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  1. Thanks, ya feeling great these days, got some time on my hands *(google ronnie dawg robson), was busy recording and doing other stuff so its nice to have some time to do nothing!
  2. Irt's been a while since I've been here - hope all is well with everyone!
  3. Thanks Deborah! I'm at the bottom, new project I'll be working on, got my bass face on!!
  4. Thank you, nice to be back and see familiar faces!!
  5. Hey Everyone, I haven't been on for a while posting (just creepin), so I thought to bring everyone up to speed of what I've been doing. Goddo 35th Anniversary Concert Film has been released, their documentary will be released in 2015, and I'm starting another documentary, no band related.I'm also starting sessions (tracking bass), for MTV Artist Sophia Radisch's new album with Shawn and Glen Drover......way cool !! Search for me on FB, RonnieDawg
  6. I didnt like the way it was shot, and the only way I can describe is "stock". A concert of this magnitude, I see a genuine lack of camera flow. It just didnt match what my eyes wanted to see or follow, bad timing with a few edits, etc. All the little things that could have been done for bonus footage wasn't done - I would have had at least six Go Pro's on Jason himself, catchng his facial expressions, his hands working (rolls), his footwork, hitting cymblas etc.So many little things that bothered me, hardy any medium crowd shots, a shot ot two of roberts feet (boogie'ing). Just a bunch of
  7. Back again.....been busy as hell with no signs of slowing down. How's everyone......?
  8. I'll be doing an on-camera interview with Ritchie Yorke in regards to Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience, really looking forward to this! Like my Facebook Page - search Ronniedawg
  9. I recently had the opportunity to meet and film/interview author, broadcaster, historian, music journalist and Led Zeppelin biographer Ritchie Yorke in Wasaga beach (Ontario, Canada), during the filming of "IN Goddo We Trust". I made a deal with his personal assist Minnie Cherry to do an on-camera interview regarding Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience - really looking forward to this!! Like my FB page - search Ronniedawg
  10. Dylan fans should google "The Dylan Tree", these guys (friends of mine), do Dylan brilliantly. You may recognize some names as well. I've always been a Dylan fan.
  11. They had the same management. I saw the Black Cowes before they made it....*cough*, big. They opened for Michael Schenker in Toronto. I ate wings and had a beer with Robin McCauley that evening too.
  12. ....coulda, woulda, shoulda. -Ronniedawg
  13. Oh Deb, my southern sweetheart!
  14. Reunited a lost dog with her owner - license your pet, it makes a difference!
  15. I will let ya know Northstar, you got it!
  16. BR was Jonsin! As far as I know the doc will be available in DVD format, we're also working on a television format and there will be a live CD as well. It's going to be a great documentary with some suprises along the way. The guys are great, fun to work with, and they're still kickin ass - teaching the youngsters a thing, or three. Here's an article I wrote about them from their Calgary date; http://www.cashboxcanada.ca/2692/goddo-bowness-hall
  17. Busy as hell....no rest for the wicked they say!
  18. I've been rather busy over the past few months with the Goddo documentary, and business in general. Looks like more filming with other great bands are in the works.....just creeping around today, thought I'd drop in and say hello
  19. "What's That Man Movin' Cross The Stage? It Looks A Lot Like The One Used By Jimmy Page"
  20. I am an early riser and if I'm not up by 4:30am I've felt my day is half gone.......
  21. Snow........I retire in nine years and the thought of a sailboat somewhere in Mexico sounds really good to me lately. People tell me that Captain Ron reminds them of me after they see the movie
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