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  1. I had already said it was very hard for me to decide anything because both actors are one of the greatest of all and are in the same league but I had to say that just because of his role in Raging Bull. Like lzzoso said, him building up muscle and later gaining weight for the same film was amazing. I didn't say Robert De Niro is a better actor or that Al Pacino is not versatile. Al Pacino is actually as versatile as Robert De Niro and his transformations for example in films like The Godfather, Serpico, Scarface, Scent Of A Woman were simply amazing. Robert De Niro is just a bit, a little bit,
  2. Gary Oldman Al Pacino Robert De Niro Marlon Brando Peter O'Toole Michael Caine John Hurt Laurence Olivier Richard Burton Humphrey Bogart Christopher Lee Anthony Hopkins Sean Connery Rowan Atkinson David Jason Mel Gibson Bruce Willis Daniel Day-Lewis Malcolm McDowell Ian McKellen Ian Holm Jean Reno Clint Eastwood Christian Bale Johnny Depp Ewan McGregor Edward Norton Samuel L. Jackson Morgan Freeman Sean Penn Vivien Leigh Ingrid Bergman Audrey Hepburn Kate Beckinsale Keira Knightley Katharine Hepburn Vanessa Redgrave Kate Winslet Meryl Streep Grace Kelly
  3. They're both legendary actors and definitely one of the greatest actors of all time. They've both portrayed one of the most interesting characters and starred in many good films. Not to mention they're one of my favourite actors. It is very hard to decide which actor is better and I can't vote. I can just say that in my opinion Robert De Niro is a bit more versatile and Al Pacino is a bit more entertaining.
  4. Beautiful country and interesting culture. I've never been to Ireland but I would really like to visit it one day.
  5. That sounds very cool. I wonder how amazing it must have looked.
  6. I've listened to her and some of her songs, I didn't say I had never listened to her or her songs. What I meant is that I don't generally listen to her. I hope this will clear this up.
  7. I like and listen to many other types of music. Rock music is definitely my favourite and I basically listen to the whole genre, I could also say this for classical music, while I just listen to certain artists in other types of music. I would name the ones I listen to the most. Led Zeppelin The Beatles Pink Floyd Deep Purple Black Sabbath King Crimson Queen Cream Eric Clapton The Jimi Hendrix Experience The Who The Rolling Stones The Kinks Uriah Heep Judas Priest Iron Maiden ZZ Top Alice Cooper Scorpions Hawkwind Mike Oldfield Yes Genesis Camel Van Der Graaf Generat
  8. RIP Amy Winehouse. I don't listen to her but she has some good songs.
  9. Daft Punk. Good pick. I deliberately left out Daft Punk because I thought I would be the only one who likes them. I would also add Jean Michel Jarre to my list.
  10. Language Fashion Culture Literature Music Art Jules Verne Albert Camus Victor Hugo Voltaire Alexandre Dumas Stendhal Moliere Honore De Balzac Maurice Ravel Charles Baudelaire Georges Bizet Hector Berlioz Camille Saint-Saens Gabriel Faure Claude Debussy Jean-Baptiste Lully Gerard Depardieu Jean Reno Vincent Cassel Alain Delon Jean Gabin Julie Delpy Isabelle Adjani Brigitte Bardot Audrey Tautou Francois Truffaut Jean Renoir Jean-Luc Godard Luc Besson Robert Bresson Crepe Hot air balloon Bicycle Parachute Sewing machine Helicopter And other co
  11. David Copperfield by Charles Dickens I'm reading this book for the second time. Great book and one of my favourite novels as well.
  12. Great film. One of the greatest war films and films in general.
  13. I like Dazed And Confused a lot. Good film. I was wondering myself if the film is accurate but I've read and heard it is very accurate, which is great. We've never had anything like that in high school, especially back in the 70s, except drinking, occasionaly smoking weed and few other things but music was always there. Everything in the film is great, the music, clothes, atmoshphere, etc and many cool and interesting characters. I always enjoy watching it.
  14. I've just finished reading Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf and Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen. I'm not a big fan of books like this but it was in my syllabus so I had to read it. They are actually good, I liked them.
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