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  1. Wedding Song - DyLan ps. You have a great sig, Tangerine.
  2. Do you remember Rock N' Roll Radio - Ramones
  3. Luck Be A Lady - Sinatra
  4. Like a rolling stone - DyLan
  5. you can't do that - BeatLes
  6. thanks much! Can't heLp falling in Love - ELvis
  7. Roy Harper...Velvet Underground, Frank Sinatra, ELvis PresLey, Janis JopLin, Ray CharLes, The Yardbirds, The BeatLes, The Doors, Pink FLoyd, SteppenwoLf, Bob DyLan, The Kinks, Cream, The Mamas & The Papas, BLue Oyster CuLt, Louis Armstrong, Ramones..also cLassicaL stuff: Tchaikovsky, RaveL, VivaLdi, CarL Orff, Sarasate, Franz Liszt, Aaron CopLand, Wagner, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach..
  8. Within you without you - BeatLes
  9. I want to hoLd your hand - BeatLes
  10. oyq

    Beautiful Men.

    VeLvet?! Best men wear veLvet pants!
  11. We want the Airwaves - Ramones
  12. I'm in the mood for Love - Frank Sinatra
  13. There is a Light that never goes out - The Smiths
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