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  1. Amen, Brother. Your absolutely right about that.

  2. That and U shook Me Is very hard, try Custard pie first thats a bit easy
  3. Well it ant easy but not too hard firs try simple song like jingle bells ( if u have C harmonica, it starts with C if im not mistaken, just blow the 4 hole try it on ear and ull do fine ) or happy birthday then start practicing the octave playing From C To C it wil sharpen the technique and breathing. Find some Videos Of Bobby Joe Holman, Steve Backer, Tom Bollan and so further. Sorry that im not on my PC to send you couple of good books for Harmonica beginners but if u remind me later PM me or something Ill send them to u. Good luck with trying Hey also try Steve Tylers Pink(draw the C, The 4 hole.) or Crying solos Its not difficult but need good breathing.
  4. I want Plants Hohner Special 20 and I want it NOOOOWWW!!! With his Signature on it!! Now lets face the reality Im gonna get Couple of DVD's, Plant Posters and thats it, but the biggest thing this year is that im going to Paris in January 21 (on my birth day ) And I will see Jim Morrisons Grave in Pere Laches. Its not Led Zep thing, but its great So I think that thats the Biggest event for this year
  5. Yep Its more Indian but its also kind of shamanic the drum part is like a meditation session in front of the fire, just before the whole tribe gets into the hysteria and get possessed with the spirits of nature :loool: And vocals are more Novaho kind mystical AND powerful Yep man there lots of things this man (Plant) can do
  6. 222 That’s normal it follows every polyp or gland surgery. I myself couldn’t talk for three or four weeks after surgery. The surgery does not change the voice make it deeper or higher or cause stress and fatigue. It wont ruin the voice and make it worse then it was befor. Yet it changes the Tone tie a bit but its normal, as you’re cutting out two huge meat balls that are hanging in your throat, but it does not ruin the voice as the voice comes from the V Chords that are deep in the throat and Gland or polyp surgery wont ruin it. In my opinion the thing with Plant was age and also the drug problems + drinking and smoking just before the gigs and there you go. In studios he had no problems to take the high notes. Even Freddie Mercury, who is The Greatest Singer In not only the Rock history had problems with the high notes on live shows when he got older and had drinking problems, he used to drink beer while playing on stage which is very bad for singers as it causes the chords to relax and drop out. Ian Gillan who is also my favorite had problems with singing because he wouldn’t ta ke a good care of his voice and scream the crap out of it on every live shows. but still it doesn’t matter whether Plant sings High or low still hes the greatest and the best Along With Those Two I mentioned up there. He still rocks and always will. BELEAVE me Gland Or Polyp Surgery does not ruin the voice but bad care, drinking, MJ, drugs, cigarettes (wish I could quit smoking )) shouting and so further will currently destroy the voice. So take a good care of yours my dear colleague. (I mean the author of this topic, the singer, don’t remember his nic, It was something with 8 s ))
  7. Wow Carry on is WILD!!!! Nice done I loved it man
  8. Hell no man . . . Come onnn!!!! Though I haven’t seen your Video yet, but Im sure no meter what’s in it my opinion will remain the same. . . Ill post again as soon as I wathch it, but come on people I only heard it today that Led_Zep is touring without Plant and that there takin Steve Tyler as leader in news and it nearly killed me. . . I even postponed my midterms because of the shock . . . It really hearts me deep inside to know that the greatest band on the land is touring without my favorite voice. I have nothing against Steve but come on people Steve tyler instead of Robert Plant. . . It would have been funny if it wasn’t painful. Led_Zep was thought to be the unbreakable band but that myth just broke into pieces when I heard the news . . . I hate them beacouse of that ( Led_Zeppelin without Robert Plant is Led_Zeppelin Without LED_ZEPPELIN!!!!!!
  9. Deep Purple Highway Star Child In Time Speed King Space Truking When A Blind man Cries Soldier Of Fortune Burn Mistreated Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming Perfect Strangers Smoke On The Water (and many more) Queen Bohemian Rapsody Killer Queen Another One Bites The Dust We Are The Champions We Will Rock You Innuendo I Was Born To Love You Who Wants To Live Forever A Kind Of Magic Freddies Barcelona(thugh its more classic than rock) Play The Game Somebody To Love Hammer To Fall (and many more) Led_Zep Over The Hills And Far Away Immigrant Song Stairway To Heaven Ramble On Night Flight Whole Lot Of Love Trample Under Foot Lemon Song Since I've Been Loving You You Shook Me (and many more) The Doors People Are Strange The End When The Musics Over Soft Parade RoadHouse Blues (With Or Without J.L.Hooker) Back Door Man Alabama Song Riders On The Storm L.A. Woman Strange Days Waiting For The Sun (and many others) AcDc Jail Break Highway To Hell Who Made Who Thunderstruck Back In Black (and many more) Man there were many great bands that created realy immortal songs and it realy is very hard for me to name them all. Holp this will be enough. . .
