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  1. My band "Angels and Monsters" have plans to do a Zeppelin medley - song selection is cool and so are the segways etc.....but hanging off until we get a new vocalist. One thing about it; I always tried to do my own version with the covers I've played and recieved a good reaction to whatever I was doing...."hey man, love your version of that song", not hey, you guys do that song well......but with Zeppelin, you just can't deviate. Seems we're running out of pro vocalists in Toronto.
  2. I heard the names Bachman/Cummings were being batted around at the time.....can anyone confirm this?
  3. 1). sky pilot....my right eye starts to twitch when I hear that song. 2). mighty quinn....that song has the same affect.
  4. Made In Japan was my first "rock" album and I still play it on a regular basis.....and I still laugh at Plant's "David Cover-version" comment. As David said....."verbal wimbleton" Do a youtube search; Deep Purple, Mistreated, California Jam. David does rock on that one....
  5. "never miss a good opportunity to shut up" Will Rogers
  6. and thanks to Roxie.....sooner!
  7. Just starting a new one after a long break - playing bass. We're writing original material, doing covers and having some fun with it.
  8. Corona (with lime), Coors Light (the Canadian version), and Moosehead.
  9. My most recent? Stepped on a rake, in my daze (stumbling around), I actually stepped on the same rake again.......with my neighbours watching
  10. She can keep it actually since I have a line for another copy (which I'm picking up next week). Had this one for a while and kinda missed it.....
  11. That pic has been printed and ready for framing on my office wall....says it all right there!
  12. The Lemon Song - throw it on the turntable and have a listen. Nothing beats JPJ and Bonham's playing during the Theremin solo in Whole Lotta Love - The Song Remainns The Same....this part is what made me switch from guitar to bass.
  13. Canadian! toronto beaches, brampton, ottawa valley.
  14. Lost it in a house invasion - my ex wife (lol). Does anyone have a copy?
  15. The Song Remains The Same.
  16. LOl, I'm suprised the ARA's haven't called for it yet....truly sad.
  17. Unplugged and 02, in that order.
  18. I was 12 years old, a huge Zeppelin fan with cousins who lived in Troy to take me (live in Toronto). Anyone else make it to that show?
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