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  1. Even when Pagey wasn't on he was the man; he's always been the man, ZepFanatic. I can't speak for anybody else but I'd rather hear Jim on a bad day than any other guitarist who ever picked up a pick on their best day. Here's the guy who invented the idea of using riffs to write songs, he's the only graduate of the Clapton-Beck-Page school of guitar who could actually write songs in the sixities and seventies (although Clapper got better over time, if it wasn't for cover tunes Beck wouldn't have a song to sing on his axe) and look cooler than hell while doing it. He can be compared to Elvi
  2. Not only soundboards reveal glitches, I heard a number of missteps at a '77 concert, not that it detracted one whit from the overall performance. Except for official releases Page has never been what Rolling Stone, the hip hop newspaper, called a paragon of precision. He's made mistakes live since the early days. The easiest ones to note in '69 are where Page, heavily involved with heat of the moment improv, misses cues provided by Jones & Bonham. The March '69 Supershow is a perfect example: the rhythm section plays a figure to set Page up and Jim keeps on jamming. You can tell h
  3. Finally found Flipbooks. Looks like Bonzo's bionic eye transplant didn't take.
  4. It is fair to say that any live version of any studio track by any band will have more energy on the stage than the studio. Usually the tempo is accelerated live. Playing for appreciative audiences imbues more oomph to a song than an engineer saying through the glass: "Let me reset the click for take 18, after we'll break for lunch." Contrast the studio rendition of In The Evening with the one performed on the first Knebworth date; the song is slightly faster live and the band plays a lot more fills. Same goes for The Ocean on Houses of the Holy as opposed to The Ocean played with grea
  5. Didn't they open a show with Moby Dick once when Jones left his bass at the hotel? Don't remember Heartbreaker as a first salvo. What year/tour was that, Rover? Excuse my being vulgar, but Bonzo was the star of the show.
  6. In 1977 I expected Rock and Roll at the starting gate. Then I saw Page with the doubleneck and thought, "They can't be opening with Stairway to Heaven!" It had been four years since I'd seen them live and had long forgotten he used it on TSRTS too. When they cranked it up I was caught offguard and thought, "They can't be opening with that either." When the song finished and Pagey played the opening chords of The Rover the thought they couldn't use that as a second song had barely crossed my mind before they shifted to Sick Again. "What are they doing playing the last song on Physical Graf
  7. Hots On For Nowhere woulda been nice.
  8. WORD! Better a bad show than a no show. Forthwith you are dubbed Sir Georgio the Wise and are hereby entitled to all "77" rights and privileges incumbent with said title. May your glass ne'er be empty or your ears without song! In other words, you the man, g.
  9. Nice! That's likely the reason, Sibh, you may well have put your finger on the reason some bootlegs sound so distant; they were recorded too close to the sound source. The band played at threshold of pain volume levels throughout its career and the deafening roar probably overloaded the recorder's microphone in Boston. That would certainly muddy the highest highs and lowest lows of a recording. You have a sharp ear, Sibh, and I don't mean like Spock's. As always, thanks for posting.
  10. Jiri, a great bootleg is like a beautiful woman, a marvel to behold. Alas, a bootleg only engages one of the senses, and a beautiful woman could, conceivably, engage all five. A pity you don't have any good '77 recordings. I've got a Boston Tea Party show in 1969 and it sounds like it was recorded from at least a mile away, no bass frequencies or cymbals. Many here like the Destroyer soundboard from 1977, but to me that's a thin recording even though all instrument voices are present. If those voices were on separate tracks that would allow them in a studio environment to be boosted
  11. Less than a dozen, my friend, sadly none of them rock like The New Yardbirds. But I have written three or four books of poetry, almost 100 novelettes ranging the gamut of murder mystery, sci/fantasy, speculative fiction, children's story, vampire, mainstream, film/TV treatment, softcore trash & western genres. I've written some essays here you may have noticed. I was in the throes of writing page 463 of my third fantasy novel when I saw your latest post. I've sold 33 pages of the last 1500 I've written, but I have a lot of fun doing what I fail at. Maybe one of these days......
  12. Thanks for the kind words, moffo and ZeppFanForever. You're the ones who rock! To put things in perspective that's only copying something someone else did. There's a level of accomplishment in duplicating someone else's original work, sure, but to know Led Zeppelin wrote and recorded all that timeless music helps one to have a keen appreciation for the talent that originated it. What's cool is one need not be a musician to appreciate Zep's greatness (and other great bands, writers, painters, architects, etc.) Anyone considering, daydreaming, wishing to be a player should be encourag
  13. Greenman, that entire post was meant as a joke and I twisted your words about Bonham. That admission however excuses none of my antics. You are right---I shouldn't have made that remark. It was funny when Letterman said it, but NOT funny when I regrettably repeated it. Please accept my apologies, man, and I mean that. I recognize your valuable contributions to this thread and I thank you for taking the time to do so. The truth is I happen to think you're an astute observer on all things Zeppelin; this forum is a better place because of fans like yourself. Forgive me.
