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  1. This isn't about Robert vs. Jimmy. Again, i'm not questioning the cause, it's a fantastic one. Just his current musical direction. It's called an opinion, you don't have to agree with it.
  2. Oh please..get over yourself already highness! Just because these rock n' roll ears happen to think the musical direction Mr. Plant is heading these days is more suited for elevators, makes me wrong? You know how ridiculous that makes you come off? This is a forum and it's called an opinion. You and your flock have every right to disagree with that opinion. But right or wrong? Please..
  3. Great that he's doing something for charity, but more elevator music Percy?
  4. Saw them in Los Angeles and they were brilliant! I plan on seeing them again when they play Coachella in Indio, California.
  5. Heard TCV has been booked to play the Donnington Festival. ACDC and STP have been booked and Metallica and Van Halen are rumored to be performing as well.
  6. Cool you got to meet him. Dude can really play. How many songs did he play on?
  7. Damn... couldn't make the show. Something came up, have to catch you guys in Redondo in February. How was the show?
  8. Go see this band they rock!! Hey Steve any idea what time you actually hit the stage? Have no interest in seeing the other bands. Saw you guys at the Brixton in Redondo, great show. Had a chance to talk to you before that show, very cool. Show time says 9, but you guys went on real late at the Brixton..just wondering. Thanks, can't wait to hear what you guys sound like with Mr. Jimmy!!
  9. Didn't realize the article was so old... Did Mica say they had to go on as Zeppelin? Very hypocritical for him to do a show as Zeppelin two years ago and say it wouldn't be a good idea to carry on because they're incomplete NOW. Makes no sense... Just say you don't want to do it. No need to get defensive about it and make hypocritical comments, hence the shots that will keep on coming as long as he makes contradictory statements about the band.
  10. Hey Steve or anybody, heard Robert attended one or both of the London Shows. Any truth to those rumors? McCartney was backstage at one of the shows, it's on Youtube.
  11. He may be right, but he's talking out of both sides of his mouth to me. You've been incomplete for 28 years, yet you go onstage as Led Zeppelin and perform a one off? Why call it Led Zeppelin if you think the band is incomplete? So what if it was for Ahmet! You shouldn't have used the band name if you think you were or still are INCOMPLETE Robert! What has changed since the O2? Nothing that's what. You were as incomplete that night as your former band is today. So again, why pull out the name when it suits you Robert? You blow the world away and then slam the door and say it wouldn't
  12. Looks like Robert is doing the duet thing again.
  13. Interesting read, don't agree at all with his suggestion that TCV is better suited for the studio then live in concert. I was at that Wiltern show and it was fucking brilliant. They produce an enormous sound but I could still hear Homme clearly.
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