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    Music and drawing and whatnot.
  1. Oh, lawdy! Anyone have a fan?!
  2. 'Scuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.
  3. Ladies(and gentlemen?), I present to you the Internet's first Flash dressup game featuring Mr. Page. http://led-head.deviantart.com/art/Jimmy-P...p-v0-5-99618885 It's my second time making a dressup. Yes, I'm very proud of myself.
  4. I can't look at that one longer than ten seconds before I start LOL'ing. OH GOD WHY? :'(
  5. I would love to see him sing that. Love it. ...Especially in that outfit. Your Pagey is perfect!
  6. Yeah, I'm pretty fucked up. XD
  7. I really like this one! Also that animation in your sig is adorable XD Roger's such a midget!
  8. Am I the only one who can totally imagine Jimmy yodeling in this one?
  9. Robert in drag, lol. Jessica Rabbit wants her clothes back.
  10. HUBBUDAHUBBUDA-thud- I<3U.
  11. Why I've never seen this one is beyond me!
  13. My parents don't know how many things I do online that would get my ass kicked if they found out. They never will, either...Praise Firefox! I'm afraid of walking past a dark bathroom. Mirrors creep me out. So naturally, walking past a dark bathroom with a mirror in it is not a fun activity. I can handle blood, guts, and all kinds of nasty, gorey things, but puke or people puking is the one thing that'll make me feel sick. I used to watch those shows about surgery when I was little...My dad has always wanted me to be a doctor so he told me to. I was obsessed with dinosaurs, too. I hate talking on the phone. My nickname at school is "Shamu" and I've been told to my face that nobody likes me. lolz, i r gonna b emo kid now.
  14. Wonder if these'll show up; I'm feeling lazy tonight and don't want to upload anything to Photobucket. You're all amazing artists. Even if I had any motivation or talent I still wouldn't be able to pull off what you guys do. -applause- Yeah, I don't even know what's going on with the Les Paul in that one. Let's say it got dented. Yeah, dented, that's it. The only halfway-good thing to come from my MS Paint misadventures.
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