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  1. Hello. I really need help finding the actual photo of this live shot from a T-Shirt I have. Its gonna be my first Tattoo, and the artist said to bring a printout of the actual photo so he could work in better detail. Thanks ! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Led-Zeppelin-Stage-Color-Burst-Soft-T-/130540826361?pt=US_Mens_Tshirts&var=&hash=item641f66006a
  2. I have had this for 5 years. Gettin this with a bigsby
  3. First serious instrument was a sunburst fender p-bass at 13. At 14 sold it, got an epiphone sg for $200. best investment ive made.now 18 though Looking towards getting a epiphone blackbeauty and adding a bigsby on it or i mite get a honey burst epiphone les paul. also had first drum set at 15. Cheap Ludwig accent silver sparkles, crappy cymbals that bent and dented like a trash can, sounded like trash can lids too. sold it 5 months later then 8 months later bought a ludwig cs elite custom accent green sparkles and paiste cymbals tryin to keep it bonham as much as possible. looking into getting
  4. I suggest getting all the studio albums, coda(1993 version), how the west was won,the song remains the same (dvd and soundtrack) and the led zeppelin dvd. Or if you don't feel like trying to hunt down all the cd's i suggest going to itunes and downloading the complete led zeppelin collection(has all material listed above except the two dvds). The reason i suggest getting all their stuff is because you really cant experience Zeppelin til you hear it all. All the albums are so diverse. If you don't have enough money to get em all yet, some of the albums i suggest are:Presence, Houses of
  5. Can someone tell me what a "millard" recording is ? Heard the name a few times, supposedly his recordings were better quality or something ?
  6. Yes i also prefer Southampton> HTWWW. Page's work on Southampton suites my taste more.
  7. I have heard many bits of boots on youtube, but Southampton was is my first complete one i have.The quality is excellent, and I think that Thank You on this boot is by far the best performance I've ever heard of that particular song!
  8. +1 Although its the studio work that got me into zep, the live material takes it to another level. There are so many covers they played, your always hearing something new.
  9. well he used a lslie tone capinet....well its like an amplifier for organs i believe.it just so happens about 7 years ago my dad bought a organ AND one of these leslies soo i forgot till now. im gonna go try it. http://img3.musiciansfriend.com/dbase/pics.../3/2/374232.jpg ours looks like that but ours is an original.hope it helps
  10. dazed and confuzed a trip to hell? i was listening to that d&c on a church trip last week.i really dont see where people get all this crazy stuff. a little bit is true but everything eles is just retarded
  11. well i dont see why everyone thinks the rolling stones are the greatest band.atleast every member of zep was at the best of their game. the only reallly good people in my opinon in trs was keith richards and mick jagger. the rest was average
  12. DEFINATELY besides that prob the rover, bring it on home, and hots on for nowhere.
  13. well i cant quit listening to prescence.Its a very underated album
  14. yeah i hope they make it in rb. i thin if they had 4 songs, do hots on for nowhere, dazed and confuzed, since ive been loving you, and achillies last heel. other honorable mensions would be whole lotta love, heartbreaker,and maybe like no bodys fault but mine
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