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  1. im 14 i hate GH it sucks. they over play songs so were them out if any band does it, it will end up being signing there death warrent. look at deep purple.
  2. i will post the video when im done. im doin hot dog in his collection he has kashmir which he spelled "kishmirea" achilles last stand and hot dog quite the collection
  3. i had to do this band project for school and we had to pick a band and do a report on them. so i pick zeppelin. so i did my report and we have to make a music video but it has to be under 3 minutes. i could of chopped a song but that wouldnt be right so the only song my teacher has in his "collection" that is under 3 minutes and it is hot dog. he wont let me bring in communication breakdown. i dont think hot dog really represent zeppelin.
  4. when ur friend who carved john lennon's name it his arm told me i have a problem with led zeppelin
  5. im 14 and all i wanted for christmas was another led zeppelin shirt...... and i got two and a zeppelin hoodie
  6. what song started you on Zeppelin? mine is immigrant song and black dog
  7. ted nuggets brains are fried from drugs so he just a babiling idot now
  8. amen like on guitar hero there is 1 primus song and i loved primus since i was 7 and now i ask them all primus's song and all the no is john the fisherman
  9. i think that guitar hero gets the wrong kind of ppl liking the music that we listen to like on youtube they hav a thing about how misty mountain hop backwards has a demonic message
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