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Hi, I'm from Toowoomba , Australia.
I am just 59 years old, and when I was just a little boy, I was only 10 years old, and I listened to my older brothers' record,Led Zeppelin, Volume 1.
Next year, he got a new record, led Zeppelin Ii., by then , I was well and truly hooked.
At 11 years old, I was full on a true Zep fan. I purchased each and every album myself from then on.
My proudest achievement, is introducing my Son to Led Zepelin, just like my brother did to me. His favourite band is Led Zeppelin, plus he has introduced Zeppelin to all of his mates.
My Billiard room is a shrine to Led zeppelin. I live and breathe Zeppelin.
In fact, I listen to no other records, albums, Cd's, DVD's . The only music I Play at home, or in the car, in the lounge room, or in my Billiards room, is Zeppelin.
I am waiting for Grandkids to come along, so I can introduce them to the band as well.

On my dying day, all I want to do , is to listen to Led Zeppelin.


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