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  1. theres been a marathon of that 70s show on today on abc family..guess beginning monday they are going to show an episode every night at 7. good stuff
  2. been on a huge Rush kick lately...man they rock
  3. yea got it awhile back...it was alright..nothing in there i really didnt already know. more than anything i just realized hes a huge blues guy..think he mentions at some point in the book that he hated any type of music that wasnt blues oriented.
  4. how is it hilarious? you said so yourself..wiki isnt the greatest source....take a chill pill. just messing with ya
  5. I love how you said "for some accurate information regarding the movie" and cited a wikipedia page...i'm sure its pretty right on key..but still hilarious.
  6. Havent seen the movie...heard about parts of it. Theres no question the stuff is bad for ya...but that dude took it to the extreme..ate there 3x a day for a month? no shit bad stuff will happen...eating it every once in awhile isnt gonna be to bad...that is if you like the taste or whatever. I eat there from time to time....but that movie is just a little to extreme...if you're eating mcdonalds 3x a day than that person deserves what they get imo.
  7. So I am looking into learning drums...I figured a good way to begin is to get a practice pad because they're pretty inexpensive and dont make much noise. I was looking at this pad http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Rem...tand?sku=442714 but was wondering what size is best? 8 in or 10 in...8 in is pricier...why exactly is that? also does this seem like a good p-pad to get? any help is appreciated
  8. ZepFloyd


    man..i have some books i bought awhile back havent gotten to em either..though i've had a lot of free time...started room full of mirrors awhile back..its a hendrix biography. bob dylan chronicles. musicophilia by oliver sacks..all havent really been touched..need to get back into one of em.
  9. just read the thread...wow crazy...why not go get divorce papers and test her? say if you're going to see your old b/f i need you to sign these..see what her response is.
  10. i'm currently looking into a vinyl setup...prob is no money...so it wont be awhile until i can afford to start buying stuff..cant wait
  11. a lot like my situation as well..i'm from the midwest as well...a lot of zeppelin on the oldies stations but the same songs...in the same age range, being 22, floyd and zeppelin being my fav bands...my friends really arent into them.
  12. HAHAHAAHA what a great way to start this thread
  13. ZepFloyd


    hey whats up all...i used to post on the boards back before it moved over...i couldnt remember my login from there...not sure if it would even work...but back with a new name.
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