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  1. Thanks Deborah! I'm at the bottom, new project I'll be working on, got my bass face on!!
  2. I didnt like the way it was shot, and the only way I can describe is "stock". A concert of this magnitude, I see a genuine lack of camera flow. It just didnt match what my eyes wanted to see or follow, bad timing with a few edits, etc. All the little things that could have been done for bonus footage wasn't done - I would have had at least six Go Pro's on Jason himself, catchng his facial expressions, his hands working (rolls), his footwork, hitting cymblas etc.So many little things that bothered me, hardy any medium crowd shots, a shot ot two of roberts feet (boogie'ing). Just a bunch of little stuff that added up for me. Im really glad it happened and love it, please dont get me wrong. The entire production could have been better. Favourte Shot; Jimmy, Robert and John Paul in front of the drum riser waiting/smiling at Jason - as a film maker, thats described as a "giflt".
  3. I'll be doing an on-camera interview with Ritchie Yorke in regards to Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience, really looking forward to this! Like my Facebook Page - search Ronniedawg
  4. Dylan fans should google "The Dylan Tree", these guys (friends of mine), do Dylan brilliantly. You may recognize some names as well. I've always been a Dylan fan.
  5. ....coulda, woulda, shoulda. -Ronniedawg
  6. Reunited a lost dog with her owner - license your pet, it makes a difference!
  7. I am an early riser and if I'm not up by 4:30am I've felt my day is half gone.......
  8. There was a turtle in the pic........?
  9. ......yesterday really. I revisited some old Motown and Ben E King tunes on my new acoustic bass. It's nice to get back to some "roots", good for the soul.
  10. Thanksgiving gravy is working its magic, and the three espresso's aren't helping
  11. My office radio station - depeche mode, pet shop boys and spandau ballet......someone kill me now!
  12. A nice big takeout container of the creamiest, cheesiest macaroni and cheese served up with a nice chef salad - so large I cant even move! Oh yeah, and my girls boobs, this morning.
  13. Having the ability to control myself and not hit my boss in the back of the head with a large rock....he's safe for another day!
  14. 1). Im starting to take life too seriuosly these days. 2). I love bbq'ing 3). I take the train everyday to work (downtown) 4). I smile at girls walking down the street to see if they'll smile back - I'm hitting about an 80% average. 5). I get "Sebastian Bach alot, dont see the resemblance - maybe the same hair? 6). I love to cook. 7). I am Director of Photography for a new Documentary regarding a famous Canadian band 8). I love coffee 9). I love the rain. 10). I am a romantic when I'm not in a mood (see fact#1)
  15. Putting on a large garbage bag as a cape and dancing around my office to the Immigrant Song!
  16. I'll be working on this one for another five to seven months, then onto something else........I may even decide to take a little break and do nothing fo a bit :)

  17. Thanks Erings!

    The release should be January 2012, but we're trying to move it up before Christmas. Just finished ther soundtrack and it sounds amazing. A few Music Industry people were in and one stated "this will turn the industry upside down", they really liked what they heard/saw so far. Next....we edit the entire concert, and release to the distributor.

  18. Shower, easier to fit three in...... Day or Night?
  19. Whats next?.....we have a few irons in the fire :)

  20. Hey E,

    We're almost done shooting the Goddo doc, in the studio at the moment doing the soundtrack - should be done by tomorrow then on to editing the live performance. After that, we're into the actual documentary....where the real work begins lol.

  21. Running into an old friend this morning while travelling the train downtown.
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