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  1. I thought I might resurrect this topic to see if any of the newer members might like to reply to this purely "hypothetical" topic. I started this topic because I wanted the people who would reply to actually think long and hard about what question they would ask Jimmy Page if any of us had/got the chance to meet Mr. Page. Especially now that Jimmy Page's official website is now up and running and doing very well.
  2. Good post. I realize that it is not uncommon these days to take younger kids to concerts under the watchful eye of a parent (or both). Nowadays, you cannot even smoke a cigarette in an indoor venue (much less smoke a joint), without the fear of being bodily ejected from the concert. Outdoor concerts are mainly in amphitheaters these days with tons of security and less of the "hippy" mentality that pervaded the outdoor concerts of the past (especially in the late 1960's to late 1970's). All I am saying is that, although it may be possible, although very highly unlikely, I find it very hard to believe someone who claims to have seen Led Zeppelin when they were 10 years old and recalling such vivid and precise details (after drinking Southern Comfort and popping Quaaludes) and then recalling them 40 years later, using only one thumb from his cellphone. (By the way), I am not fighting with anyone. I am just expressing (posting) my thoughts and opinions. Everyone else seems to do so. I do believe that is the whole premise of a "forum", to express thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc...
  3. To be more accurate, I have not banded together with anyone. I do not know silvermedalist and have not conspired with him or anyone else. I just do not believe what others have chosen to believe. If that makes me "pathetic" to you, so be it. Do you really think I give a F**K what you (or anyone else for that matter) thinks about me? I could say that you are the pathetic one for reading and believing everything that this dude, stryder recalls as a 10 year old kid and then posts 40 years later using only his thumb on a cell phone. Get real.
  4. I happen to agree with you, slave to zep. I am not calling stryder a liar either, however, I do not really believe he can recall from memory an event that he witnessed as a 10 or 11 year old kid, under the influence of alcohol and quaaludes, that happened about 40 years ago in such detail . In another thread stryder posted that he did admit that bootlegs of these shows he "attended" as a 10/11 year old kid did help him for details in these "stories" that he wrote. I also find it very strange that after so much detail a 10/11 year old kid can remember now as a 50+(?) adult and he cannot even remember the last name of his 11 year old girlfriend at the time they attended these gigs. In my opinion, that "makes me wonder" about the truth and accuracy of his "stories". Case in point: stryder says that there some things from his childhood that are complete blanks, however, he can remember in so-called vivid detail that: "As Rock and Roll progressed, with Jimmy doing his signature Rock and Roll stagger step, Trudy and I were hopping up and down on our seats, standing on our seats the only way we could see over the grownups in front of us. After the guitar solo, when Jimmy did his little leap, Trudy and I jumped as well, as various girls around us squealed". (his quote). He can remember doing that but cannot remember "Trudy"'s last name. Please, and that is just one of one hundred details he states that I could mention that he vividly recalls. I will say that it makes for a good story (only because I love Led Zeppelin), but I do not think that he is being completely honest when he says that he remembers all this at such a young age and now has been compelled to tell his "story". I don't buy it and it were made into a book, I would not buy it. The only things I believe about what he writes about are the words and lines that I have already read by distinguished authors and journalists that actually knew and travelled with Led Zeppelin. He seems to almost quote them verbatim and then tries to pass them off as his own "memories". I love to say this but I am not that naive and gullible to believe any of this. (By the way, I think that plagiarism is a serious and punishable offense).
  5. Somewhere in this thread or another thread, striders recalls his "account(s)" of seeing Led Zeppelin somewhere in California and then ends by saying that he posted this whole "story" by using only his thumb because he was typing all this from his memory (when he admits that he was only about 11 years old back then and high on Southern Comfort and 'ludes) from his cell phone. I find all this very highly suspect. I have read a couple of other posts that seem to agree with this. Isn't an 11 year old kid in elementary school? Around 4th or 5th grade? Are most of you fooled by someone who "claims" to have seen Led Zeppelin and taken drugs at such a young age and really believe what they claim about 40 years later? How many of You remember, in precise detail, what you did when you were 11 years old and can post it all from memory by just using your thumb on a cell phone? I don't care what anyone says about me, but I think this dude, stryder, is full of shit and alot of you fell for it and praise him on his stories that he got from reviews and bootlegs. Think about it, he claims so much knowledge and insight from the Led Zeppelin concerts, that he seems to be "plagiarizing" from others.
