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  1. 21.8.71. Easily one of the poorest Forum recordings, but arguably one of their very very best performances in LA . In this last week I have been 'mostly listening to' Tokyo/Osaka 72, Leicester 71&Toronto 71. In that order. I've loved it loads. Feckin' magic.
  2. Bradford 73 soundboard. Dazed is a major example of a real dark and mysterious Zep. Jimmys got crowley on his mind on a miserable Yorkshire evening. Fucking genius.
  3. I too envy Nutrocker and his 77/low grade audience faves (God bless you sir!) I have nearly the same obsession with 75 warts and all.. At the moment though its Offenburg 73. Good lord, it didnt get any better.
  4. Fantastic shots again ta Davidzozo. Interesting to see fans being able to get so close to the stage. When you think of Richard Coles memories of having to beat kids up for getting to close, obviously not the case every time. Lucky blighters
  5. 19.3.75 Soundboard, sounding splendid thru headphones. Today is NOT John Bonhams birthday!
  6. This is Denver isnt it? Superb! Totally agree with everyones choices so far. Can i throw 3.6.73 LA into the mix, my fave from that tour. At a gathering at my place in the summer my friends wife was so appalled by it she said it sounded like a 'whale giving birth' ...Idea for a bootleg title maybe!?
  7. Thanks This was the info i was looking for, DVD. Does the outtakes contain more actual footage (rather than Shepperton)? Does it contain any of the fantastic 8mm footage shot from the side of the stage?
  8. Can anyone shine any light on this please? Does it exist?
  9. Thats the beauty of opinions isnt it? I certainly dont think your alone in prefering the earlier stuff, many many do from what ive read. Im in the 73-75 camp myself, although theres no doubt the earlier tours were MUCH more consistent in terms of performance. But give me the cream of 73-75 any day! Going back to the medley thing....Doesnt the Whole lotta love 3.6.73 do anything for you?? Had it on in my works van yesterday and it BLEW me away!! Anyways....dont feel alone!
  10. Just like to say your a young man with impecable taste!

    Steve Hackett!

    Nice one

  11. Yeah, always remember Shaun Ryder with a flaggon of ale in one hand and a massive spliff in the other! And my mate getting thrown out for lighting one up! Anyways, this is getting off the thread entirely!!
  12. i dont think it was fireworks that was the real problem, sounds like an unruly crowd goin nuts! Getting dangerous. I get my boots passed to me by a workmate who downloads, dont think im allowed to say any more than that!? Sorry!
  13. I wasnt at the Boston show cos i wasnt born yet! But, according to The concert files these tracks were dropped due to the insanity of the crowd. A fact mentioned at the next nights storming show in Providence where Robert describes 'last night was a complete menagerie'
  14. Rhode island, Providence 21.7.73. I dont often have a lot to say on this fabulous forum, generally just like to read all your expert opinions! But this shows prompted me to ask your thoughts. The boot in question 'Theres so much more sounds to hear' sounds to me one of THE greatest ever captured to tape. Im by no means a completist (bout 90 bootlegs i think?). Robert gives the crowd a major bollocking as well (Thats a ticking off to us limeys). Has it blew anybody elses brains out or is it just me
  15. Im with you on this Melc!!! 75 was jam packed with some of Zeps finest moments imo, and as for Robert, i prefer his singing to the pre 73 shows, much more maturity. Oh for a soundboard of Cleveland 24.1.75, or at least a better audience recording!
  16. Wot about the Nassau13.2.75 show?? Never seen it mentioned, yet listening to dazed on me headphones earlier BLEW ME AWAY Ronnie Wood to boot as well? LA Forum 24.3.75 is one of my faves too Ally Pally 22.12.72, a terrible place for rock, yes, and the boot isnt great, BUT what storming versions of Dazed&Immigrant song
  17. SO much controversy me gonna cause...! As we all agree on opinions vary wildly... For me Plants singing was at its best on the 75 shows minnus the disaterous bouts of flu shows. MSG 12.2 Over the hills suffers with the croaks but Jimmy pulls out what could be argued a top 3 solo. I fookin love 24.3 LA Forum version. Its much more about the solo than the voice for me. Vienna 73 21ST&27TH 77 get honourable mentions as well. Theres soooooo many!!!!!
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