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  1. Well, no obviously not that eccentric. Actually I don't have chest hair; im 19. But I often do wear colorful flowing button shirts, sometimes plaud, almost completely unfastened. And ripped jeans, not quite as tight as plants. I dress like this and alot of people consider me preppy, I shrug and usually tell people if it comes up I just dress like Robert Plant. lol
  2. I find it interesting that most Led Zeppelin t-shirts have a dark theame when in every single photo or music video I see of Led Zeppelin the band members (Especially Robert Plant) dress very colorfully and fashionable, at times even flamboyant. I take after Robert Plant and dress closely to his style, although not as ecentric I find myself different than many other die hard zep fans. Led Zep songs are about happiness, history and social changes, it seems to me the more colorful look is more fitting.
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