  6. That is cool. I found a clip on YouTube with Pamela Des Barres and Patti D'Arbanville at some kind of book reading for Pamela's then book, "Let's Spend the Night Together". Patti gets up to read from her chapter from the book and says this about Jimmy Page. "To this day, the only person I have ever been tongue-tied around completely was Jimmy Page. He was the like the most gorgeous man I had ever seen in my life. He must have thought that I didn't like him but the words just wouldn't come. Jimmy Page was just like a painting, therefore, I was unable to say a word". This occurred (according to Patti) at some party in England that also included Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Cat Stevens. She did not specify the year, however, I think that it was sometime in 1968 or 1969. I also remebered reading somewhere that Patti hung out with Jimmy sometime in the mid 1970's when Led Zeppelin were in Los Angeles.
  7. Can you provide any details of Jimmy Page's relationship with Patti D'Arbanville, the American actress? I think that she was (and still) is a very beautiful woman.
  8. I thought I would add this video of Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich. WE all know that Bonzo took much inspiration and influence from these two great predecessors, however, I think I hear more of Bonzo in the Buddy Rich portion of this video from around the 2 minute to 3 minute mark.
  9. Happy Birthday to you, Mr. De Niro. I still think that you are the best!!!
  10. I do like this song. I consider this a very Guilty Pleasure but a good song nonetheless.
  11. I thought I would bring your thread back from the Dead. You may have over 3,900 "hits" but your thread actually slipped into the Page 2 of this Master Forum. (Mine, by the way, has not slipped into the Page 2 in well over a year or two). To me, that says a hell of a lot. And, No, it does not take a Genuis to start such a topic of "Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube" as I have, however, what I did start, has surely made many, many Led Zeppelin fans Happy because my initial plan all along was to bring Music and Videos (and interviews and so forth) to the forefront when It comes to ANYTHING LED ZEPPELIN OR RELATED. I AM EXTREMELY PROUD THAT MY INITIAL IDEA HAS BECOME SO POPULAR AND SEEMS TO HAVE TAKEN A LIFE OF ITS OWN. I am currently re-reading the AeroSmith book, "Walk this Way", and in one paragraph, it says that Peter Grant once managed Joe Jammer. As far as I have read (known) I never knew of Peter Grant "actually managing" Joe Jammer. I realize that Joe Jammer was somewhat on the peripherally when Led Zeppelin came into existence. Is this an accurate statement that Peter Grant managed Joe Jammer at some point, early in the rise of Led Zeppelin?
  12. This seems to be a rather simple question with, probably, alot of different answers from different people around the world. What would be the cities that you would like to someday visit (or re-visit) and why? Off the top of my head, I would say: London (for obvious reasons, however, maybe not at this very tumultuous time) Vancouver (I did a report on Vancouver back in the 6th grade and was fascinated by what I reported) Rio de Janeiro (for the Carnival festivities)... If you choose to reply, you can choose one city or ten cities. I will name a few more after I read a few other replies.
  13. I have to agree and say that I also beleive Robert De Niro to be the more versatile actor of these two. I say this because I think that Bobby is/was considered more of the "method" actor. Since the beginning of his career, De Niro always immersed himself in the roles that he chose. He seemed to almost become his character instead of merely acting his character. I realize that Al Pacino was almost as versatile, however, I know of no characters that Pacino played where he actually put on 70+lbs to become his character as Bobby did for "Raging Bull". De Niro also got a real taxi permit (and actually drove a taxi around New York City for a couple of months with real New Yorkers) for his role in "Taxi Driver" and a real bus license for his role in "A Bronx Tale". These are only but 3 instances that I mention where Robert De Niro actually and completely tried to be as authentic to the characters and roles that he played.
  14. If Aleister Crowley was called or considered to be an "evil" person or a true "Satanist" during his actual lifetime and really wanted to establish a new religion that countered "Christianity" (and if this happens to be a fact) why do alot of people consider it "sacrilege" to say that Jimmy Page was not of the same ilk? Why would someone as eccentric and talented as Mr. Page go as far as collecting almost every conceivable aspect of a man as "wicked" as Mr. Crowley? From what I have read, Jimmy Page had acquired some of Crowley's abodes, robes, books, hats, canes, and other merchandise through high level auctions and the sort. Why is Jimmy Page filmed climbing a mountain on the night of a full moon somewhere outside of His (and former Crowley residence) Boleskine House? Was not Crowley a rugged mountain climber back in His day? My point is: I could care less if my favorite Person in the Whole World, Mr. Jimmy Page, is/was a Satanist or not. I have loved Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin for over 27 years and I happen to consider my self an Agnostic. Sorry to say, however, Religion of ANY kind does not interest me in the least.
