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  1. Uriah Heep was my dad's favorite band when he was around 16. I've been listening to them recently, and they sound somewhat similar to Zeppelin, just not quite as "magical", at least not for me. What do you guys think of this band? Some good songs I have come across: The Wizard Traveler in Time Paradise / The Spell The Magician's Birthday Pilgrim
  2. I'm sure this could be wrong, but I heard that Jimmy said somewhere that he wasn't that great of a guitar player, and he thought of himself more of a composer/songwriter. In that sense he is the best, but straight-up playing guitar, I'm not sure. Is this wrong?
  3. NICE! I am thinking of getting the 4 symbols as well
  4. No idea why the GC told us that. But yeah I play pretty much everyday, especially days when I'm not working (4 hours yesterday), not just occasionally
  5. Thanks guys for the replies. Actually GC won't barter anymore, everything is a fixed price now, which sucks ><
  6. I have always wanted a Gibson Les Paul, and a beautiful one is sold by a Guitar Center near my house, it looks like something Jimmy Page would play! But it is $1300. I play a lot and want to continue to play, like a hobby forever. And don't these instruments last a lifetime? Someone said it was a good investment. Would you guys say this is too much money for a guitar for a person who does NOT play on stage? I have just been playing at home with friends and their basses and other guitars. I'm 18 and work 32-40 hours a week (during the summer), so I'm still okay to throw out money....right...? =/ And also, right now I have an Epiphone, but am not a big fan of it. I would most likely sell it if I bought this guitar. Thanks for your input AMK
  7. Ah thanks....I figured there would be some posts on this.
  8. I have been thinking about getting a Led Zeppelin tattoo. It would most likely be the 4 symbols, because they are very cool looking, a tribute to my favorite band, and not exactly obvious like a tat that says "LED ZEPPELIN ROCKS!!!" After doing some research though, some people have been saying Page's symbol could mean "666" or something. I know there are a lot of rumors about Page, but what do you guys think of this symbol? Most people have been saying it means Saturn, but no one seems too sure. I just don't want an evil symbol on my skin forever =P AMK PS: My first post =O
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