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  1. I think the general consensus is that Page plays well below par for most of the evening's songs - likely the worst without a known drug reaction (such as Chicago '77). Even at Tempe in '77 he plays a fantastic STH solo, which coincidentally is not much shorter than Berlin's version. The best method of gauging his playing this night is to compare it to earlier '80 shows. There are hints of struggle in NFBM and BD - the first major issue of the night is the outro solo in ITE where Page would normally play a nice fluent string solo while slowly working the wah-wah pedal. His picking on this in Berlin is quite labored - compare it to Vienna's version. Later in TUF, while the solo is definitely epic in some ways, his attempts at fluency again are stifled by deliberate and labored picking. At the onset of the SIBLY solo he doesn't even attempt the quick burst or two of notes, instead opting for a somber bluesy start. I believe ALS was skipped this evening because of Page, while in Vienna it was due to Bonham's fatigue and poor eating habits (not bananas by the way, that was a cover up for the real etiology of days of excessive drinking combined with poor diet). Page tells the audience they are changing the program since its the last one of the tour, but since when did Zeppelin ever eliminate songs during important finales (i.e. Forum '77, Earls' Court 1975/05/25, NYC '73, etc.) He couldn't pull a confident version off due to his speed issues. WS/BMS has been discussed ad nauseam in the past. STH shows Page trying hard - the band wants to celebrate and enjoy the evening, after all they had been through a lot in the few years prior and wanted to bask in the glow of playing together as a working band again. But it ultimately lacks real excitement and he struggles for an energetic bridge to the final verses. Lastly I believe Let That Boy Boogie was not played in light of Page's inability to pull off the required solo runs. Further Jones takes control of WLL from the onset and really makes Berlin's unique version what it was. I've a number of photographs in an old Japanese picture book that show a good bit of snot gleaming off of Page's upper lip. He also had lost several teeth by this point which are clearly reflected in the images - you may notice the lack of smiles from Page with his teeth showing in the '79 - '82 period. He sniffs a good bit during the BD intro as well as his explanation of the WS/BMS delay. You want pure conjecture - Page layed into the alcohol heavily that day due to a lack of necessary "supplies", thus his cold symptoms. Page himself failed to appear at the aftershow / tour party at the hotel, and Steven A. Jones in an interview by Dave Lewis states that Page was unhappy with the performance, although frustratingly so Lewis did not push Mr. Jones for clarification. It was basically an off night - his playing in Rotterdam, Vienna, a number of gigs in 80' was quite good. Pity his worst showing was the last one.
  2. I listen to one to two 1980 shows a week. Seems crazy but whatever floats your boat... I also listen to at least one 1977 show a week, then likely one 1972 show and one 1975 show a month. After that sprinkle a little '69 occasionally...
  3. SIBLY is consistently played below average on this tour, however Brussels, Hannover and Munich's versions seem to rise above. The other end of the spectrum finds both Mannheim performances and Berlin. Tea for One or I'm Gonna Crawl would have served better by this point.
  4. You know the coda section at the end on 1977/07/24 is pretty sweet with the funky Steely Dan ish keyboards and Jimmy's guitar feeding off this.
  5. Does anyone know why there seemingly are so few offstage photos of the band during the L.A. Forum run? There are a good number of offstage shots taken in New York earlier in the month. Is it just me? Surely there are photos from the after show party on the 23rd in the hills. What about the 26th - I wanna see Joney's strawberry tart dammit!?
  6. I too think the NQ from 6/23 is somewhat overrated, although Jones' bit with the organ is incredible. The jam itself is lacking in spots. I can't say that 6/23 overall is overrated, there are definite highlights - ALS and particularly a super nasty version of SA. The acoustic set is subpar however. Its a tough call... Little has been said about 6/26 which features IMO Jimmy's best playing of the entire stretch. NQ is phenomenal and includes a return to form for Bonham from the previous night. STH this night is also amazing as is OTHAFA. I really like 6/27, both NQ and the show as a whole. Jimmy drags a little taking up 36 minutes by just himself but OTHAFA, TUF, the acoustic set are all killer. 6/22 is to me the most muscular no nonsense performance, very heavy with little room for experimentation. The night before had nervous energy, this night has justified ego and determination. Its easy to see that this topic is popular because all of these shows were so good and are very fun to listen to time and time again. As good as Bonham is in LA however he still had his best night ever on 4/28. Deal with it...
  7. 1977/04/28 is the best show outside of LA that year in my opinion, and is clearly stronger than 06/25.
  8. ^^ Pontiac MI 1977/05/01 in the early hours of the morning
  9. I think Seattle is the video soundtrack. The debate goes back and forth. Either way I think it's too dry
  10. Perhaps we will see a complete soundboard of 9/28 one day... Has the Mr. Peach source been confirmed as being recorded by him? What info is known?
  11. It should be mentioned that Tempe has an amazing STH, with a brilliant solo from Page in my opinion.
  12. I don't care about the latter day Zep haters, they usually listen to Destroyer and Berlin and then make misguided summary judgments of entire tours. That's okay, I'll enjoy my Birmingham and my Pontiac and my Koln and my Rotterdam and everything will be just fine.
  13. I will agree with lcondo123, Nutrocker and others that Plant's complaints in Hannover about the acoustics and rather shitty approach in verbalizing those complaints is quite unprofessional and unbecoming. Thankfully Robert rarely allowed things like that to get the best of him, even on all the other 1980 shows, where the incessant requests for Rock n' Roll and the "pushing" from the audience would have likely frustrated less seasoned musicians. I do think Plant enjoyed the Hannover gig, but his frustration did come through several times.