  10. ACDC realy is one of the greatest bands of all times. . . . . I love them. . . . and especialy Angus Young. . . man i love himmm. . . . His bluesy_Classical guita solos are brain busting. . . . . My favourite ACDC songs are Bcack in Black, Who Made Who, Thunderstruck and many others. . . . They realy Rock. . . . . Cant say that Brian Johnson is better then Bon Scott, but for me his voice sounds more bluesy then Scotts. . . . . . But Bon realy Rocks. . . . He started the whole new adge of rock Voice and inspired many in rock music. . . . . I love Him tooo. . . . . . AcDc Rocks and alwasy will. . . . . .
  11. Led Zeppelin Just kiddin. . . . Dont kill me PLZ. . . . . . Seriously now. 90 % of the modern music makes me realy green. .. . . I hate J.Lo, Fallout boy, Tokio Hotel and many others. . . . . . Now the worst band i've ever heard. . . . . Night WIsh or Nightwish.... i dont know how they spell their name. . . . . Their music and the voice of the Chick, i mean the lead singer makes me realy sick. . . . . I hate gothic metal and especialy hate nightwish or Night Wish. . . . . .
  12. Dear M First of all i would like to say again that Rap realy is crap. . . . . This might hurt your feelings but let me ask you. . . . Is it good for kids or Teens to listen to the "music" that is about how good it is to be a gangster and how good it is to be a PIMP. . . . is it good to shoot videos with so much agression in it. . . . Black people runing around waving their guns and sniffing Coce, shooting eachother and smoking MJ. . . . . 2pac and Snoop's time is gone man. . . . . Now even rap is poisoned with hatred. . . . . "Screw bringing "rock n roll" back - if someone does (and I'm sure people have tried), EPIC FAIL" <- are you sure in that??? How bout Foo Fighters, 30 Sec to marce and many others???? Have they finished with the big Fat failure??? I didnt say that we must bring Classic rock back, all im saying is that we must bring the music back, Back to life. . . . It realy is kind of dying out. . . . . . . . . . When I turn the musical Channel instead of hearing J.Lo's weeping, or exibits mumbling I want to hear real music. . . All GOOD new is well forgotten old. . . . . I have nothing against Fat boy slim or Moby, they are the pure development of the music of early ages, they rock. . . . . But there also are fellows like Tiesto or Benny Benassi that realy kill music and musical taste of people of my age and younger. . . . . . This what shoul be stopped this is not developing, no this is nothing but pure slaughterhouse. . . . Believe me. . . Think twice when you say Screw Bringin Old back and when you say that ra is no a crap. . . . .
  13. Yeap. There is a real big problem not only in rock, but everywhere. Does anybodie like modern music???? I realy doubt in that... . . . I mean have you heared modern Jazz???? It sonds realy like crap.... The whole music is being poisoned with Crap like RAP (It even goes in rhyme) and modern R&B..... Do they even know what is R&B, i mean do they think that britney spears and Eric Clapton do the same music???? Something realy bad heppened with music lately.... . . . .. World became too materialistic. . . . Nowdays money is everything and art is nothing. . . . . . This blodie producers are consentrated only to sell person from the outside and not from the inside and exactly inside is real art. . . . They've learned how to rule youngsters minds. . . . . I just dont understand how people of my age can call Frenk Sinatra or John Lee Hookers music crap and to worship 50 cent. . . . What is wrong with the world today???. . . . How can they say that 50 cents lyrics have more plot then Freddie Mercuries or certanly Jim Morrisons. . . . "I a mother...fuc...in PIMP" - Where's the blodie damn plot???? Is i better than this: The One thing we're all waiting for is peace on earth and an end to war its The Miracle we need, The Miracle. . . . Things like this would have never happened in Led Zeps times. . . . . So i holp that some day the purple-queen-zep music will be back and this crap will be thrown to the Twister of times (Me and my band try our best for it, and holp that many will Join us and go overground instead of performing underground) Sorry if i sound too critical but thats the truth what i just cant face. . . . . Viva LED ZEPPELIN!!!! Viva QUEEN!!! Viva DEEP PURPLE(MK2)!!!!
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