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  1. He definitely does, in almost every interview I see of Jimmy, he's always itching and scratching something on his person. As one who used to indulge a long time ago, there are certain signs you look for and Jimmy to this day has them. Interesting, maybe he's just an "itchy" kind of guy!
  2. Am I the only one on this site who thinks Pagey was loaded that night? I love Jimmy, but he seemed really high during his presentation of Beck. He kept wiping and touching his nose multiple times which is a dead give away.
  3. His playing was indeed stellar along with Metallica's lead guitarist who was absolutely shredding during his set. Beck's look on the other hand left a lot to be desired. A horrible dye job coupled with a 1980's outfit was unreal!! I blame his wife, wow!! LOL!!
  4. Very good points made mate! I just hope it wasn't "other" factors that led to his subdued playing on the night. If so, very sad...
  5. I agree, it would have been nice to see Jimmy cut loose a little bit. Im sure he was just being respectful torward Jeff as it was his night to shine. I hope Jimmy is in good health these days, and hasn't began to indulge in powders and the like again. Maybe it's nervousness, but he seems to get very twitchy in interviews, and it showed tonight during his induction speech and in later interviews. Hope I am wrong, he is a wonderful musician and always want the best for him.
  6. Jimmy looks a little "Jumpy" in that video if you get my drift.
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