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  1. SickTangerine, this is not as technical as some of the other posts however my guitarist played a stock Strat (albeit with the middle pick up removed because it hindered his picking) and a Cry Baby through a cheap Peavey practice amp and sounded exactly like Page. Unfortunately he is now deceased or I'd have him log on and tell you his trade secrets. His favorite trick (of mine) was replicating Page's bowed parts scraping a pick along the strings. If you'd care to give him a listen, check him out on the YouTube link in my signature. A young man like you has the world at his feet; good l
  2. Please allow me to agree with you. As far as 'working without a net' the second leg of the tour was quite good. I'd've rather seen Zeppelin on a bad night than any other band in the world on top of their game.
  3. This difference of opinion can be settled by applying the Knopflerian theory of 'two men say they're Jesus, one of them must be wrong.' bigstickbonzo said: As far as I know, Jonesy was the sole "back up" for Plant during ALL of the 77 performances. Mary Hartman said: Jones and Bonham EXCHANGED who did Denny's part. Mary, respectfully eschewing any and all aspersions to who's-right-who's-wrong, bigstickbonzo is correct: Jones covered Sandy's vocal parts live in 1977 one hundred per cent of the time.
  4. My '77 tour program shows vocal mikes on everyone but Bonzo during Battle of Evermore. I remember he just sat there with a mallet and tambourine (with a head) in one hand while smoking a cigarette until his part rolled around, then he dramatically flipped the butt away a split second before he began to play. I thought it was the coolest part of the show back then and have not revised my opinion in almost 32 years.
  5. Welcome to the board. Your artistic talent is impressive, that's close to a photograph.
  6. Thanks for the generous offer, 3. If I have a filing cabinet full of stuff I know you could probably open your own museum. Is there a cleaner copy of the Felix show? All the ones on YouTube have headache-inducing horizontal interference. I know it's a minor Zeppelinistic holy grail but do you, by chance, have video of the Bath Festival 1970? All I have is about 7 or 8 seconds shot from behind Robert. Other than that I'm hunting any audio/video of August 4th, 1969 or August 24th, 1971 (the nearest dates I can source are 8-31-69 and 8-23-71). I have recordings of all the shows I att
  7. I see what you mean, the Short Faces would've gone over like a lead balloon.
  8. A nicely split hair, 2112, (and I didn't need to read it on Kenney's drumhead to know the difference) although it's rumored Percy does a mean version of 'Cut Across, Shorty' too. When Rod and Woody fronted the band was WHEN they shoulda been called small.
  9. Dadgummit, 2112! And after I worked so diligently to make you laugh. Now please excuse me, I need to have a word with the chap who writes my jokes.
  10. Zoso2112, I admit I don't know that much about Led Zeppelin. To add insult to injury I NEVER saw the Julie Felix clip till yesterday. I got into the band late. When I saw Zeppelin perform for the first time they'd already been together almost a year, several months before the release of LZII. I bought my first bootleg (Blueberry Hill) in 1972 when cassette tapes were cutting edge technology. I joined a band in 1978 and learned to play more than half of Zeppelin's entire catalog (although we hadn't added In The Evening, Hot Dog, All My Love or Darlene to the setlist yet). In 1982 the
  11. Crikey, mate, my vocals aren't very good, but thanks for mentioning it even if your tongue might have been a little in your cheek. I'd be glad to fill the drum chair however, if Jason wants to go back to Boreigner.
  12. Jansch and Briggs were folkies I'd've never listened to (before the 80s). Black Mountainside used to be my least favorite tune on the first album, now it's my second fave after Communication Breakdown, not borrowed from Eddie Cochran. Judge for yourself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJn984u4hos
  13. I called that Page's inspiration regardless of Jansch (or Briggs or anyone else). I thank Zeppelin for turning me onto music I might otherwise have not sought out.
  14. With all due respect, Danny, I did it in the interest of historical significance. At its very worst it's nonetheless great entertainment.
  15. I can handle a little heat.
  16. Wanna see where Plant copped some Whole Lotta Love moves? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrvWFn-Eb7o This is not meant to be a negative reflection on Plant or the band in general, they ALWAYS played it better than the original. I admire that as much as I admire Zep's brass (balls) for doing it. They HAD to realize some critic or fan had heard the Faces' tune, released only three years prior in 1966.
  17. Led Zeppelin has been accused, and rightfully so, of borrowing on numerous occasions. The genesis of these two songs lie between the lines of Bukka White's Shake 'Em On Down. Hear for yourself . . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jg98nhE3rW4
  18. For decades I've been wanting to see and hear Page play this solo feature on the Felix show of the haunting Irish folk melody. A few minutes ago I found it and invite you to have a look-see. I found this clip while working my way through videos of Bert Jansch playing Black Waterside. If you've never heard Page's inspiration for Black Mountainside compare Jansch playing and singing. It's damned easy to hear why Page respected Jansch so much and supported his group Pentangle. Black Waterside can make your eyes shine, if you know what I mean. (Lyrics below). BLACK WATERSID
  19. Zurich enjoyed the most favorable crowd reaction however Frankfurt sounded like the best of the '80 concerts, on tape anyhow. Berlin may not have been a high point but I bet there were fewer tight jaws filing out after that show than the one in Nuremberg.
  20. I believe a simple examination of the facts can shed a different light on the 'sex clubs' and 'large sums of money' theories. Money and sex are powerful human motivators without question, but we weren't members of Led Zeppelin either. Would money or sex tempt them more than the average man-on-the-street? Wealthy powerful individuals historically eat all the steak dinners and have the maximum number of nubile back-scratchers their wives and the media will allow. Led Wallet and his bandmates were high rollers by March 1970 who could probably crook a finger and have a large part of th
  21. Working under 120 to 140 degree spotlights can't be easy no matter how much energy is emanating from the audience. From 1973 onward when Zeppelin toured with a big light show, Page looked like he had a bucket of water poured over his head by the end of a concert.
  22. The courts are a twisty winding labyrinth of rules and legalese, but don't apologize, only part of the proceedings have been made public. Crikey, jsj, your participation and interest is very much appreciated, and if there are other aspects of the case (it wasn't a slam dunk, lots of subjective evidence) you have questions about, ask. I'll try to dig up something pertinent. We're never impertinent here, mate. At least that old barrister Dirigible isn't.
  23. There were expected high points in the set for me, Nobody's Fault, In My Time of Dying, Achilles, but Battle of Evermore was an unexpected high point. In the binoculars I watched Bonham sitting next to Page out front with a mallet and tambourine in one hand and a cigarette in the other waiting for his part to begin. He smoked the entire cigarette, flipped the butt away and started playing the tambourine into a mike at knee level. Greatness.
  24. I never understood why Zeppelin bothered touring Germany. On three different tours the crowds seemed restless, noisy, inattentive and indifferent to the music.
  25. jsj, those very aruguments were mounted by COUNSEL FOR 1975 early in the proceedings. Here's a partial transcript from COUNSEL FOR 1977's closing arguments referencing those concerns: First, I'd like to point out that any concert soundboard recordings of Led Zeppelin were not intended for your ears or mine. They are an intellectual property and belong to the band. Consider it a privilege to get to hear them. Second, note that a Led Zep concert was not only music but a show. That most lucrative of show business draws involved staging, lights, four alpha personalities and some blocking
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