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  1. If you find out who bought it, give them my condolences for losing $2400.
  2. I collect records, not just Zeppelin and stuff like this happens a lot more often than people think. It's just a pressing plant error and although it might be "rare" for this title, that doesn't translate into valuable. You might be able to find a Zeppelin completist who might buy it but they won't pay much for it. I hesitate to use the word, worthless, but essentially that's where you are at with stuff like this for the most part. If you can get someone to pay you high $$ for this, take it and run... Sorry to be so blunt....
  3. Yes IIRC the POD release was basically a copy of the TMOQ release and used the same plates. I do't have my collectors bible by Robert Godwin with me but I can check when I get home tonight.
  4. To be honest, I don't think being a Zeppelin fan in the Uk was cool until the 2007 reunion show! I lived there from 1994-2010 and man up until 2007 it felt like a drought. I spoke with hardly anyone about the band except if I was in the presence of Dave Lewis or something like that. It was depressing. After they announced the O2 it was like all my life everyone around me had been a huge Zeppelin fan but didn't bother to tell me until just then. I had friend who I'd know for year and years who knew I was a huge fan and never once did they even express an interest or liking for the band get all excited and tried to get tickets for the show.
  5. Have you tried sending shinedaddy a message through the forum messaging system? If he receives a notification he'll probably drop in or reply to you. He hasn't been active on any forum that he was on that I'm also on for quite some time. But awhile back I sent him a PM on RO.com and he responded.
  6. I think The Nuge might have softened his opinion regarding Hendrix because relatively recently he did give him respect for his playing but did not have kind things to say about his habit and what the result was. Same thing with Page. He has acknowledged that he a good player but his personal habits... Nugent is really big on the whole anti-drugs and anti-drinking thing so he doesn't mince his words when it comes to those topics regardless of how good the musician is.
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