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  1. Hello. I really need help finding the actual photo of this live shot from a T-Shirt I have. Its gonna be my first Tattoo, and the artist said to bring a printout of the actual photo so he could work in better detail. Thanks ! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Led-Zeppelin-Stage-Color-Burst-Soft-T-/130540826361?pt=US_Mens_Tshirts&var=&hash=item641f66006a
  2. I have had this for 5 years. Gettin this with a bigsby
  3. First serious instrument was a sunburst fender p-bass at 13. At 14 sold it, got an epiphone sg for $200. best investment ive made.now 18 though Looking towards getting a epiphone blackbeauty and adding a bigsby on it or i mite get a honey burst epiphone les paul. also had first drum set at 15. Cheap Ludwig accent silver sparkles, crappy cymbals that bent and dented like a trash can, sounded like trash can lids too. sold it 5 months later then 8 months later bought a ludwig cs elite custom accent green sparkles and paiste cymbals tryin to keep it bonham as much as possible. looking into getting a speed king pedal for it and the bass drum head with his symbol. other odd instruments/etc i have is a mid sixties tesco del ray ( made in mexico) sunburst bass, a 1963 blondish tan fender bassman amp.and have a 60's farfisa compact organ (pink floyd may have used one before?) and a leslie tone cabinet for the organ( supposedly jimmy hooked his guitar to this and played a solo for a song on lz1 ?)
  4. I suggest getting all the studio albums, coda(1993 version), how the west was won,the song remains the same (dvd and soundtrack) and the led zeppelin dvd. Or if you don't feel like trying to hunt down all the cd's i suggest going to itunes and downloading the complete led zeppelin collection(has all material listed above except the two dvds). The reason i suggest getting all their stuff is because you really cant experience Zeppelin til you hear it all. All the albums are so diverse. If you don't have enough money to get em all yet, some of the albums i suggest are:Presence, Houses of the Holy, and any of led zeppelin I-IV. My personal favorite of 1-4 is led zeppelin II. But just a few suggestions to get you started. good luck
  5. Can someone tell me what a "millard" recording is ? Heard the name a few times, supposedly his recordings were better quality or something ?
  6. Yes i also prefer Southampton> HTWWW. Page's work on Southampton suites my taste more.
  7. I have heard many bits of boots on youtube, but Southampton was is my first complete one i have.The quality is excellent, and I think that Thank You on this boot is by far the best performance I've ever heard of that particular song!
  8. +1 Although its the studio work that got me into zep, the live material takes it to another level. There are so many covers they played, your always hearing something new.
  9. well he used a lslie tone capinet....well its like an amplifier for organs i believe.it just so happens about 7 years ago my dad bought a organ AND one of these leslies soo i forgot till now. im gonna go try it. http://img3.musiciansfriend.com/dbase/pics.../3/2/374232.jpg ours looks like that but ours is an original.hope it helps
  10. dazed and confuzed a trip to hell? i was listening to that d&c on a church trip last week.i really dont see where people get all this crazy stuff. a little bit is true but everything eles is just retarded
  11. well i dont see why everyone thinks the rolling stones are the greatest band.atleast every member of zep was at the best of their game. the only reallly good people in my opinon in trs was keith richards and mick jagger. the rest was average
  12. DITTO the rover or hots on for nowhere
  13. DEFINATELY besides that prob the rover, bring it on home, and hots on for nowhere.
  14. well i cant quit listening to prescence.Its a very underated album
  15. yeah i hope they make it in rb. i thin if they had 4 songs, do hots on for nowhere, dazed and confuzed, since ive been loving you, and achillies last heel. other honorable mensions would be whole lotta love, heartbreaker,and maybe like no bodys fault but mine
  16. i like the early early days like this
  17. its soo funny, i was on a field trip, and there was the music teacher and 2 other teacher/ staff in the room whith me.well the music teacher starts trying to see if i know my music.then i hear the openning riff to whole lotta love.its soo funny cause they were amazed that i knew all the lz songs.it was awesome to be with some teachers who shared a passion for my fav band.
  18. well ill go ahead and say i feel EXACTLY the same way.well except selling my soul, seeing that im a christian and all lol, but i'd definately give my left nut to go back and see zep.especially tsrts live and royal albert hall live.probably would have wanted to set in on the bbc sessions too.but there's too much crap music today.you have emo /screamo sh!t,rap gayness, and that horrible music that they call country. i mean i like country from like the 70's a little bit back in waylon jennings and johnny cash's day, but this stuff is pure sh!t.The only things i see going on good in music is the old bands are starting to come back somewhat,and for me there is weezer and wolfmother.i do believe if wolfmother could one day become a household name,then i think it could bring rock back to where it needs to be.i definately think tsrts should be put back into theatres just to expose it to those who would normally not go rent it at blockbuster,well at least i think soo.im a 15 yearold, almost 16 now.ive been listening since the summer of going in to 6th grade and now im goin into my sophmore year.im the kid you see walking down the hall with a smile on his face and a led zep shirt on.i have become a bit obsessed in the last year or so, the prescense album really did it for me, the most underated and powerful pieces in my opinion.well i am glad that i can represent the led zep torch and hope to pass it on one day too.soes it not make you feel cool when u see people that are whole lot older than you and complementing you of ure shirt cause it has lz I on it? i mean it shows the people that once listened arent gonna stop listening.led zep also made me pick up a guitar and i now run a epiphone sg through a beautiful and rare 63 fender basman amp.thanks for giving me something to write about.
  19. hots on for nowhere-lz nib- black sabbath dazed and confuzed (continuosly for 3 years lol)-lz weezer
  20. well growing up in a time where the average teenager thats in high school listens to the crap u see on mtv, i found led zeppelin the summer of going in to my 6th grade year.The bands i listened too were the doors and creed.i picked up the early days cd and skipped around and really liked it. i decided to download more from limewire. it wasnt as much a song as it was an album that turned me on to zepelin.Prescence (not spelled right i know) amazed me.especially hots on for nowhere and nobodys fault but mine. the whole album just shook you up and made u realize that the band u oce listened to (creed in my case ) was bull$hit and made you appreciate real music. now, lz posters grace my walls,i have almost every song now on my ipod.when i was 5 or 6 the doors opened my eyes to the wonderfull world of 60's - 70's rock music.led zep showed me that appreciation for the muscianship of the band and how they all uniquely came together and became the supergroup that they were.everyone of them was unique and they were all the best of theyre kind.the only band to get tis kind of concept was the who, they had the worlds 2nd greatest drummer and probably the best bassist and very good guitarist and singers.they had the qualities that sabbath didnt have,which made zeppelin the most important.looking at music now we dont have many good acts.in my eyes we need more bands like wolfmother which bring back the essence of led zeppelin, sabbath and pink floyd.sorry for rambling on a bit also.wanted to make my first post meaningful lol.
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