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  1. Led-Head

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Oh, lawdy! Anyone have a fan?!
  2. Aw, so cute XD I love the look on his face.
  3. 'Scuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.
  4. Ladies(and gentlemen?), I present to you the Internet's first Flash dressup game featuring Mr. Page. http://led-head.deviantart.com/art/Jimmy-P...p-v0-5-99618885 It's my second time making a dressup. Yes, I'm very proud of myself.
  5. I can't look at that one longer than ten seconds before I start LOL'ing. OH GOD WHY? :'(
  6. Awesome wallpapers! Here's few old ones from me. I really like the red and sepia ones.
  7. Led-Head

    Young Jimmy

    OMFG. I want a life-size Pagey Barbie now. But I'll settle for the real thing, too, if those don't exist. That one makes me die every time I see it<3
  8. I would love to see him sing that. Love it. ...Especially in that outfit. Your Pagey is perfect!
  9. Yeah, I'm pretty fucked up. XD
  10. "Money?" WTF kind of phrase is that? XD I say stuff is "excellent", "trippy", and that I "dig" stuff...Yeah, it's no wonder I'm made fun of at school. C:
  11. I really like this one! Also that animation in your sig is adorable XD Roger's such a midget!
  12. Am I the only one who can totally imagine Jimmy yodeling in this one?
  13. Led-Head

    Young Jimmy

    The hottest picture of Yardie Jimmy. His sideburns, guh....
  14. Robert in drag, lol. Jessica Rabbit wants her clothes back.
  15. HUBBUDAHUBBUDA-thud- I<3U.
  16. Makes me cry tears of joy to see new bands making great music.
  17. Sick=New word for "cool". Yeah, I don't understand it, either, and I'm part of the age group.
  18. Only thing I disagree with is Presence. "Nobody's Fault But Mine" deserves a mention!
  19. Why I've never seen this one is beyond me!
  20. Led-Head

    Hot pics of Jimmy

  21. Blech, never liked the Ramones. Or the Sex Pistols. Or the Clash. Okay, I don't like "punk" at all. Oh, man, I'd forgotten about that song until now. My mom loves it. Ugh...
  22. Why hello Some person from the Internet, no relation to the band.
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