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    Victorian furniture, Logorithms, Ordinance Survey maps, Sanskrit, Long grain rice, Ex-military cutlery, Braille, Watching cats fight near the library.
  1. Suicide Is Painless (M*A*S*H Theme) - Johnny Mandel
  2. Sending them right back atcha!

  3. Sending hellos :)

  4. You Don't Know (How Young You Are) - The 13th Floor Elevators
  5. Getting Better - The Beatles
  6. I'll Follow The Sun - The Beatles
  7. Wasn't Born To Follow - The Byrds
  8. The woods are pretty cold at the moment but i'm a child of winter so I quite enjoy it. Glad to hear you're alright.

  9. Hey,

    Doing alright, thanks. Hatin' winter, but what can you do? Howz your neck of the woods?

  10. Alright there stranger? Long time no 'see'!

  11. Football's on tonight after 4 solid weeks of freeze-out! Need some bloody exercise after putting on nearly 25 stone over Christmas.
  12. Fortune Favours The Dead - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
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