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  1. Mobile Alabama 5-13-73 and Los Angeles 6-3-73. Although Mobile lacks the end of the concert and the tape is flawed at the beginning in L.A. by combining them you have a great 1973 artifact---part soundboard, part audience, all clean. St. Louis 2-16-75 is a complete soundboard and a rather nasty piece of work. Plant's vocal chords had seen better days but the show sounds tremendous. Excuse me, I think I'll put that in the CD player right now (to bring the balance back.)
  2. "John Bonham, full of shit and speed." Bonzo was trying to lose weight during the 1973 American tour and would weigh himself daily. Plant would recount those weigh-ins nightly: 124 lbs. of glory, etc. (I don't think Bonzo hit 180 till 1977.)
  3. The British dry sense of humor is lost on many Americans if it isn't as obvious as the Goon Show or Monthy Python. Plant's over the top top top introduction in Landover was so sarcastic he obviously didn't mean a word of it but it's not contemptuous either. Zeppelin legend has it Bonham wasn't an easy chap to get on with during the '77 tour. At the same time Percy supposedly bore a grudge against Bonzo from when he had the flu early in the '75 tour and Bonham had told him not to worry: "Just go out there and look good." I repeat the British dry sense of humor is lost on many Americans if it isn't as obvious as the Goon Show or Monthy Python.
  4. The next piece features our percussionist: the very warm; the very friendly; the very lovable; the very nice; the very wonderful; the very unassuming; the always smiling: John Bonham, over the top . . . Landover, Maryland 5/26/77
  5. The Slade remark is from 6-3-73 before the band cranks Heartbreaker. The Richard Cole remark I thought was from either Detroit or Buffalo 1973 but maybe not. At this moment I cannot corroborate which show---not indifference, not laziness, just short term memory loss.
  6. "Can you take your dress off, Mr. Cole, and see about these lights." "We'd like to dedicate this next song to the world's worst group. Dare I say it? Anyway here's a number we'd like to dedicate to Slade." ----both from 1973 USA This isn't a Plantation in the strictest sense but it definitely is the funniest thing I've ever heard Plant say. It pissed Jones off to be excluded from the 'No Quarter' project but probably not as much as he was after hearing: MEDIA (to Robert and Jimmy): Where's John Paul Jones? PLANT: He's out parking the car.
  7. Martha Quinn was cute although not much of an actress. Check out one of her big screen roles in the D-flick CHOPPER CHICKS IN ZOMBIETOWN. The best part of the movie is the title. Where well-intentioned horror meets unintended comedy with a budget not to exceed $35.
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