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  1. 21.8.71. Easily one of the poorest Forum recordings, but arguably one of their very very best performances in LA . In this last week I have been 'mostly listening to' Tokyo/Osaka 72, Leicester 71&Toronto 71. In that order. I've loved it loads. Feckin' magic.
  2. Fantastic generosity Hue! Great great shots! your clearly a dude.
  3. Bradford 73 soundboard. Dazed is a major example of a real dark and mysterious Zep. Jimmys got crowley on his mind on a miserable Yorkshire evening. Fucking genius.
  4. poor show, Bonham great, Page(in particular) and Plant fucking out of it. Having said that, i love NQ, Kashmir and WLL/RnR.
  5. Nah, PLant actualy sounded better 77 than he did the majority of 73. But i prefer 73/75 Zep, personally my fave years. Go figure. Going back to Tempe, dont bother, just dig the Millard tapes. Beautiful.
  6. shite. just play badgeholders and forget Tempe. A smacked out nightmare
  7. Offenburgh 73 Front row Eye thankyou
  8. I too envy Nutrocker and his 77/low grade audience faves (God bless you sir!) I have nearly the same obsession with 75 warts and all.. At the moment though its Offenburg 73. Good lord, it didnt get any better.
  9. Fantastic shots again ta Davidzozo. Interesting to see fans being able to get so close to the stage. When you think of Richard Coles memories of having to beat kids up for getting to close, obviously not the case every time. Lucky blighters
  10. 25th on the whole for me. Page's most fluent night of the 3. Easter weekend could be a nice time to give them all a spin
  11. Thanks! Sounds more on the money than the other 77 soundboards, should be good
  12. Hello Kayte Its a fact and and a shame that crowds of young people can often act like idiots, sometimes things can get real dangerous, ive witnessed this at soccer matches and rock concerts. The tradgedy at Altamont had just happened and Zeps own Italian disaster, where it was a miracle no one was killed. Robert had to act as crowd control sometimes, this is just one of those things, sadly, a man was killed at a 77 show and The Who had their own disaster in 79 where 11 died. I hope this has'nt scared you too much! As for Roberts cryptic plantations, yes, a lot of them were inside
  13. I read somewhere (cant for the life of me remember where?) The jam took place in January, Zep were rehearsing and Sabbath recording Sabotage. (Morgan studios) I may have seen it in an issue of Mojo or Classic rock mag. The plot thickens!
  14. 19.3.75 Soundboard, sounding splendid thru headphones. Today is NOT John Bonhams birthday!
  15. Just emailed Laura and the last 'dot' after .uk doesnt exist, think shes made a mistake. Maybe it doesnt bode to well for the Zep documentry!
  16. hillsy


    Les Paul everytime for me. Just adore 75, dodgy tone, dodgy voice yet i still LOVE IT..
  17. I give my old TSRTS vinyl a spin last night and as great as Eddie and four blocks sound i still think they lack the depth of an official release, its all opinions i guess! Having said that, theres dozens of ropey audience recordings i'd much rather spin than the TSRTS. Your right about Roberts voice on 12.2.75, what a shame, 21.3.75 with that sound would make me drool ala Homer! WHERE IS IT!?
  18. Bootlegs better sound quality than an official release? Which ones?
  19. I remember reading somewhere (maybe on here?) that the version of dancing days on certain releases was actually taken from one of the following years London shows (Ally pally). Even Dave Lewis was tripped up by the naughty bootleggers! Im sure one of the uber uber freaks can confirm this, Underground uprising may shed more light.
  20. Im really on an audience kick at the moment, give me audience over sbd anyday when it comes to USA73! Some of my fave audience tapes.. Boston tea party 69 MSG 70 Evening show Berkley 71 Japan 71 (23rd, 29th) Adelaide 72 LA 72 Vienna, Essen, Offenburgh 73 LA 73 Seattle 73 Providence 73 Seattle 75 LA 75 All examples of Zep at the top of their game with ok to excellent sound. You cant fall off with these hf21!
  21. Ha! Wot a claim to fame. Can you give us all the details (you remember!) about the other shows per-lease!? Were they the Seattle gigs? You lucky bugger!
  22. This is Denver isnt it? Superb! Totally agree with everyones choices so far. Can i throw 3.6.73 LA into the mix, my fave from that tour. At a gathering at my place in the summer my friends wife was so appalled by it she said it sounded like a 'whale giving birth' ...Idea for a bootleg title maybe!?
  23. Adore the 75USA soundboards and agree with you on Orlando, but Essen 73 drives me nuts! No bass whatsoever, if i ever wanna hear it i have to listen to the audience tape. Is there a version that rectifies this problem??
  24. Too Rite!! Listened to Melbourne recently Wonderful wonderful peformance. Shame about the 'tinny' tape and the damned rain, still, adjust sereo and dig a 5 star show
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