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  1. Yes IIRC the POD release was basically a copy of the TMOQ release and used the same plates. I do't have my collectors bible by Robert Godwin with me but I can check when I get home tonight.
  2. To be honest, I don't think being a Zeppelin fan in the Uk was cool until the 2007 reunion show! I lived there from 1994-2010 and man up until 2007 it felt like a drought. I spoke with hardly anyone about the band except if I was in the presence of Dave Lewis or something like that. It was depressing. After they announced the O2 it was like all my life everyone around me had been a huge Zeppelin fan but didn't bother to tell me until just then. I had friend who I'd know for year and years who knew I was a huge fan and never once did they even express an interest or liking for the band get all excited and tried to get tickets for the show.
  3. Have you tried sending shinedaddy a message through the forum messaging system? If he receives a notification he'll probably drop in or reply to you. He hasn't been active on any forum that he was on that I'm also on for quite some time. But awhile back I sent him a PM on RO.com and he responded.
  4. The definition of a good record deck really depends on your budget. There is a starting point e.g. don't buy Crosley's, but most basic players should be ok in terms of not damaging your lps. It's probably best to set a budget as it'll be easier to respond with recommendations, etc. What do you have now? As for the shrink...yes there is a chance that over time it may result in a warped cover but it depends. If the shrink is loose you'll probably be ok but if it's that common tight shrink wrap style it has the potential to cause problems with warping. I'd crack open one side at the very least and you should be ok. I'd also get a some outer sleeves to put the lp in as that will help protect the lp as well.
  5. I'm not saying that the LA 77 shows werent taped from the board but that Guitar Solo board tape exists because it was used by the lighting guy(s) to practice the lighting cues. I remember reading that somewhere. Possibly on R-O.com.
  6. Never heard that actually. I was under the impression that they didn't record any 77 shows professionally. Board tapes exist but that's about it I think.
  7. I would welcome an official bootleg series similar to The Stones Archive site. There are a few points to keep in mind though. Download v Physical product As much as I like physical product the allure of downloads only in practical sense (both in terms of logistics and costs) makes much more sense. It's easier to have releases as downloads only. It may also make commercial sense as these types of releases are geared towards the bigger fans and don't have the commercial appeal regular albums do. A lot has changed since the HTWWW release and people are buying less product these days. I think once of the attractions to the Stones project has been the availability of the new distribution model (i.e. the internet). I would not be surprised if the Stones eventually did release all 6 planned shows in some sort of uber-fan collectable though. Also keep in mind that many Zeppelin shows would run to 3-4 cds and way more lp sides. This would add to costs so a download only option is even more attractive. Quality of shows - SQ I'll use the Stones Archive as an example again. Both shows they released so far are amazing quality that were professionally recorded. Indeed the other 4 that I heard were rumoured to be part of the 6 to be released were all professionally recorded. The question is how many shows does Zeppelin have on multitrack and are available in similar quality Royalties due to songs being covered Zeppelin covered a lot of songs during their WLL medley's and even threw snippets of other songs in D&C as well. So they will need to get things cleared before anything can be released and if an artist/artist estate wants $500,000 they can ask for that and say no otherwise. So you can expect severly edited Japan 71 medleys or none at all. What shows to release Some shows worthy of release have been discussed and many would make worthy releases. Especially doing something like the complete MSG run or the complete as can get EC 75 run. This sort of project would work really well as "official bootlegs" and are typical of hard core fan type releases but could be attractive to the more casual fan as well. A show like Bath (rumoured to exist on multitrack) may be an example of a show better suited to an official release though I'd buy it either way. I guess they could do an official outtakes type of thing as well but I think they'd rather save those for any future reissue program of the official albums - which I am sure will happen at some point. Chances of any of this happening The chances of anything like this happening are remote and not just normal remote like I live in country side remote but rather I live on the top of a mountain only accessible by one road remote. If a better edit at each edit point could have been done then yeah Shirley is at fault butas far as the edits in general; well he was asked to do them wasn't he? So there's not much blame that he can take in that regard.
  8. Thanks for the heads up on this one. I have been looking forward to this book for quite a while. Barney Hoskyns is one of my favourite music writers. I remember reading that he said tackling Led Zeppelin was a one of his book writing goals. If his other books are anything to go by he'll write an object review of the band. He won't shy away from the dark side but I think he'll handle it well. Eddie
  9. I think The Nuge might have softened his opinion regarding Hendrix because relatively recently he did give him respect for his playing but did not have kind things to say about his habit and what the result was. Same thing with Page. He has acknowledged that he a good player but his personal habits... Nugent is really big on the whole anti-drugs and anti-drinking thing so he doesn't mince his words when it comes to those topics regardless of how good the musician is.
  10. There were some auctions on ebay. I believe one had a buy it now price of over $1000. Here's a link to one auction from 2009: http://www.popsike.com/Led-Zeppelin-WHITE-VINYL-Song-Remains-The-Same-4-LP/280346880074.html There was also a scam auction where the seller was claiming he had a SEALED white vinyl copy. I asked how he knew it was white vinyl and he said it was because the customs form on the outer packaging listed it. Of course he could not provide a picture of that and I never heard of anyone knowing they had a white vinyl copy without opening the box. Eddie
  11. I see the Chicago tickets for sale quite a bit. Dazedjeffy is right about the demand. I think there is over saturation in the market. Your WLL EP depending on condition could be worth quite a bit. I haven't seen one on ebay for a long time but then again I haven't really been looking to hard. I'd say anywhere from $150 to $300 depending on condition. Eddie
  12. My money is on The Faces. There have already been rumours about it. Eddie
  13. Hmm I've readit and I'm a fan and I'm not pissed off. The fact that they released TSRTS and Mothership really has no bearing on a tour. You want them buy them you don't then don't buy them. I can understand why you are frustrated and pissed off but there really is nothing anyone can do about it. All four of them are their own person and each has to follow their own artistic dreams. They can't do it for anyone other than themselves. Eddie
  14. I think there was at least one other. Annie did get loads of offers for stuff as far as I am aware but space was the limiting factor in this one. The next one will be bigger :-) Still there are some great items there (some are mine ) and well worth a look if you are in the UK. It's easy to get to the venue from Stevenage station. 5 min cab ride costs about £5-7. You're in OZ though right?? Annie did such a great job on the display Eddie
  15. Hi I was at the reception last night and although I won't give away anything in terms of what's there it was a pretty cool set up. My singles and some of my mags were up. Anyway the point of this post is to say if you guys are not driving its pretty easy to get to the house by cab from Stevenage station. Its a 5 min ride and it'll cost about £7. Hope that helps you all out. I won't be there since I have other plans but hope you enjoy it. Annie did a great job. Eddie
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