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  1. My first instrument that I purchased and played seriously was a Fender American Jazz Bass with a sunburst finish and rosewood fretboard. It is still in very good shape and I play it every day. I now own other basses, guitars, a keyboard, a ukulele, and many other instruments, but I still play my Fender Jazz Bass more than all the others combined. It was hands-down the greatest purchase I ever made.
  2. I'm surprised no one mentioned "Lost Woman." That's one of my favorites. It's got a sweet little bass riff and then a sweet harmonica part. I'm not sure whether it was Page, Beck or Clapton who played on this song, but the harmonica part is actually sounds very similar to some Cream songs. I also like Over, Under, Sideways, Down, The Nazz are Blue, I'm a Man, and For Your Love.
  3. Both are extremely difficult for me to answer. It varies over time, but I'd say right now Led Zeppelin I is my favorite album. IV is an insanely close second, and II is an very close third. There are probably about 15 Zeppelin songs I'd be comfortable putting on this list, but since I have to choose one, I'd say Since I've been Loving You.
  4. WTF? You skip the Lemon Song? Turn up the Bass on your speakers and just listen to the bassline. It's one of the best you'll ever hear. Just ignore the vocals. In terms of which songs I skip I'd say there are only a few: Hats off to Roy Harper, Black Country Woman, South Bend Suarez, and In the Evening. Also Bonzo's Matrix, and Moby Dick. They're great drum solos, but I can only hear them so many times.
  5. Yeah, Clapton used a Cherry Red Gibson SG Standard on almost every live and studio song when he was with Cream. I'm not sure if it was the same guitar or he had several of them, however. He was introduced to the Stratocaster very close to the end of his days with Cream. If it was indeed, just one SG that he had when he was with Cream, rather than multiple ones, that's the guitar I would want.
  6. I've been playing bass for several years now, and in my opinion, the bassline on just about every Zeppelin song is awesome. He is able to play in so many different styles and he clearly was equally as important as any other member of the band. It's amazing how well he can improvise and jam out while still maintaining the groove. My favorites include Good Times, Bad Times, How Many More Times, Ramble On, What is and What Should Never Be, Dazed and Confused, The Song Remains the Same, and so many more that I don't feel like typing right now. Oh, by the way, JPJ, not Jimmy Page, came up with the
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