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  1. I'll be working on this one for another five to seven months, then onto something else........I may even decide to take a little break and do nothing fo a bit :)

  2. Thanks Erings!

    The release should be January 2012, but we're trying to move it up before Christmas. Just finished ther soundtrack and it sounds amazing. A few Music Industry people were in and one stated "this will turn the industry upside down", they really liked what they heard/saw so far. Next....we edit the entire concert, and release to the distributor.

  3. Whats next?.....we have a few irons in the fire :)

  4. Hey E,

    We're almost done shooting the Goddo doc, in the studio at the moment doing the soundtrack - should be done by tomorrow then on to editing the live performance. After that, we're into the actual documentary....where the real work begins lol.

  5. Yeah, I was there for a bit and remembered why I quite playing 20 years ago....the drama. Since then, the wheels fell off (the band). Thanks Reswati!

  6. Toronto in body, Valhalla in mind :)

  7. is six foot four, two hundred and thirty pounds of glory!!

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