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  1. well as for me..music, photography, graphic designing, and food? haha!
  2. well uhm. i dont know where to put this topic..but anyway, i was searching for a led zep myspace layout for my friend and then i found that.. i didnot make the layout though. i just want to share this stuff to you too if by any chance you're also looking for one.. i hope you liked it.
  3. azhlei


    hi! thanx for the warm welcome. i really really do hope to be friends with you..
  4. hmm me? my very very first instrument was a piano. twas my grandma's, she gave it to me when i was 6. then she taught me how to play it..
  5. david beckham. lol. )
  6. my bf's surprised me by preparing a breakfast on bed. sweet.
  7. hmm i have approx 462 cds? others are DL-ed. lol.
  8. azhlei


    im new here.. my name's ashley, you can call me ash.. its a pleasure to meet y'all..
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