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    Victorian furniture, Logorithms, Ordinance Survey maps, Sanskrit, Long grain rice, Ex-military cutlery, Braille, Watching cats fight near the library.
  1. Meet Me In The Morning - Bob Dylan Janis - Country Joe & The Fish Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy - The Tams
  2. sirchris

    Funeral Music

    The last funeral I went to was for a friend who was best described as 'eccentric'. Inkeeping with the spirit of the man, he chose the most innapropriate music possible: Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre He went out like he came in - confusing and brilliant.
  3. I Can't Stand Up (For Falling Down) - Elvis Costello & The Attractions Boom Boom - The Animals I Don't Believe In Miracles - Colin Bluntstone
  4. You Can't Always Get What You Want Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
  5. sirchris

    Top 5's

    TOP 10 'GARAGE ROCK' SONGS 10. Psychotic Reaction - The Count Five 9. Trick Bag - Artesians 8. I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) - The Electric Prunes 7. Psycho - The Sonics 6. Smokes - ? & The Mysterians 5. Journey To The Centre Of The Mind - The Amboy Dukes 4. Can't Seem To Make You Mine - The Seeds 3. Black Winds - Little John & The Monks 2. Sometimes You Just Can't Win - Mouse & The Traps 1. Gimme Danger - The Stooges
  6. Doesn't really matter man, don't worry about it. Anyway, Black Winds - Little John & The Monks Walls Come Tumbling Down - The Style Council That's All Right Mama - Elvis Presley
  7. Effigy - Creedence Clearwater Revival Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy - The Tams Just Like Me - Paul Revere & The Raiders
  8. sirchris

    Top 5's

    TOP 10 THEME TUNES 10. My Name Is Nobody - Ennio Morricone 9. The Persuaders - John Barry 8. The Ipcress File - John Barry 7. Rawhide - Ned Washington 6. Midnight Cowboy Theme - John Barry 5. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence Theme - Ryuichi Sakamoto 4. Randall & Hopkirk [Deceased] - Edwin Astley 3. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Ennio Morricone 2. Suicide Is Painless (M*A*S*H) - Mandel/Altman 1. Cavatina (The Deer Hunter)- John Williams
  9. sirchris

    Top 5's

    TOP 5 OF RICHIE HAVEN'S DYLAN COVERS 5. Maggie's Farm 4. Tombstone Blues 3. Just Like A Woman 2. Licence To Kill 1. Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands
  10. You Hit Me Like T.N.T - Linda Jones F*ck The People - The Kills Tombstone Blues - Bob Dylan
  11. Suicide Is Painless (M*A*S*H Theme) - Johnny Mandel
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