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  1. So much to say, so little time to do it so I'll place my views in a nutshell for everyone; Quebec isn't going anywhere, the rest of Canada now has a voice and the rest of Canada won't let it happen. You would be correct Babs...lol. Btw friends; a healthy debate is just that, healthy and this one could get somewhat intersting as well
  2. "Arses kicked but conveniently forget why they got their arses kicked" Yes indeed and we will do it again if we have to, and no offence Charles...... Well, I can honestly agree with you to some point Mangani but facts are facts, in reference to your so-called "bastardization" of history. My family nested in Newcastle England - were sent down by our overlords to protect the shipping lane and hang around the wall - we killed a few Romans within that time I'm sure (as well as a few of our own (another story that I'll share later on). Do a few lingering Romans resent that time period I wonde
  3. I hope everyone has a great weekend! I have a martini night happening
  4. Ally, you show me your kilt and I'll show you mine?
  5. Sit down this weekdend with a copy of Braveheart and you can see what they did to my ancestors - still makes me a proud Canadian and I will never whine or be unhappy about what has taken place in History, who did what to who, etc. Have to get clarifications Charles; what is an "Independandist" exactly, and can this term be utilized when we're refering to you being Canadian - you are a Canadian citizen correct (a three part question)?
  6. Charles, One word for ya: conquered. I piss my French friends and relatives off with that one too, so feel free to flame me. I'm of Scottish/Irish descent and most of my family disliked the English, so when I was at the age to understand most of our family/world history I'd say: "what are we doing in Canada anyway?". No one could answer me....and still can't. I am Canadian and proud to be Canadian.
  7. Ally, I enjoy a full bodied coffee and Tim's just doesn't do it for me. I take my coffe black, no sugar (cos I'm sweet enough), grab a lid, smile at the girl on her laptop (probably Facebook), and get out of there! Have you had Starbucks "Big Gay Pretzels"? Chocolate covered pretzels with caramel inside? Story behind the big gay pretzel
  8. I understand they want to pet the coyotes.... Okay, let's talk Molsons for a minute. They are now American owned and I haven't purchase any product (since the sale), whatsoever. I am not anti-American in the least but I try to keep my money within my own borders - same as American food chains, nope. There is so many great little local restaurants around that offer a great food at a great price so I seek those and give them my business. Anyone who ever visits Toronto let me know and I will compile a list of these great little places.... I still can't give up Starbucks though, tough to
  9. There was foliage in that pic? I didnt get down that far I guess.....
  10. Last time I fooled around like that....I was wearing a kilt, btw gonna check YouTube now Great pics Lena_Z!
  11. Just don't invade Poland....amd if you do decide to take that route, make it a happenin Polish nightclub. Career counselling could be an option for you my friend. Take that step and every step at a time and things will get better, promise.
  12. Have fun Lena, date as much as you can, go to lots of parties, talk and hang out with everyone and most importantly, keep smiling....Deborah is right in saying; they will be the best days of your life. I hung out with everyone, didn't get tied down with one girl so I dated a lot (my advice to you also), played football, baseball, smoked lots of weed, went to parties....maybe I smiled cos I smoked lots of weed but anyway, just smile!
  13. High School, the best seven years of my life Lena Zep!
  14. Okay, I'll just meet you down there - us Canadian boys are sometimes verrry forward.
  15. Hell no! He can clean his own damn mess, at least if he had a woman it would be a great reason to clean. Don't think many women would sit on a "chia toilet". It's that bad Lena.
  16. One free in every box of Hostes Twinkies. Marketing at it's finest right there!
  17. Walking into my brothers apartment - filthy. He needs a woman to kick his ass and tell him to clean up.
  18. She must come into the LZ forum - ahhh, you're still da man!
  19. ....especially when you are drinking...my point
  20. I was drunk when I got on the plane, I drank when I was on the plane and I smoked an electronic while on the plane - a good flight!
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