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    Music, book, films, linguistics, astronomy, stereo photography, messing with images in Photoshop and similar programs... trying to keep up with emails and such... spending a night on YouTube seeking out EVERYTHING by whoever caught my fancy at the moment (one-artist night on YouTube)... painting... tasting wine...

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  1. LOL wot? How'd I miss this? Hello, darlings! Though as of late I've been listening almost exclusively to Jeff Buckley... I suppose I can call myself somewhat of a Terry Reid fan as well. These 2 are my favorite songs: (I heard Superlungs ages ago, and always thought that voice was amazing, but didn't learn that Jimmy wanted him until many years later - and my reaction, based just on that song, was - boy am I not surprised) for some reason people always get impressed with this one, vocally: here's also some visuals... and a pic: and some folks here might find this interesting: a bio I posted a while back - follow this link (if any of the links above die in the future... you can listen to the entire Superlungs compilation here)
  2. You're serious? I was just contemplating a blog post titled Summer is coming to a desert near you! with my weather report... 950 F today - I guess not much to complain about just yet...
  3. Thanks beatbo, great posts. I love Wolf. Ironically I've been looking for Moanin' at Midnight about a month ago - I needed a list of 5 favorite songs which start with M (with live links) for a blog post on LiveJournal and couldn't find it, so I posted this Myspace link - still a streaming file, though without video/pics (2nd song in the embedded player). Cheers!
  4. try Intima brand IV catheter - they're virtually bloodless, it's a closed system, you have total control over it until you're ready to connect to the IVF bag... no stupid saline syringes, it's so easy it feels like cheating. I almost never miss an IV if I use an Intima. lol sounds so familiar... and BTW blood is not gross... we know that, right?
  5. Can't quite see, the pic is too small - does it go to 11?
  6. Dialed and hung up (dumb joke, I know... cause they called back ) HYE had someone else's blood on your shoes?
  7. Oh no hurries, it's all good. I just felt inspired, thanks to you guys - especially glicine, aqua and nine BTW did you listen to that streaming audio? “We’re gonna be in the Hudson” “I’m sorry, say again, Cactus.” pure brilliance
  8. all righty then... nine, will you do one of those guys? Meself could do Freddie and Tel unless someone else wants them.
  9. Example is here: On the left hand side, between the 2nd and the 3rd paragraphs, click on a triangular "play" button under the Audio Excerpts to listen to it (quite priceless, actually) Also, YouTube videos are streaming files. The reason I suggested streaming files rather than uploading link to mp3 files is the Big Bad Copyright will you do Van Morrison then?
  10. Wow, how ironic... I almost added "especially Tim" in my post, though I knew Jeff first! (he was born 2 days later than me... now forever young, sadly...) This is rather inspiring... I thought of launching a thread on Other Bands forum - may be Definitive songs for the spellbinding voices - where folks would take turns introducing all these great singers with the finest examples of their performances, 2-3 songs (with links to streaming files) which really showcase the voice. I wouldn't know which ones to pick, for example, for Van Morrisson, but for Freddie Mercury it's infinitely easy. There's been enough "favorite singers" threads with lists of names which don't do any good unless you already know them. Some evidence would be nice, in the form of specific songs recommendations. Then I thought better of it. Starting a new thread here is rarely forgiven. Because there isn't anything new. Ever.
  11. Oh, goody, so Brian will have some time to devote to LSC... about time. Might even go to the NSA conference this July.
  12. You got me so confused, Aqua... we're talking "pretty boys" or "sexy voices" here? I honestly tried to love Van, but somehow failed miserably. No contest with the Buckleys. But that's just moi.
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