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  1. I've had a chance to listen to Toronto '71 and the MSG Evening Show '70 and I must say, both are pretty solid shows with good renditions of WIAWSNB. Still need to check out Orlando 71. Thanks again for the suggestions!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I'm going to try listen to some of these.
  3. Hi All, WIAWSNB is one of my favorite Zeppelin songs, so I was just wondering if folks have some recommendations for live versions of the song. I've heard it in the performances listed below, so I was looking for good renditions other than these: BBC Sessions How The West Was Won - 6/25/72 Royal Albert Hall - 1/9/70 Montreaux - 3/7/70 Thanks!
  4. HTWWW or any version before Plant's voice changed sometime in late '72/early '73. I am familiar with versions on TSRTS and a handful of recordings, including Earl's Court (75), Southampton (73) and Osaka (72 - bad recording, but I can tell Plant still has it on OTHAFA). Any version after the voice change is just crap. There's just no comparison between the searing, laser-sharp rendition offered up on HTWWW (and yes, I have read The Garden Tapes, so I'm aware of the "purity" issues regarding this song and that recording in general. That doesn't change my view) and the plodding, semi-spoken v
  5. ...was my birthday! And on the same day, Led Zeppelin recorded several tracks at the Maida Vale BBC studios that are part of the BBC Sessions album I'm now listening to on my iPod. The internet is a pretty cool thing. http://ledzeppelin.com/show/june-24-1969 -Rob
  6. Thanks for responding. I should point out that I own the following Zeppelin material on CD: 1) LZ I 2) LZ II 3) ZOSO/ LZ IV 4) Houses of the Holy 5) In Through the Out Door 6) The remastered box set from 1990 7) How the West Was Won 8) The Song Remains the Same (2007 version - older version is a bit hard to find now) 9) BBC Sessions I purchased the studio albums (CDs) in the late '80s/early '90s so my question was more about whether the new remastered versions of the albums are worth getting. Although I own the boxed set, I'm considering LZ III and PG for completeness purposes.
  7. Hello all, I am new to this forum. I've recently renewed my interest in Led Zeppelin largely due to my discovery of How the West was Won (and the other live albums - I own all 3 commercial live albums now). I had a question as a result. Are the remastered studio albums worth investing money in? Also - do they contain expanded liner notes? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks! -Rob PS - I really have been out to lunch. HTWWW has been out 5 years and I didn't know about it! I just thought it was another compilation album PPS - on that note, why does the band keep relea
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