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  1. Thanks!!!! For Your Love & Careful Care. With These!!!!!!!! With Love, From: David E. Shaw A.K.A. freddy fingers - the first. -to a certain somebody. who I Love... You.... too.
  2. Hey, Listen Here. Let's Talk.... Okay? -ZOSO -freddy fingers.
  3. "Sunshine Of Your Love" - "CREAM"
  4. Yes & Have a Good Day My Friends!!!!! Thanks!!!! -Zoso. -freddy fingers.
  5. Has Anyone Thought About Sending Christmas Cards???? Merry Christmas!!!! And a Happy New Year!!!!!!! -freddy fingers with -Love- -Zoso * * ****
  6. PLAY BALL!!!! -Stop... By... First!!!! And Get A Shirt or a Ball Hat. -freddy fingers
  7. God Bless America! THANKS! -With High Hopes That We Get the Job DONE.... -freddy fingers
  8. Firestarter -The Prodigy . ... -
  9. Baba O'Riley (Original) - THE WHO - - .... ....
  10. Burnin' For You -Blue Oyster Cult Thanks, PLEASE HELP!!!!!! !!!! -freddy fingers
  11. "The INVISIBLE MAN" -freddy fingers.
  12. Have You Seen Anything Like This Lately? ??? Don't forget to Use a Napkin! -freddy fingers -ZOSO
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