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  1. since i was 18 ive been a pretty heavy drinker when i go out. im worried that i might have shaved years off my life already. on 4 occasions ive drunken so much that i had a memory blackout, vomited violently and passed out. the first 3 times was with a whole bottle of vodka in about an hour or less and last saturday it was skulling down lots of beers and then drinking a bottle of wine quickly when i got home. im just really worried, am i going to die at a young age because of this. im only 22 so do you think my liver can handle this at that age? should i stop worrying? ive finally learnt my le
  2. i'll try to not be shy. do i have to not be nice aswell? do i have to be a jerk? i know the whole nice guys finish last thing but its just not in my nature to be mean. and once your in that friend zone is it actually possible to get out of it? and by the way i was single until i was 18 so i guess 18 years is the longest ive been single. but that doesnt count im talking about 18 years onwards in this topic, adulthood.
  3. i know i should feel lucky that ive gotten to experience what its like be in a relationship. im 21 and i know people who are older than me who have nether had a girlfriend. but the desire just wont go away
  4. ive been single for 4 years now and i think im starting to go insane. i just want a girl that i can hold hands, kiss, hug and talk to regularly. i think im pretty good at talking to girls. i have 2 friends that are girls and they seem to enjoy talking to me and they hang out with me outside of college. but they dont want to be anything more than friends with me. maybe they can tell that im really shy and low on confidence, even when i do my best to act confident they must just see right through it. so anyway what is the longest time been single for?
  5. jeez its hard to decide. at first it was led zep II then it was III then it was houses of the holy at the moment its probably physical graffiti because of the rover and down by the seaside
  6. achilles last stand is great . but my favourite is tea for one. that song is like since ive been loving you's younger brother
  7. the doors - self titled aerosmith - rocks beatles - revolver black sabbath - sabbath bloody sabbath man ive been missing out. im getting everything from those bands now
  8. what about since ive been loving you? i think they structured that song really well. it has one of jimi's most melodic solos. i love the live versions of that song, the way robert sings it live is great.
  9. on led zeppelin II i skip what is what never be and moby dick. even though they are good songs i just need to be in the mood to listen to them
  10. IMO the only led zep song that sounds anywhere close to metal is communication breakdown. what came first communication breakdown or paranoid?
  11. i reckon the ocean would be good. or whole lotta love especially for its middle section. maybe the rover
  12. why would would jimmy page need someone to play the solo? jimmys the man. even if someone else played it jimmy still would have wrote it. the solo page plays live is awesome. i like how it goes on forever. i wish the solo on the studio version of stairway could have been longer, and plant should have songs a few more lines. in stairway to heaven just as the songs starting to take off it ends too quickly. other than that the song is perfect. has anyone seen stairway to heaven on the dvd thats just called led zeppelin? during the solo plant looks really unco when hes hitting the tamborine and he
  13. its a good film. it had 'thats the way' playing when they were on the bus didnt it?
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