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  1. It's nice to know the Bonham estate still gets royalties
  2. Yeah well said, I certainly think Robert was finished after Bonzos death, I think that after the reported non appearance of Jimmy and John Paul Jones at Roberts sons funeral Robert just didn't want to do it anymore and questioned the brotherhood of the band, he even applied to be a teacher and would have walked away from the music business altogether. I feel great pride in how they finished, and reading the statement out in that December of 1980 think they did make the correct decision. Other bands have replaced band members and carried on, good luck to them, but I'm afraid there is and never was any replacing Bonzo, although being at the O2 on that fantastic night in 2007, Jason did a mighty big job and did his dad proud.
  3. poortom

    They won their first grammy!

    The Grammys are just another over the top American awards ceremony that I'm sure by the lack of group members being there shows the relevance of. The award.
  4. poortom

    Pat Bonham and family

    Jason has posted a great pic today of him and Pat on Facebook
  5. poortom

    Signed Led Zeppelin II sells for £4,100 in UK sale

    I donated my autographed Led Zeppelin 3 album to Jimmy's charity (The ABC Trust) and it made £3100 back in 2002
  6. Cant imagine there will be anything in it we already know from reading thing on here lol
  7. poortom

    Redditch to erect a statue of John Bonham in his honour

    I didnt know Pat Bonham had died
  8. After watching The Rolling Stones live on TV the other night from Glastonbury it reminded me of watching The Walikng Dead, at least when i saw Led Zeppelin at The O2 in 2007 they blew me away with their stage presence and their performance, i know its been 6 1/2 years since that unforgetable night, but i think they could still bring that awesome presence to audiences again, without showing themselves up.
  9. poortom

    TSRTS white vinyle for sale on ebay

    Please forgive my ignorance, but what is on the other two discs? My TSRTS only has two discs
  10. poortom

    TSRTS white vinyle for sale on ebay

    Ive just put a bid in and im high bidder :-)
  11. poortom

    Jimmy and JPJ Attend Kings of Leon Gig At The O2

    I wonder if they were together or he saw them at separate times?
  12. poortom

    Hats off to Led Zeppelin - current tour dates:

    Pity you are only going as far north as Bolton then going to Scotland, there is a North England (west) above Bolton and below Scotland lol
  13. poortom

    Jimmy announcement fri april 12 th

    I started the post because nothing has been put on facebook like this before about Jimmy Page, my intent was not to mislead anybody, i just thought it might be a bit of info.