  15. I have read every major book about Led Zeppelin more than twice. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to Led Zeppelin and their history. What I meant by "sophistication" and "class" I was referring to Led Zeppelin live onstage. I believe that LZ's music is "sophisticated class". Sure, Robert had to chastise an audience every now and then, however, Robert would never go as low as to spit on a fan. Led Zeppelin knew that is was because of US, their loyal fans, that made them the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the 1970's and of All-Time. I don't think any of them would ever take that for granted. Now whatever happened backstage, offstage or wherever, I realize some bad or nasty things may have occurred. Different story altogether.
  16. I watched the Pink Floyd biography on the Biography channel the other day just before the "old" and then the "new" biography of Led Zeppelin. To make a semi-long story short, Roger Waters was/(is) an egomaniac Asshole. According to the biography, he kicked out two original members of Pink Floyd. The leader and founder, Syd Barrett and later on Rick Wright because he felt that Rick was not contributing his share to the sound or music of Pink Floyd. The bio also said that Roger actually seemed to detest the audiences that came to see them. He reportedly pulled a fan onstage and spit in the fans face. If this is actually true (and I believe that it is), then I am sure Roger did alot of other stupid and idiotic things to other fans that came to see them. The bio also mentioned that this was one reason that Roger had for building a "wall" between himself and the audience. Apparently he could not stand the audiences that paid their money to come see Pink Floyd live in concert. Can you imagine if Jimmy Page or Robert Plant had this detesting attitude toward Their fans? Imagine how that would make Them and Led Zeppelin look. In My Opinion, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham were a Band with absolute sophistication and Class.
  17. I Love Jimmy's solo in "Kashmir". One of the Greatest guitar solos of all-time.
  18. "In the Light" is my favorite Led Zeppelin song. "In the Morning" and "Take Me Home" are great variations of "In the Light". By the way, blloop, I also reside in Plano, Texas. Welcome to this Awesome Led Zeppelin website/forum.
  19. This may have been already posted by Deborah J. because I know she is a big Zebra fan like me. However, this Randy Jackson video is, I think, simply amazing. I feel he captures the essence of all of "Carouselambra". I can also feel Jonesy and Bonzo in this song even though it is only Randy and his 12-string guitar. Beautiful and Amazing.
  20. lzzoso

    Oh CANADA!

    This may or may not have already been mentioned before, however, I would like to thank Canada for their help in "Operation Overlord": "D-Day". I would venture to guess that most people think of "D-Day" as a mostly American operation, but the fact is that the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada were all very vital in the operation and sucess of "Overlord".
  21. If this is true that is too bad. I was really hoping he would FINALLY answer the questions I have repeatedly asked him (yes, about his rants about why he considers some Americans and American Institutions terrorists). I think this is important to me because he says such things either out of anger or desperation and never backs up his comments with why he says or feels such things. I mean seriously, can anyone really believe anything this dude posts when he calls the former mayor of New York City a terrorist? Especially when said mayor was right in the middle of what was happening in NYC on the day of 9/11/2001. If you are out there somewhere please answer and explain yourself about your posts. It really does seem now that I am not the only one who is awaiting your reply.
  22. Even though I do love all of Robert's solo works, I would have to say that Manic Nirvana is probably my favorite of them all. I have said before that I consider "Big Love" and "I Cried" to be two of my favorite all-time Robert Plant songs. Especially "I Cried".
  23. So I guess you are never going to explain yourself when it comes to the question that I asked you about? At least say that you are not, instead of avoiding my question. That I could respect more than your obviously avoiding the question. In case you have already forgotten, why do you say this: this is from your own post (#533). "I would add other names to that terrorist list: The past Bush administration The American Gun lobby Ghaddafi and his govt. The armies of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria Giuliani and his band of Mafiosis The CIA The FBI ....................and many, MANY others :)" Wouldn't it be much easier to answer the question and explain yourself for this ridiculous statement that you made? I think a few of us are waiting for your explanation. You said these things, why are you afraid to back up your own words? If somebody challenged me like this, I would surely give my reasons. What are yours?
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