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    Music, book, films, linguistics, astronomy, stereo photography, messing with images in Photoshop and similar programs... trying to keep up with emails and such... spending a night on YouTube seeking out EVERYTHING by whoever caught my fancy at the moment (one-artist night on YouTube)... painting... tasting wine...

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  1. LOL wot? How'd I miss this? Hello, darlings! Though as of late I've been listening almost exclusively to Jeff Buckley... I suppose I can call myself somewhat of a Terry Reid fan as well. These 2 are my favorite songs: (I heard Superlungs ages ago, and always thought that voice was amazing, but didn't learn that Jimmy wanted him until many years later - and my reaction, based just on that song, was - boy am I not surprised) for some reason people always get impressed with this one, vocally: here's also some visuals... and a pic: and some folks here might find this
  2. Ah, thanks for this thread, Steve! Awesome posts, everyone, very enjoyable to read
  3. Apparently Jimmy also attended Terry Reid's June gig @ Ronnie Scott's: He doesn't forget his heroes and friends... such is the awesomness of Mr. James Patrick Page.
  4. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/new..._harleys_ordeal
  5. You're serious? I was just contemplating a blog post titled Summer is coming to a desert near you! with my weather report... 950 F today - I guess not much to complain about just yet...
  6. John Fogerty's fervent vocals and modernized rockabilly songs built on his classic guitar riffs made Creedence Clearwater Revival the preeminent American singles band of the late '60s and early '70s. The Fogerty brothers were raised in Berkeley, where John studied piano and at the age of 12 got his first guitar. He met Cook and Clifford at the El Cerrito junior high school they all attended. They began playing together, and by 1959 were performing at local dances as Tommy Fogerty and the Blue Velvets. In 1964 the quartet signed to San Francisco–based Fantasy Records, where Tom had been working
  7. Gegenschein

    Photos !

    Actually it might be easier to see if you click on the pic to see the full size - but it this case also put a greater distance between yourself and the screen. It seems like this distance is somewhat of ans individual value - it varies from person to person. Just like vision. Oh yeah, I'll PM you with the divergence debate question...
  8. Thanks beatbo, great posts. I love Wolf. Ironically I've been looking for Moanin' at Midnight about a month ago - I needed a list of 5 favorite songs which start with M (with live links) for a blog post on LiveJournal and couldn't find it, so I posted this Myspace link - still a streaming file, though without video/pics (2nd song in the embedded player). Cheers!
  9. Gegenschein

    Photos !

    Indeed. I have a Realist but this was shot with two digital cameras taped together end-to-end The actual fancy professionally made digital stereo set with macro-to-hyper-stereo-rig and synchronized flash costs $2000...... bit pricey, yeah...
  10. Gegenschein

    Photos !

    A stereo pair for cross-eyed viewing... Lean back away from the monitor, focus your eyes on some spot between you and the screen (somewhere midway)
  11. Wow, BUCK'EYE'DOC - I have been looking for a chance to chat with an ophthalmologist or an optometrist for over a year! I was close to just walking into a random office... but I understand they need to work and won't have time for this. I have an unresolved scientific debate with Dr. Brian May (guitarist of Queen) regarding ocular divergence in the absence of neuroophthalmologic pathology. Brian is a stereo photographer/collector; I sent him some stereoview cards (and a tie LOL) and we had some discussions concerning stereoscopic vision but this one issue remains unresolved, and I told him I'd
  12. Ray Davies - Working Man's Cafe I love Ray. These're something (or many things) so British about him, it's amazing... and adorable. "Ray Davies is the lead singer, chief songwriter, and rhythm guitarist in the Kinks, one of the most long-lived of the British Invasion rock groups of the 1960s. In effect, the Kinks have always been merely a backup group for Davies, who writes and sings nearly all their songs with only the occasional contribution from his brother, Dave, who plays lead guitar in the group. At various times, Ray Davies made noises about dissolving the group and going solo, but
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