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  1. hello Natalie...thanks for adding me as a friend...today i was apartment hunting and heard Led Zep tunes at 2 different places....very cool. thanks again for the add :-)

  2. i just saw jimmy's performance it was great! i loved it! i got so excited when i saw him i just wished it was robert who sang whole lotta love not leona but she did good to.
  3. happy birthday robert! hope you have a great day (: lots of love and good wishes
  4. WORST BAND EVER: A.F.I.!!!!!!!!!!! hate them they're shit!!!!!!!
  5. kurt !!! or hendrix ♥ i really don't know , but it would be one of them for sure!
  6. .i'm from dominica republic . i'm a student . i'm left handed . i love♥ soccer . i'm taking guitar lessons
  7. i got up with whole lotta love ♫ in my head!
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