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  1. Melatonin http://www.worldwide...s/melatonin.php
  2. What part of I am having a I HATE MEN NIGHT do you not undertsand? edited because of the new page
  3. Oi ................ You are both of the male persuasion. What part of "Lop Testicles off" do you not undertsand? But yes, for the record ....... I do have a nice ass ............. :lol: :lol:
  4. How come you can get around me and bring a smile to my face MM, when i'm scowling and in lop testicles mood off?
  5. Jangles

    Sky Watch

    I'll agree with that one Slave. Google Sky is a fantastic free app for your phone.
  6. What ........ ^^^^^^^ .... photo of the ass, or the imbecile who said it? I'd back out right now if I was you.
  7. amd you assume "nice ass" is gonna cut it ??!!!!!
  8. Hope you get some good sleep, relaxation and family time Strider. As an extra note to your wonderful beach story and seeing as you're going to be in holiday mode at your brother's place, which is near a lake, try this wonderful experience. Find a quiet little timber jetty/pier that is going out over the water. Something like this ....... Around sunset, or even dark, walk right out as far as you can (by yourself and with no other people around). Hang onto a railing if you can and stand there for a few minutes, clear your head, look around you, take in everything you see. Then close your eyes and breathe in deeply, smell the water, hear the ripples, hear the fish breaking the surface, feel the breeze on your face, the wind blowing against your skin. Keep your eyes closed and feel, breathe and hear everything around you. If you're completely relaxed and your senses are open and in synch, you'll feel like you're standing, floating on top of that lake .......... you'll feel yourself gently swaying with the movement of the ripples, like you're out in the middle of the water. It's an incredible feeling.
  9. Yes, much better now, thank you I'll pass your kind thoughts and best wishes on to my little babies :lol:
  10. Ahem ...... I scored too Don't my little basil seedling rate a mention?
  11. Very sad to hear that too. It's incomprehnsible to even imagine how your friend and her family would be feeling.
  12. For the Puffer ........ I Am The Walrus - The Beatles Only because ......... He is the Eggman I am the eggman, they are the eggmen. Goo goo g'joob
  13. Bought some sweet basil seedlings and threw some other Italian and minette basil seeds in to germinate The new season of Dexter and Boardwalk Empire will start soon
  14. So true Slave, but they've certainly made it big since those cockroaches were squashed Your daughter would love The Wiggles, along with what seems like every other young kid in the world. They must put some sort of kiddie addiction in their songs. Shame they are doing their last world tour and calling it quits. and yes, Bananas in Pajamas rocks. I think I still know all the words to their theme song
  15. I nearly said .......... Pee'd your pants ....... again. But I held back on that little embarrassment :lol:
  16. Very sad news. He was an outstanding actor and seemed like a genuinely nice person. I loved that scene reswata posted in Armageddon and his performance in The Green Mile was incrdible.
  17. A tv show!!!!!!! ..................... pfft ............ thats the least of their credits. The Wiggles have been Australia's top-earning entertainers for six years in a row and earn around $45 million a year. They have ridiculous amounts of gold and multi-platinum awards for sales of over 20 million DVDs and CDs ...... and then there's the merchandise, concerts and tv show. For your insults, Captain Feathersword and Dorothy the Dinosaur are going to hunt you down .......... then they're both going to sit on you ........... and tickle you ............. til you pee your pants. :o :o hahahahahahahaha :lol: :lol:
  18. It's The Wiggles .......... dickheads
  19. Can you stand on one foot and shake your hands?
  20. Can you point your finger and do the twist?
  21. oohhhhhh .......... a little rotten crotch belonging to Suzie, receiving the grime of the world? My dedication song for you was more about the title and words, rather than the general meaning of the song. It's pretty damn hard find songs relating to the adoration of a lithe, arched, anatomical structure found at the terminal point of female's leg
  22. awwww you had me all excited there and was ready with the congrats dad, until I looked back and realised what you were talking about ......... Congrats anyway ............
  23. Congrats Puffer I planted the first of my summer vegie crop seedlings. Tomatoes are in
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