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  1. nothing specific, half the novelty is just the tapes right now. I'm not gonna go out and get heaps anyway, I'm just wondering where they all went. None of my uncles or anyone I know have them, stores don't sell them much.
  2. I've just bought a handful of these for $2 each, it's not music I really love but I think I'd rather have cassettes than CDs almost, although they're kind of fiddly to play. Does anyone still have theirs from the 80s or whenever they were popular? I could only find about 2 dozen second hand ones in the record store.
  3. At work in my tea-break, trying to communicate with a couple of friendly and hilarious customers with a mouth full of apple. small thing
  4. been doing Paint it Black, because all the notes on the e and B strings are easier on my tendonitis. it's pretty fun to play around with the humming e string
  5. You're better off finding a neck style that suits you rather than trying to mimic jimmy page's neck. those tiny details are more personal. Perhaps if you've got two guitars though, one for you and one for Zeppelin i guess that'd be worth it
  6. i just realised no-one in that Madison Square Garden crowd looks intoxicated, I've been to 3 concerts and there was a constant stream of drunks picking fights and getting dragged out i like how that crowd looks like they're all best friends in it together
  7. They appear about 5 seconds into the solo, after some slow motion clips of Robert, it cuts to a few frames of these guys. Does anyone know who they are or what happened to them? I know they were just some normal kids but they always captured how great Zeppelin was for me, the way one of them is begging Page or Plant to come closer to them, and the other one just looks mindblown.
  8. I'm not a drummer, I'm just going to get some sticks and a pad to help improve my rhythm, and also coz I'd like to start drums later. Can you get silent ones though, that still feel the same, but don't have that clicky sound? My family's real intolerant and wouldnt let me keep one if it was 'loud.' Im just gonna get it without them knowing. Also how much will some cheap sticks and a pad cost?
  9. The album artwork from London Calling and In Through the Out Door, also the photo on my profile's pretty cool, and a photo of Frank Sinatra I once saw that I can't find now
  10. I always want this to come back coz it looked like so much more fun than sitting around 'twittering' or going to disco clubs. But is it still here, is hooning just a new version of it? (if that's just an aussie slang word, im not sure if everyone else uses it, its burnouts and drag racing between traffic lights) Anyway anyone done this 'cruising the loop.'
  11. wow I've always thought the Strat had the warmer tone and the Tele was twangy
  12. wow I've always thought the Strat had the warmer tone and the Tele was twangy
  13. wow I've always thought the Strat had the warmer tone and the Tele was twangy
  14. I'm interested in playing hard rock riffs, right up to heavy palm muted stuff, but also strummed rhythms, and being able to play rocky solos like Angus Young, jazzy solos with warm soft tones, and shred as well. I know you can shred about equally well on SG, Strat or Tele (maybe less so on the tele but I've seen it done before at my guitar centre). But SGs have got to have the worst clean tones, I know Clapton used one a bit but not on anything really bluesy, it's got a kind of 'buzzy' (that's not the word I'm looking for lol) sound without distortion. And the warm jazzy sound I like is more of a Strat thing, also on a tele with the right pickups and amp settings. Like what Jimmy Page did on SIBLY, but a bit cleaner without all the little scratchy noises between some notes. The SGs best for the rock riffs, and I guess you can get something pretty good out of a strat. And for strumming I only like the tele, the Strat just doesn't sound right. The rocky solos can be done on any of them really I guess. So pretty much, if I want SG riffs, Telecaster rhythm, and probably Strat solos, what's the right guitar? I've heard the Les Paul Jr suggested but a) I'm not a les paul fan at all (no offense to Page fans here )and looks do count for something (I wear my guitar a bit high and Les Paul high... ugghhhh looks awful) and I can't play the higher frets of a Les Paul comfortably. I could mix and match pickups as well, change strings, use effects and amps, do some rewiring. I'm not getting one for a long time but I'm just curious now, and I'm good with electronics and woodworking and all that so with some help from someone that won't ***k up a brand new guitar I'd be happy to learn the electronics. Also if it helps my own tone in my fingers is very strong open chords (like AC/DC) and something like Slash or David Gilmour in solos, but on a completely different end of the scale to Gilmour I'm working on it though
  15. Go to www.ultimate-guitar.com and look around, especially in the forums (click forums then go to the subheading "electric guitar") It'll give you a lot of detail, that question's been asked a million times before. Squier - cheap copies of Fender Epiphone - cheapish copies of Gibson keep in mind a better guitar improves your playing more, to a point. Don't go and buy a $100 one from a general store, go to your equipment centre and ask around.
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