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  1. I know that you are being sarcastic/ignorant, however, why would you post something as inane and stupid as "We're watching Becker again". I do not even know what that fucking means. If you are being sarcastic/ignorant and trying to be funny I think that you failed very miserably. Please respond and clarify what you mean (even though I know that you will not). What does 'Becker' have to do with "Freaks and Geeks"?
  2. I thought I might resurrect this topic to see if any of the newer members might like to reply to this purely "hypothetical" topic. I started this topic because I wanted the people who would reply to actually think long and hard about what question they would ask Jimmy Page if any of us had/got the chance to meet Mr. Page. Especially now that Jimmy Page's official website is now up and running and doing very well.
  3. Good post. I realize that it is not uncommon these days to take younger kids to concerts under the watchful eye of a parent (or both). Nowadays, you cannot even smoke a cigarette in an indoor venue (much less smoke a joint), without the fear of being bodily ejected from the concert. Outdoor concerts are mainly in amphitheaters these days with tons of security and less of the "hippy" mentality that pervaded the outdoor concerts of the past (especially in the late 1960's to late 1970's). All I am saying is that, although it may be possible, although very highly unlikely, I find it very hard to believe someone who claims to have seen Led Zeppelin when they were 10 years old and recalling such vivid and precise details (after drinking Southern Comfort and popping Quaaludes) and then recalling them 40 years later, using only one thumb from his cellphone. (By the way), I am not fighting with anyone. I am just expressing (posting) my thoughts and opinions. Everyone else seems to do so. I do believe that is the whole premise of a "forum", to express thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc...
  4. I would like to think that Mr. Page is clean and sober these days. He sure looks very healthy for a man of his age considering all the decades of various substances he put into his body over all those years. But I do not know the man personally so who am I to say. Even if Jimmy still indulges in alcohol or even a little blow every now and then, that makes no difference to me. I do not think that Jimmy is still into smack anymore. I Love the Man so I would like to think very positive thoughts when it comes to His well-being. I do think that a Man like Jimmy Page has learned to either stay clean or can control any habits (cocaine) that he had in the past.
  5. To be more accurate, I have not banded together with anyone. I do not know silvermedalist and have not conspired with him or anyone else. I just do not believe what others have chosen to believe. If that makes me "pathetic" to you, so be it. Do you really think I give a F**K what you (or anyone else for that matter) thinks about me? I could say that you are the pathetic one for reading and believing everything that this dude, stryder recalls as a 10 year old kid and then posts 40 years later using only his thumb on a cell phone. Get real.
  6. I happen to agree with you, slave to zep. I am not calling stryder a liar either, however, I do not really believe he can recall from memory an event that he witnessed as a 10 or 11 year old kid, under the influence of alcohol and quaaludes, that happened about 40 years ago in such detail . In another thread stryder posted that he did admit that bootlegs of these shows he "attended" as a 10/11 year old kid did help him for details in these "stories" that he wrote. I also find it very strange that after so much detail a 10/11 year old kid can remember now as a 50+(?) adult and he cannot even remember the last name of his 11 year old girlfriend at the time they attended these gigs. In my opinion, that "makes me wonder" about the truth and accuracy of his "stories". Case in point: stryder says that there some things from his childhood that are complete blanks, however, he can remember in so-called vivid detail that: "As Rock and Roll progressed, with Jimmy doing his signature Rock and Roll stagger step, Trudy and I were hopping up and down on our seats, standing on our seats the only way we could see over the grownups in front of us. After the guitar solo, when Jimmy did his little leap, Trudy and I jumped as well, as various girls around us squealed". (his quote). He can remember doing that but cannot remember "Trudy"'s last name. Please, and that is just one of one hundred details he states that I could mention that he vividly recalls. I will say that it makes for a good story (only because I love Led Zeppelin), but I do not think that he is being completely honest when he says that he remembers all this at such a young age and now has been compelled to tell his "story". I don't buy it and it were made into a book, I would not buy it. The only things I believe about what he writes about are the words and lines that I have already read by distinguished authors and journalists that actually knew and travelled with Led Zeppelin. He seems to almost quote them verbatim and then tries to pass them off as his own "memories". I love to say this but I am not that naive and gullible to believe any of this. (By the way, I think that plagiarism is a serious and punishable offense).
