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    Just off the A449, but without the white picket fence.
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    Zep,WWFC,gigs,drinking wine and partying.
  1. Hi a belated reply. Yes, the Saw Doctors were good, played their usual stuff and got the crowd joining in. Enjoyed the Pretty Things too, how cool is Dick Taylor despite the fact that he looks 95 ? We stayed all weekend but the weather was dire on Sunday evening. Funnily enough my visit to the RF, 2 years ago, was to see Jimmy play with Roy Harper, but he hadn't recovered from knee surgery Page Angel - I think your best wishes are the reason for our good run of form, who knows it may put Robert in a good enough mood to say yes. Wolves in the Premiership and LZ on tour, how good w
  2. Just to say thanks for all your hard work and how nice it was to meet you, PageAngel. I was the Wolves fan who came along on the 23rd (I've been at the Rhythm Festival this weekend, not too far away and I've told loads of people about the exhibition, so maybe next time ....) Hope you had lots of support and thanks again.
  3. I met Robert at a Slade gig in the 70's, he bought drinks for my friends and me, I was still at school ! I've also seen him at various football grounds since then
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