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  1. A while back I posted a link to my Modern Drummer transcription of Jason's performance of "Good Times Bad Times" from Celebration Day. I forgot I put together a video syncing the MIDI track I created to the Celebration Day footage, here is the video if you'd like to check it out: The video has a 100% speed MIDI drum track, a 75% speed MIDI drum track, and an overlay of the MIDI drum track onto the original audio. Also, here is the link to the transcription/MIDI files: https://www.moderndrummer.com/2013/01/jason-bonham-celebration-day-transcription/ Thanks, Eric
  2. Slow-motion video and transcriptions of Moby Dick from Earl's Court:
  3. I'll check out a guitar show, thanks. I used to hit the record conventions, not too many happening anymore like you said. Thanks again. --Eric
  4. Yeah, the intro can be tricky, starting with the left hand. A lot of drummers don't seem to realize that John and Jason start their patterns with their left, including the famous triplets: L R Foot. I'll look into "For Your Life" - great groove! Thanks for the comments. --Eric
  5. Yeah he was terrific in Detroit, inspiring! I keep hearing about the Detroit show video, I know this isn't the place, but can anyone point me in the right direction of where to find it? I've been looking for a while - thanks! --Eric
  6. I think the only reason my concert T's survived was because they were boxed up and buried between other clothes! Hidden away for years, glad I found them!
  7. Hey Dallas - thanks for checking out the transcription, cool photo. Did you happen to play along with the MP3? I know it's impossible to capture a drummers feel with a computer, but I tried to get that behind the beat thing happening with the sequence. Thanks for the props on the Buddy vids, I really appreciate it. --Eric
  8. Hey Everyone, My friends at Modern Drummer Magazine have just published my transcription and play-along MP3 of "Good Times Bad Times" from Celebration Day on their Website: http://www.moderndru...n/#.UQrL0vK2KSq The transcription includes stickings and the MP3 of the drum part is based on a tempo map from the Celebration Day CD. I hope you have a chance to check it out, it was great to really hear how Jason approached this song. Thanks! --Eric
  9. Sorry to bump this thread, but I posted a couple of years ago about the T-shirt I bought at the Detroit Outrider show. I'm in the middle of a move and found the shirt and ticket stub. I thought some of you might like to see them: Thanks, Eric
  10. The drumset Bonzo is using here is the British Staccato brand, slightly different than North drums in the horn region, as you can see in this pic: --Eric
  11. Just a quick correction to "On This Day": "He had been given a solo deal and his first single was 'Skin Deep' - a classic Gene Krupa number -" --------------------------------------- "Skin Deep" was actually Louie Bellson's featured number with Duke Ellington. Bellson composed the tune himself. --Eric
  12. The drummer to the left of Page in the top pic is Ellington's drummer, Rufus "Speedy" Jones. -Eric
  13. Kat24, Here's a vid of Buddy and me from a project I did a couple of years ago: -Eric
  14. Hi, I met with Carl late last year and asked him about Bonham. Carl and John grew up in the same area of Birmingham and used to fill in for eachother's bands as teenagers. Carl told me that he recommended John for the Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds gig as Carl was leaving that band to join the Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Carl said John stayed with Farlowe for 6 months and then joined Zeppelin (I always thought John turned down the Farlowe gig). I never asked if he and John jammed together, I'll have to remember next time. Shameless plug alert: I've been working with Carl on his first ever drum instructional DVD, out now. More info at: http://mvdnews.blogspot.com/2011/01/superstar-drummer-carl-palmer-of-elp.html Thanks. -Eric
  15. I wish I would have saved the posting, the pics of the kit were decent, showing the roadwear etc...
  16. This kit was listed on Vancouver's Craigslist a couple of weeks ago. The guy who won it is a guitarist, not sure if it sold, the listing was gone after a day.
  17. Sorry, Deborah, no photos. I wish though! It's still quite a vivid memory - the laser pyramid and all. I still have the t-shirt, Jimmy in his SS outfit - no tour dates on the back just the image of Jimmy on the front. Eric
  18. Hello...I was at Jimmy's Outrider show in Detroit..one of my first concerts. Great show, set, everything. I was about ten rows from center stage, it was festival seating - no chairs. I remember the opening act Rock City Angels getting booed, flipping off the crowd, trashing their gear and storming off early. They had a couple of ZZ Top type groove based tunes. Not sure what song Page started with (I need to look up the setlist), but the crowd went nuts, I remember my arms pinned to my sides and swaying with the crowd - scary feeling for sure! Jimmy's solo with the lasers was a highlight, never seen anything like it at the time. I remember Jason's solo with the Octopad outfront. I was impressed that Jason played his Dad's fills in Stairway just like TSRTS. I also remember really digging Midnight Moonlight. John Miles sounded great! To see Jimmy live was incredible! Sorry I don't remember more of the show. -Eric
  19. Thanks for checking it out, Danny, I appreciate it! I do have a Bonzo one completed, it's more of an instructional DVD, hopefully something will come of it. Buddy was the best! There is some lens curvature in Buddy's footage, you can see some distortion of the stick making it appear like he's way up there. I tried to replicate that, too...but not enough in the budget. Yeah, there's a video on YouTube of him explaining why he doesn't like matched grip, he was full of contradictions. I play in a couple of rock bands in Detroit, Radar Pilot and Space Nelson. Radar Pilot is playing March 20 at the Belmont in Hamtramck. Thanks! Yeah, it was an amazing experience, really nice guy! Thanks for checking out the videos. For sure! -Eric
  20. Hello, My name's Eric, I've been more of a lurker here, but still a huge fan (first saw Page in '88 on the Outrider tour and all Zep related tours since then). I thought you might enjoy this story. I had put together some videos of me and Buddy Rich playing drum solos side-by-side a few years ago. Most of you know Buddy was one of John Bonhams favorites, and Robert is a fan, too. When Robert was touring behind Raising Sand in Detroit, I was able to meet him before he left for the venue and show him the videos on my iPod. He thought I was there for an autograph, and I handed him my DVDs. I said, I know youre a fan of Buddy Rich, Roberts like Yeah. Hes reading my liner notes and he asks me How did you do this? and I explained and then we watched a bit of the videos and he said afterward good job, man. I wrote these quotes down asap! Super nice guy, the exchange was only a few minutes, but I'll always appreciate it. I gave him some copies of my DVD's, he shook my hand and said Thanks, and he was off. I have similar stories about Zak Starkey and Dave Grohl, too. Ive been super lucky fortunate to meet my musical heroes. I'm interviewed in the April issue of Modern Drummer about these DVD's and if you want to check out the videos, they're on the www.moderndrummer.com homepage. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for reading. -Eric
  21. Are any of the two Florida shows going to be re-scheduled? Thanks!
  22. Thanks for the great info everyone, hopefully he'll add a date near Miami the week of the 19th!
  23. Sam - any idea when the other dates will be posted? I'll be in Florida the week of Oct. 19th - hoping to catch the band if they're playing around there.
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