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  1. "Carry Fire" - Robert Plant & the Sensational Spaceshifters
  2. It's mpossible to pick a favourite album. Depending on the time of day, occassion, mood etc, determines which album I choose to play. Simply pick the album in the moment, pull the record from the sleeve, put it on the turntable, sit down on my comfy chair whilst holding the album cover, feel it, read it, and enjoy side one. Hop up & change the record over to side two. Sit back again & enjoy the experience on my good quality sound system. Oh So Good..... Nothing Better
  3. "Your Time Is Gonna Come" - Led Zeppelin
  4. ""In My Time Of Dying" - Led Zeppelin
  5. "All My Love"- Led Zeppelin
  6. "In the Light"- Led Zeppelin
  7. In My Time of Dying" - Led Zeppelin
  8. "All of My Love" - Led Zeppelin
  9. "In the Light" - Led Zeppelin
  10. ""Hots on for Nowhere - Led Zeppelin
  11. "In the Evening " - Led Zeppelin
  12. "In the Light" - Led Zeppelin
  13. "Stairway to Heaven"- Led Zeppelin
  14. "In the Light" - Led Zeppelin
  15. "In My Time of Dying" - Led Zeppelin
  16. "In my Time of Dying" - Led Zeppelin
  17. "In The Light" - Led Zeppelin
  18. "In the Light" - Led Zeppelin
  19. I think you will find that this isn't the new JP Anthology book, as it won't be ready for shipping until December. this E bay sale will be his previous JP Picture book.This Ebay sale is still a rort and rip off though.
  20. "Highway Star" - Deep Purple
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