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  1. I haven't seen this doc yet, but how are Ellen Page and Juliet Lewis involved? Why would they be interviewed with Amy Berg - unless it's for different projects? It's unclear...

    Juliette Lewis features at the end of the movie talking about how Janis influenced her. Ellen Page I presume is a fan but I agree why is she involved? She's not good enough to speak on Janis at one of her film premiers! Why not get one of Janis's friends or musical contempories to speak. It's great that young performers like Ellen are spreading the word about Janis to this generation but I think someone else would have been a better choice to speak.

  2. I read in one of the movie reviews Juliette Lewis is in the movie talking about how Janis influenced her music. Ellen Page I presume is a fan but I agree I don't think she is good enough to be involved in a Q&A. They could have got more of Janis's friends there to tell personal stories-there are lots that appear in the movie.

    Here's a brief audio interview with Amy Berg on NPR Music recently:

    A Picture Of Janis Joplin, In Shades Of 'Blue'

    Thanks very much for posting this great interview. Can't wait to see the film also. So much rare footage it's great this stuff is finally coming out. Also check out this great clip of talk show host Dick Cavett telling brilliant stories of his time hanging out with Janis going to dinner and the movies. He's here talking at a recent pre-screening Q&A with director Amy Berg.


  3. Here's a brief audio interview with Amy Berg on NPR Music recently:

    A Picture Of Janis Joplin, In Shades Of 'Blue'

    Thanks very much for posting this great interview. Can't wait to see the film also. So much rare footage it's great this stuff is finally coming out. Also check out this great clip of talk show host Dick Cavett telling brilliant stories of his time hanging out with Janis going to dinner and the movies. He's here talking at a recent pre-screening Q&A with director Amy Berg.


  4. Great points :) Yeh Amy said she fell in love with Janis making this doc! Do you know where you get that Jungian book by Clarrisa Nikola?sounds fascinating.

    There's been lots of pre-screening talks before the documentary premieres but there seems to be no audience recordings which is unusual in this day and age ! and can't find it on youtube except for about 2 very short instagram clips like . Such a bummer coz over the course of them she had Janis's sister, Dick Cavett, Janis's boyfriend, D.A Pennebaker (interview is scripted online so at least got to read what he said! ) http://www.eyeforfilm.co.uk/feature/2015-11-04-amy-berg-in-conversation-with-da-pennebaker-about-janis-little-girl-blue-feature-story-by-anne-katrin-titze

    If you come across any let me know yhanks! there are 2 separate links below



  5. The 'handle' bit stood out and struck me as odd the first time I saw it posted elsewhere. It's a musical instrument. The only way to 'handle' the bloody thing is to play it. There was a Strad special awhile back and the restored violins - hundreds of years old, mind - needed to be played regularly in order for them to maintain their vitality, sort of like vibrations stirring the soul. I suspect it's much the same for musicians. That's not a veiled dig at Jimmy, I can say it directly well enough if I feel it, but it just came across as an unusual phrasing. By the way, I gave Jimmy a hard time about being so hesitant to play the acoustic guitar they handed him in that French interview, but I've since had a second thought about second guessing him. In that Strad special, Itzhak Perlman, on his own instrument, said he did not feel comfortable to just play on the spot (perhaps that means whole pieces, because on his website when he answers questions about playing, he shows what he means in snippets. It's so endearing...). He gave in because it was the interviewer's birthday, but it just goes to show even Perlman, who believe me, if you've never heard live, put near the top of your bucket list, at 68, is the most expressive and technically proficient violinist you'll likely see in your life. Brought me to tears every time I've seen him - vibrations stirring the soul.


    Can't find your other post about the vids sorry don't know what's happened! Yeh Jimmy played really well and looked  happy to be up playing Rock n roll up on stage!

  6. lol I didn't mean to make you paranoid about that Trey! I was mostly referring to the Hendrix stuff. ;)

    Not remotely paranoid- just being careful as got the impression from this forum that posting any youtube links were often taken down. Thanks good to know that's not the case it's only the Hendrix copy police haha

  7. I take it to mean Plant feels Page's comfort with living in the past (as a musician) resulted in predictable music with The Firm and had kept (and still keeps) Page from seeking new ground artistically, and as such he is no longer contemporary.  

    Yes Page is  nostalgic when it comes to Zep. On another but similar line of thought I came across a recently uploaded press conference on youtube of Page and Plant '94 in Japan and the gist of it is Robert says his heart wasn't really in Zep  but that his heart is in the  Unledded project and you can see Jimmy is visibly upset and taken back by this and a few mins later Jimmy obviously feels the needs to address this and says his heart has always been in the music right the way from Zep to the present (at the time ) and has never wavered from the beginnign to Unledded. I feel both had two entirely different experiences in Zep. I feel for Jimmy it meant everything to him and he was much older and more experienced wheras for Robert he was a kid when he was in Zep and still searching and didn't find himself til later. It's kind of sad. Youtube it as I don't want copyrightist to take it down!