  14. I almost always see eye to eye with Nutrocker but I simply cannot agree about Hannover 1980. Plant is complaining about the echo and poor acoustics, not the audience or the city. He verbally complains specifically about the echo several times. Later in the show Robert clearly states "nice gig this" to his band mates - he was having a good time. Page plays very well - Train, ITE, TUF, and the Stairway solo are all excellent. SIBLY is one of the best from the tour and Bonham plays some very nice variations in the latter half of the piece. I can't see how in any way they were dragging their feet to get through the gig, the encores are powerful and tight. They were still high on playing together again and Hannover is improved from the night before in Bremen (where Bonham excelled but the others lacked). Bonham plays well through the show and adds fills and variations everywhere. The complete stop in Achilles during his usual drum break is unique to hear and was done with purpose as he was not showing signs of fatigue this evening. So many people have commented that Bonzo and Jonesy "just stopped" playing during Page's outro solo in TUF - this is simply not true. A simple listen to the audience recording will reveal that the rhythm section continued playing but for some reason dropped significantly in the mix for a number of seconds - yes the soundboard makes it sound like they are gone completely but you can't make rush judgments about what actually happened unless you've done a complete study of the subject. Did Bonham and Jones ever simply stop playing in the middle of a song? Would they ever stop playing in the middle of a song? Seriously, think about this, its a ridiculous notion! Hannover is in no fucking way the worst show from the band. There are worst shows on the 1980 tour itself, without even mentioning the 11 years that came before 1980. The vibe is positive. The attitude is positive. The band are joking and having a good time. Listen to the off-mic comments besides the one "Hannover, fuckin' horrible place". Robert is talking about the acoustics, not the gig! I am fully confident that Nutrocker has given Hannover a good and thorough listening and then and only then has concluded that it sucks, that's fine. But others who jump on the bandwagon and likely haven't listened to it in years need to revisit it with an open mind. Kudos to RIP-IT-UP for standing against the tide, listening to both the soundboard and audience versions and making his own independent assessment of this controversial night.
  15. The version of NQ from Houston is particularly poor. I do return to the show with some regularity due to Bonham's exceptional playing, which is my favorite thing about 1977 on the whole. But the night is not great by any means. It really does seem that Pontiac is the best combination of potential video and great playing. Let's be honest, after 20+ years of people wanting these visuals and nothing to show for it, not even a clip, there's no reason to lust after them anymore. Its a nice fantasy, but we're all growing older and I'm not waiting with baited breath on labels to out bid each other for the stuff. Screw that.
  16. 1977/06/07 New York, specifically NQ. I'm 99% sure Jonesy plays a brief snippet of Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind", which came out the year before. Very cool.
  17. You rang... I firmly believe 6/25 is a subpar performance from Bonham. He is clearly off with regard to energy and his playing is a 1/4 step or 1/2 step slow. This is why SA and NQ from this night never get off the ground. I'll be the first to admit that the OOT is the longest known Forum performance (the recording of 6/26 is incomplete) and is an impressive version and the end of Kashmir is quite strong, but overall he is not playing like he should. Plant comments twice the next night that on 6/26 its "nice to have John Bonham back with us" and then later "Bonham was suffering from another case of food poisoning". ALS from 6/25 lacks the incessant creative fills and overall aggressive pace of the other Forum version. I'm not saying its bad, his playing is still much better than San Diego. But he's off. Has everyone besides Sue listened to 6/22 and 6/26? 6/25 is way way off from those, not to mention 6/21 and 6/23.
  18. I agree it's silly, but for a time that's how they were differentiated
  19. 1977/04/27 was titled "Destroyer" 1977/04/28 was titled "The Destroyer"
  20. Be on the lookout for a new version of this classic boot, in this case titled "The Destroyer" (which used to signify 1977/04/28 but in this case means 1977/04/27). Said to feature much improved sound (I'm not sure how it could get much better) it perhaps may feature more tape and less gaps (don't anyone hold their breath yet though). There will be three versions with different covers released on the old Tarantu... label, so for the hardcore collectors this will be a pain in the butt.
  21. I find both the 23rd and 24th to be fantastic performances in their own right, with a number of standouts on the first night (SIBLY in particular). These shows are an excellent indication that when the band was solely focused on the music and did not have the time to engage in offstage activities that they were just as talented and synergistic as ever. The lack of pressure and nerves also benefited them greatly. Knebworth is a mixed bag. The first night is good but too long. The second night, also too long, is not unlike Europe '80, where Page is off but the rest are keen as always.
  22. For those that haven't heard the Vienna '80 version you may wish to give it a spin. Its unique in that this show throughout to me represents Bonham's most underwhelming performance, even more off-par than San Diego 1977. He plays extremely conservatively as he obviously is having issues with stamina. But Jimmy is having an excellent night and in TUF both solos (the '80 versions have two guitar solos) are fantastic, especially the second where he gets into some real echo trickery. Very heavy, almost metal.
  23. This may be a mundane question for many but is there a prevailing theory about why we do not have soundboards for Vienna and Munich '80 when we have all the other shows from the tour? Mind you I love the audience recordings of these two gigs but the onstage chatter that soundboards reveal (especially on this last tour) is usually most interesting.
  24. ^^^ I second this individual's inquiry. It would be interesting to determine if there are any photos of Bonham's "guest" appearances. With some consistency he managed to invite himself onstage, more often than not with disastrous results. It would appear his courage to be so bold only presented itself when he was rather intoxicated, leading to his playing being more than subpar. This is all based on witness accounts of course - in fact I can't recall the band members themselves ever commenting on his questionable showings in this type of situation. He also apparently helped himself onstage on the evening of June 24th, 1977 - I can't remember the band but accounts indicate he had drank very heavily that day and did not go over well with the audience. It would be fascinating to have a picture. I wish I could contribute something here other than conjecture, but this topic appears to be loosely documented at best within Zeppelin's history.
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