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  1. is it just me, or is this one of the tightest they ever sounded? honestly, this is the best i've ever heard robert sound, and overall, its the second best show that comes to mind for me, it's a shame it's so short. Babe i'm gonna leave you is the absolute highlight. Roberts voice on this is out of this world. The raw emotion that he puts out on this song really captures the darkness that the song puts out. Bonzo's drumming is right on cue too. My favorite length of Dazed, right around 10 minutes. The bow section on this one is awesome, and jimmy NAILS the solo on this one (and communication breakdown for that matter). how many more times closes the set with the raw power that it normally brings. This is probably the earliest truly great soundboard, and it's definitely an awesome show. any other thoughts?
  2. i really love this show, its really a shame that WLL gets cut out, and throughout the acoustic section it gets pretty low quality but its got awesome versions of Dazed and Confused, and obviously Thank You. It is also some of the better versions of SIBLY and STH imo
  3. its really hard to explain, he just had that perfect "sound" it helps to listen some live zep stuff and then listen to the things from the P&P tour while michael lee was a fantastic drummer, it honestly didn't sound anything like bonzo's set
  4. i can't wait to do this kind of stuff to my kids
  5. man, i just might buy this http://www.rondomusic.com/al3000unionjack.html
  6. Good Times Bad Times" / "Communication Breakdown" · "Whole Lotta Love" / "Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)" · "Immigrant Song" / "Hey Hey What Can I Do" · "Black Dog" / "Misty Mountain Hop" · "Rock and Roll" / "Four Sticks" · "Over the Hills and Far Away" / "Dancing Days" · "D'yer Mak'er" / "The Crunge" · "Trampled Under Foot" / "Black Country Woman" · "Candy Store Rock" / "Royal Orleans" · "Fool in the Rain" / "Hot Dog"
  7. somebody asked me the other day, why the shows were recorded, and i honestly didn't know. Can somebody answer this question for me?
  8. was it during a version of Whole Lotta Love?
  9. i don't think peers is the right word... a peer is a friend or someone you associate with, am i right?
  10. what? lyrically they do on some songs, along with LOTR, but i don't really know what your asking
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