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  1. Ew, ew, EW! Nah, it's cute in a kinda...unsettling way...
  2. This looks like fun. I'm Bethany I'm eighteen I play bass and played trumpet for four years (couldn't for the life of me do it now) I live in Australia Uh...I'm doing a Sound Production course but am LOUSY at it ...I have lumps of muscle tissue under my armpits?
  3. Hey all! I am a fellow Australian fan and, in the words of my sister, I've just moved from one side of the country where nothing happens, to the other. From WA to Tasmania. But anyway, it's all good and I'd also love to be included in any plans ever made to meet up since it's not that expensive to go up to the mainland...I think. Thanks Beth.
  4. This is like my playground, so many good pictures and so few hardrive space left. From what I've seen of interviews he was a very soft and wellspoken man, nothing like my mum kept telling me he must have been like! *snuggles all the pictures*
  5. Look at the signature and you tell me there's no resembelence!
  6. Yeah, well, not as young as you are. I'm eighteen and am now getting WAY into Zeppelin. My stepdad's a huge fan so we have a lot to talk about together now which is always good. Kinda completely sucks that we missed the big moments, hey?
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