  7. Somewhere in this thread or another thread, striders recalls his "account(s)" of seeing Led Zeppelin somewhere in California and then ends by saying that he posted this whole "story" by using only his thumb because he was typing all this from his memory (when he admits that he was only about 11 years old back then and high on Southern Comfort and 'ludes) from his cell phone. I find all this very highly suspect. I have read a couple of other posts that seem to agree with this. Isn't an 11 year old kid in elementary school? Around 4th or 5th grade? Are most of you fooled by someone who "claims" to have seen Led Zeppelin and taken drugs at such a young age and really believe what they claim about 40 years later? How many of You remember, in precise detail, what you did when you were 11 years old and can post it all from memory by just using your thumb on a cell phone? I don't care what anyone says about me, but I think this dude, stryder, is full of shit and alot of you fell for it and praise him on his stories that he got from reviews and bootlegs. Think about it, he claims so much knowledge and insight from the Led Zeppelin concerts, that he seems to be "plagiarizing" from others.
  8. Happy Birthday Mr. Robert Anthony Plant. You are the BEST. (By the way), Robert, you got a birthday mention in Saturdays edition of the Dallas Morning News along side: Ron Paul (76) Connie Chung (65) Fred Durst (41) and Demi Lovato (19). They should be very proud to be in YOUR company. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  9. That is cool. I found a clip on YouTube with Pamela Des Barres and Patti D'Arbanville at some kind of book reading for Pamela's then book, "Let's Spend the Night Together". Patti gets up to read from her chapter from the book and says this about Jimmy Page. "To this day, the only person I have ever been tongue-tied around completely was Jimmy Page. He was the like the most gorgeous man I had ever seen in my life. He must have thought that I didn't like him but the words just wouldn't come. Jimmy Page was just like a painting, therefore, I was unable to say a word". This occurred (according to Patti) at some party in England that also included Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Cat Stevens. She did not specify the year, however, I think that it was sometime in 1968 or 1969. I also remebered reading somewhere that Patti hung out with Jimmy sometime in the mid 1970's when Led Zeppelin were in Los Angeles.
  10. Can you provide any details of Jimmy Page's relationship with Patti D'Arbanville, the American actress? I think that she was (and still) is a very beautiful woman.
  11. I thought I would add this video of Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich. WE all know that Bonzo took much inspiration and influence from these two great predecessors, however, I think I hear more of Bonzo in the Buddy Rich portion of this video from around the 2 minute to 3 minute mark.
  12. Happy Birthday to you, Mr. De Niro. I still think that you are the best!!!
  13. Sorry. Sorry for what? Are you really sorry for stating your opinion? It is your opinion that Budweiser is "the most tasteless brew ever made by a German immigrant". I do not know you so I could really care less what opinions you have regarding a Great American product (my opinion). Anhueser-Busch may have its origins dating back to German ancestry, but A-B is one of the Great American companies.
  14. I find it very difficult to pick a favorite scene in the "Song Remains the Same". However, I will say that there are two quick scenes that are very intriguing. Both during "Stairway to Heaven". 1. When Robert sings the line, "and sometimes words have to meanings", he raises both hands, arm level, and uses both hands to make the "two" sign and then immediately moves both hand back and forth (as in front and back or forward and backward). 2. When Robert sings the line, "the Piper's calling you to join him", the camera shot is on Roberts left and Robert using his right arm and finger to go over his head and point downward. Very compelling stuff that probably still goes over alot of peoples heads. That is if you have never really paid very close attention to alot of the very minor (or major) symbolism that are very constant throughout this movie. If You have no idea what I am talking about, put in your dvd copy or simply search "Stairway to Heaven"(TSRTS) on YouTube and you should be able to see what I am talking about.
  15. I am merely responding to an offhand remark that You made on a thread devoted to TSRTS. You made the comment and I am merely replying to it. If you had not made that remark then we would not be having this "tete a tete". Instead of telling the Marines, I should rather tell my Father, who enlisted in the Marines and served TWO tour in Vietnam. My "deed of purchase" is my birth certificate that states that I was born in Galveston, Texas at 3:34pm on the date of November 4, 1970. I am not wearing an American flag pin, however, I am drinking a very fine American beverage known as Budweiser.
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