  14. To Rock: as you (without a doubt) know during the first '77 tour break (May 1 thru May 17) Pagey went to check out the burgeoning (without a doubt Stooges' influenced) punk band The Damned featuring Rat Scabies (without a doubt not the name on his birth certificate) on drums. Jim said the energy coming off Rat was fantastic, this while Bonzo was still alive. Wonder what Page'd've thought of Iggy's stickman Scott? What-o, mate; we can relate darn near anything to the 1977 tour to keep the thread on topic, right? Right. To all: may the dreams you dream today be tomorrow's dreams come true
  15. First moffo, now you, Rock Action! I'm not gonna say another bloody word today about anybody's avatar!!
  16. Stop that, rewati, you're making me blush! How do I sing and drum simultaneously? I honestly don't know but thanks for the compliment. Smoking and drinking surely didn't help. Since Semi Page couldn't sing (I can't either) and we never could find anybody to cover Plant's parts I was FORCED to. If I may be so immodest my Mick Jagger is much better. I only wish I could get Black Dog, Dazed & Confused, Heartbreaker/Living Loving Maid, Whole Lotta Love, Out On The Tiles & Radioactive <from the same day> on YouTube as well. Semi Page died in his sleep in 2007 so let me br
  17. Yer Blues, Song for Jeffrey with southpaw Tony Iommi (albeit dubbed over), A Quick One While He's Away and Parachute Woman. Who could ask for more? I know what the answer will be, except Led Zeppelin turned down the offer to appear and The Who got the slot. As the sage and wise danelectro says: Far too many fans are guilty of letting someone or something else decide what's good and bad for them. This isn't unique to Led Zeppelin or even unique to music, someone is always telling us how to think. You just distilled the entire essence and point of this thread, dan, merci beaucoups. It is
  18. I'm suitably embarrassed, moffo. Time to get the eyeglasses prescription refilled (when I manage to stop laughing). Meanwhile back in 1977: a lot of mentions of Badgeholders 6-23-77 has been going on, and rightly so. In the timeline is a great story by the girl who painstakingly made the black jacket Page wore during the encore. She took it to the Forum a few days before the '77 shows and asked a person who worked there if the jacket could be given to Jimmy. She mentioned she had a ticket for the momentous third night. Although a little disappointed Page wore his white togs that night,
  19. Am I having a flashback or is it just a keen sense of dé·jà vu? Is your avatar a picture of you, moffo, and, if so, do you play tenor?
  20. Duuuuuude! That's a lot to sacrifice for one concert, you might bump into Lori Maddox one of these days, even if she is over 50 now. Bonham vs. Lee IS crap, a serious delusion. Michael could play in 6 very well; SINCE I'VE LOVING YOU was the best Zeppelin tune he played, his ROCK AND ROLL disappointed me though. Jason is the man for the job now. Wonder how much Bonzo practiced alone at home? I could see the growth in his style as time went on, particularly from '75 to '77. In March '73 he was just sick; his '77 chops were a new stride forward in technique as well. I know the Pur
  21. Hey, everybody gather round, greenman just said Michael Lee is a better drummer than John Bonham, don't hurt him too bad. Isn't it a shame when cousins marry? I know you're just trying to start some shit, greenhorn, but I ain't taking the bait. I retract that comment I posted that sometimes you make sense. Nobody's going to take you seriously when you shoot your mouth off like that up in heah. Any cred you had, if you ever had any, is history. You might want to consider other forums than Led Zeppelin that are more your speed, like Hannah Montana or New Kids On The Block, because y
  22. I was being facetious saying the prototype video cameras were as big as a car but they were probably the size of half a dozen toasters bundled together. Enormous.
  23. Thanks for posting ZeppFanForever, you needn't worry about drawing fire from me, nor anyone else for that matter. In another thread this character kept going on and on after everyone on the thread had basically got to the truth, but some people however persist in proceeding past the point of irritation when they don't know what they're talking about. I usually blow it off and sail for friendlier waters, but sometimes...... The purpose of the forum is to exchange information, concert memories, etc. and I don't want to be an---well---you know. I learn stuff everyday here and am grateful, bec
  24. Trust me, Sibh, video players in 1980 cost around $1000; I priced them then. Very few teenaged dope-smoking Zeppelin fans could afford that kind of cash outlay, neither would their priorities be likely to lie in that direction either. You didn't say TV cameras in your post before this one either, you said VHS recorders. Those are not cameras by any stretch, VHS recorders can tape TV shows and other VHS tapes, same for Beta, they weren't cameras. A video camera is another species altogether and were NOT available to the public in 1977. Prototype video cameras then were only slightly smalle
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