group, Rockefellers, and the Rothchilds that currently control the banking systems of the world and therefore our elected politica
  8. There is no point in arguing with you, whatever I say you will deny.
  9. lol, if making me out to be a "crack pot" is what makes you feel better then go for it. The information is out there , just follow the money. p.s. aliens were not on the grassy knoll
  10. If you only new what Barack Obama represents and is really fighting against John McCain is in the pockets and controlled by the Global "Banksters" (Rocketfeller's, Rothchilds, Illuminati) while Barack Obama is not. visit tbrnews.org.
  11. The U.S. contains 3% of the worlds oil reserve while we consume 25% of the worlds oil. It doesn't add up. We can not drill ourselves out of this problem. Free Energy is real and is out their.
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