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  1. i see your point, but little wing jimi style was always better than the 10 minute stevie one. Stevie is way talented, but, i dont know. Is Stevie's Slight Rreturn better than the Hendrix version? Are they really all that different? And the Little Wing that I mentoned, I am much more taken by the beauty and simoliicity of the Hendrix version. Stevie was showing off, and for good reason, you can play like him why wouldnt you show off, but just because you can play a 10 minute extended version of a 2 minute song, that doesnt make it superior.
  2. i am getting into semantics here, but dont you think page meant, hendrix is the best all time, and that beck is the best living guitarist, or one of the best? You really think page feels Beck is better than Hendrix? Thats almost heretical!
  3. on another forum a Zep fan suggested that Page was the best guitarist ever. My retort was that page himself has said he thought Jimi was the greatest of all time. I know I have read this in an interview. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. anyone here related to Robert, Jimmy, John, or Bonzo? Anyone know anyone related to the band? Ever met anyone related to the band?
  5. A substitute teacher of mine, said she was related to Robert Plant, I forget how she was related to him, but I remember thinking she beared a resemblance to him. that would be a trip for sure...going for holidays and hanging out with Robert Plant.
  6. probably one of the most famous sayings in rock history. But exactly when and where did plant say it? Was it at a concert or in an interview? Or elsewhere?
  7. what does this signify in the legendary and mythic backmasking of Stairway. What is meant by it?
  8. wasnt sure if I should put this in the photos section or not... but here goes... have always been intrigued and haunted by the cover picture of Zoso with the man and the pile of sticks. Anyone have any info on it? And also the drawing, painting on the inside liner notes of that main holding a light/lantern and looking down on a village. One of the more stunning pieces of art I have ever seen. Any info on that one too? Anyone know anything about the origins of these pictures/paintings?
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