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  1. "Immigrant Song" has not been a part of any Zeppelin live set since midway through the Japan tour of 72 when Robert acknowledged that he could no longer hit those high notes. I might be nice to hear Jimmy tearing through that one again with someone who can still sing it. To be honest, Robert at his best was the greatest singer in rock in my opinion. "How The West Was One" or any number of bootlegs from 69 through June of 72 are proof enough of that. But starting in 73 robert's live vocals were nowhere near what he was once capable of. It's partially his fault because he was still a young man
  2. I cannot belive somebody here was comparing a 1980 show favorably to HTWWO. Are they familiar with the band? LMAO. Any show from 1972 where RP brought his best voice to the gig trumps pretty much anything from later tours, in my opinion. This is especially true of shows from the unfortunate 1979-80 period.
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