  8. Update- Jimmy played guitar on 'rock n roll'  and  jammed with the band in Seattle tonight!  So this is first time in 4 years he's been seen playing live! It's happened! Clip is on twitter. 

  9. The only one that comes to mind currently having a great comeback at 72 years old is Fleetwood mac singer/musician Christina McVie. She retired for 16 years and the rest of the band were shocked when she said she wanted to come back and tour in 2014. They thought it would never happen that she would want to return so miracles do happens!  I think at some point in the next few years Jimmy will do something. It would have been nice if Jimmy had done more solo albums and established a strong solo career. I wonder why he didn't do a follow up in the nineties and instead went with Coverdale?

  10. I just listened to this interview.  IMO, Plant was saying that Page needed to find better outlets  than The Firm.  He thinks he is a brilliant and very original guitarist with a knack for coming in at odd and interesting angles.  He thought Page's playing was great in The Firm concert he attended, but the music itself was unoriginal.  He thinks that Page should care more how others view him and his music but added that he never really has.  He also wondered if Page would be able to play the music that he (Plant) was doing in his solo albums because this music was more precise in regards to time signature and key while Page's playing tended to be "rambling and Wagnerian".  

    This was a very illuminating interview, imo.  Plant put into words what so many rock fans find special and unique about Page's guitar playing.  The "come into a song at odd angles" is the best description of Page's playing that I've read.  It also gives us some insight into Page's post-Zeppelin career.  Page's guitar ramblings and tendency to come in at odd angles during a song  may make it harder for him to find singers and other musicians who are a good fit.  

    Great insights and especially the come in at odd angles is illuminating indeed. Thanks but I understood all that then actually. I guess I was looking for more of a hidden meaning in what Robert was saying haha but it seems he was being more straightforward than I thought! Robert was saying that his cavalier attitude brings him a lack of freedom I thought and I couldn't really follow what he was trying to say. This lack of freedom of Jimmys that Robert talks about is intriguing and I thought maybe someone could expand on it on what they think he means?

  11. After watching the latest video tweeted from Jimmy Page News account. I have to
    ask what is it that has Jimmy wanting to make another solo album - besides the
    obvious? It's been 27 years, he still has a will to play and a passion for writing music
    ........but is there something else? I know other musicians his age still get up on the
    stage or head to the studio to record music - and that's great, but not everyone's path
    is the same. If Jimmy wants to sit back, smell the roses then he can do so and enjoy it.

    Sometimes I wonder if he feels he has something to prove to the naysayers. Whether
    the man wrote music last week or 30 years ago. The music he did make is listened to
    and discussed by so many people so many decades later, and will continue to do so.
    He can flip off /give the bird to those who say otherwise.

    I know others will argue, but in a weird way Jimmy continuing to drop these little Easter
    eggs on what his plans are for the future constantly lures you in - in a very crafty way.
    I don't mean it in a deceitful manner. It's meant in a complimentary way

    Haha watch Jimmy have an album released posthumously!  

    Great post. I think part of it is wanting to prove something to the naysayers. In one his led zep reissue interviews he said he wants to play live again to prove he's part of the "world cup" ! That's some pretty big expectations and demands he's putting on himself at 71 and after years of not doing shows but it's great he seems determined and has a twinkle in his weye whenever he talks about "seen to be playing live" . Whatever approach or genre he does  will be interesting and creative. As someone mentioned on here I think one of his musical surprises could possibly be playing guitar accompaniment to poetry reading. He did this in the 60s.

  12. There's a really interesting interview with Plant on Swedish radio from 1985. He's promoting Shaken ''n' Stirred. Anyway, he's very open about Jimmy when the interviewer asks him about collaborating again. Plant basically says that his music was very precise and he didn't think it would suit Page's Wagnerian, cavalier approach. He also talks about how he went to see Page play with the Firm and cried, because it was the first time he had watched him as a punter. He said he didn't really like The Firm and preferred the stuff Page did for Death Wish 2. He seemed genuinely happy that Page was out playing and in a band again. here it is if you wanna listen:

    Great interview never heard before t4p. Interesting views on Jimmy starting At 20.34 mins Robert says that Jimmy doesn't see an importance to promote own songs, handle own affairs, manage own career so Jimmy doesn't have that freedom that Robert. He says that Jimmy  has a cavalier attitude and that his awareness needs to be sharpened so he can see how he's being seen. What is he saying exactly? That Jimmy doesn't handle what affairs and what was Jimmy doing that caused him to have a lack of freedom? Was he saying Jimmy  needed to create a better image in the public eye?

  13. Thanks Patrycja you have great insights! I didn't hear about Jennifer Lawrence actually. Over the years there have been so many actresses linked to the role- Pink, Renee Zellweger and others I can't remember. Amy Adams confirmed this year that she is to play Janis Joplin but there is a lawsuit now so it's on hold at the moment. Again no one can play Janis and I agree with the potential for bad imitation. If they are going to do a bio then it's best as you say to get different people to portray her at different stages of her life. That would be creative and much more believable and interesting. They should definately have Mary Bridget Davies involved in that for the performance scenes. She plays Janis in the stage play "One night with Janis" and she has been praised as the best "Janis" imitator yet and was nominated for a Tony for it. Her and Katrina Chester are the best I've seen but again nobody can even come close! I haven't seen the play though as live nowhere near where it's on. I haven't seen the Heath Ledger film or Bob Dylan one and look forward to checking them out to see how that worked. Cate Blanchett is one of the greatest  actresses. Janis could tell you the whole world in one note as she said. Work me lord Stockholm is one of my favourites and isn't shown  as much the famous Woodstock one. No other singer has moved me so much.

    The pre screening talks have had phenomenal guests such as Dick Cavett and Amy Berg found her ex-boyfriend David Niehaus and he apparently spoke at the New York screening a couple of days ago. There's articles about it and he told some great stories about how she told off the Hells angels for wrecking her house and got them to do household chores and buy groceries haha. Only Janis! She was such a contradiction. She could be so strong but so vulnerable. What a fascinating and complex person. They found a letter from him the morning after she died in which he asked her to come meet up with him again and get back tgether and Amy said if she had known the letter was there she may not have shot up drugs and died. That was tragic! 


  14. Cool stuff Trey, thanks for sharing. 

    I agree Jimi had regained his 'spark' towards the end, the Maui/Rainbow Bridge footage is some of my favorite. Cracking stuff. I would post something from it but the Hendrix copyright police are pretty hardcore, every video I've posted here has been removed.

    Yeh Jimi on his 1970 last tour especially in Berlin, Norman and a bit earlier in Baltimore were incredible and to think he played like that when he was exhausted and sick with a cold. His best music was ahead of him I'm convinced. He trusted the wrong people, he was a vulnerable and reckless guy in his last days hanging out in London and mixing pills. I Didn't know I couldn't post vid otherwise at chance of being removed wouldn't have done it but it won't let me edit and remove it. Where has the edit button gone? haha


  15. It is from Japanese morning Fuji TV, no idea where and when exactly,  looks like Jimmy is pondering something or other.

    Thanks, I remember watching this on youtube when it first came out. It was a great clip and interview of him italking about his favourite guitars n the guitar shop and would love to see it again. Would you mind posting the link? Not sure if it's been taken down but I can't find it.

  16. There's a new documentary film on Janis and I thought this would been a great place to post any reviews if anyone has it. It hasn't come to my hometown yet and I will have to wait for the dvd. There's lots of rare footage never seen before including her singing and playing Bobby McGee and cooking in her house. It will be great to get a glimpse of her behind the scenes so to speak. It's a positive thing as it will introduce her to a new generation hopefully and keep her legacy alive. What are the impressions of it? She was such a ground-breaking and influential  singer/performer and we certainly wouldn't  have Robert without her. He said he was greatly influenced by her, saw her perform and that he loved her staccato phrasing of "baby baby!" Here's the trailer. What does everyone think of Janis?



  17. The question of what might have been for Hendrix is incredible. I think if he had made that session with Gil Evans he would have had a great mentor for Jimi. He could have taught him to write and arrange and once he studied this imagine where he could have taken the form. Jimi was a game changer like Miles and Coltrane and I think he would've been the leading person in the 70s. It's the biggest loss in music and I think if had overcome his problems with management and stress etc.. he would have possibly been the greatest of all time. He was that good.

    This was one of his last performances and he was playing on another level in that last year. At 8.30mins  it's like a trapped beast and then that monstrous sound at 8.50. Most intense note ever played!

  18. Huge fan of Hendrix. My dad had tickets to his last tour of Britain but then it was cancelled due to Billy Cox's breakdown. My Dad saw Led Zep at University and said they were incredible. remembers Whole lotta love as the best song of the night!

    It's interesting to watch Led zep interview on September 19th and Jimmy's first response on hearing death of Jimi was it's a tragedy. For having not seen him live he certainly knew that he was incredible and really loved Jimi. He called him the best in later interviews. I often feel they were kindred spirits in the studio and the love of improvising live.


    Has anyone hear seen Hendrix live? What was the main impression you got?

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