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  1. Note sure on the first part but I would guess Page has more rights than anyone. But the 2nd part I think you are wrong on. I think Jimmy is highly concerned with keeping the legacy of Led Zeppelin / Jimmy Page intact and he feels officially releasing any live material that is not Zeppelin at their best could hurt that. Those of use that collect bootlegs know the real story but the general fans who only have official material have a different opinion. Same can be said about how he feels about books that shed some negative light (really just light in general) on the band. My wish is that he should realize the amount of joy he could possibly bring to fans like us by releasing high demand stuff. Even if he doesn't want to do it officially then put it in the hands of someone who can remaster and release it to the internet (for free). I'm surprise he has not seen a market opportunity in selling live shows online like most jam bands these days do.
  2. Thread on this already: But to reiterate here is what I like most and why: TSRTS Original - best version of the first variation of live of No Quarter and one of Pages best solos. 02-12-1975 - First live one I heard and Ive heard plenty better since but this one is just very tight, especially guitar and its still the best sounding boot ive ever heard 03-05-1975 - Piano/Drum jam out of piano solo is about the most moving music Ive ever heard, gets me going in ways words cant describe, never thought Id say I like piano solo more than guitar solo 03-27-1975 - Same reason as Dallas but this section is even better/longer and Pages solo is extra interesting. Of the earls courts I actually like 05-18 the most while 05-24 is probably overall the best especially for vocals and maybe piano but I felt Pages solo in this version is not as interesting as other versions. 05-25 the piano and guitar are both equally loud during whats supposed to be Pages solo (they usually turn piano down) and this annoyed the crap out of me. I find that 05-18 is just a perfect tight < 20 min version, it has all the elements I most like and very solid at that I admit I have not studied 1977 versions as much as 1975, but its mostly the band jam in the middle/end of the piano solo that varies in 77 versions and I don't know the differences in those all too much. Well I do on paper, I know some include this nutrocker thing, others a blues jam and others...??? 04-28-1977 (Or any other solid one with the nutrocker) 05-26/28-1977 (not sure which i like more or if these should even be considered outstanding I just know people said to check this one out) 06-23-1977 (the blues/lounge jam in the middle of the piano solo is so good and Page does more interesting things with the solo in this version than probably any other). Overall the best but this (or any 77 version I think) does not include the piano/drum jam I most like in the later 75 versions.
  3. Hmm, when I google this it seems to be audio. Anyone can help point me in direct of DVD it would be greatly appreciated. I have heavy metal kids but it does not have the full 5-25 performance and because of the site it was on the DVD tracks were removed.
  4. Thanks for that one, just listened now. Professionally recorded had its advantages and this is very much a factor in my decision on TSRTS. I really do consider that version perfect guitar wise though too.
  5. There has been threads about this song sung in original form, I always thought they were talking about the lyrics though, not high register. Maybe someone can link one of those or give some insite.
  6. - TSRTS or any 73 version close to that - HTWWW - 1970-09-04 Blueberry Hill, the change of lyrics and screams robert does gives me chills every time - 1977-06-21 / 23
  7. They do that in the middle of Communication Breakdown jam at Blueberry hill as well, probably my fav version of that song.
  8. Yeah, sorry I finally listened to the Matrix and it sucks. I went over to Dime to see if anyone explained why and then I saw the battle between Freezer and McCabe.
  9. Matrix is now on Dime That was fast.
  10. What a weird place for a concert, whats with the water in front of them? Wonder how often they played without an actual stage (and on concrete no less)
  11. Gov't Mule The Derek Trucks Band The Mars Volta Mute Math The John Butler Trio (Amazing on an acoustic guitar) - (Live versions of this song can get up to 20 minutes) Electronic/Rock Jam Bands: The Disco Biscuits Lotus
  12. He has a point, but doesnt seem to get it. Since discovering Zeppelin I've discovered what really good music is, especially live. And since then I've collected more music that I had in all years before, Ive discovered so much good music and I know there is so much more out there. Though much of this music is modern bands, most of it is from the same era as Zeppelin. So many people, myself included like and prefer the way music sounded from that era, especially the guitar. When and why music changed during the 80's, I dont know. But if someone made music similar sounding to what I ike from back then I would notice it right away. And if I made music today it would most sound like that. So why more bands are not doing that, I dont know. And on that note I recommend the Allman Brothers (who are amazing live today with Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes on dual leads) and Gov't Mule.
  13. Yes there was. My dad was there but this story with pics also confirms. http://www.oldbuckeye.com/pontiacsilverdome77/
  14. Damn I didnt even notice it was that cause I thought someone said before it would be Train Kept a Rollin. But I recorded it so I see now, sweet!
  15. Jimmy on a Fender eh. His part was quite simple and not too audible. Beck sounds awesome.
  16. Yeah this is taking a while, any estimates on when Jeffs induction is up?
  17. I think when/where you start when it comes to listening to live zeppelin is a huge factor. I think to anyone that starts these days and does not listen in chronological order will connect most with the marathon songs/shows: 75, 77. Ive only been at it one year now and the first bootleg I heard was 2-12-75 and what kick started it the most was hearing No Quarter from that show. Which has quickly become my favorite song and I definitely prefer the longer versions though I enjoy all. It did not take long for me to realized how good they were early on, I almost consider 69-70 Zeppelin a completely different band, and 69-70 I like in different ways than I like 73+ shows. Ive had trouble really getting into 71 and 72 as it doesnt seem like there is as many quality bootlegs from these years, soon im going to listen to all in order so im sure my opinions will change. As far as your comments about two of my favorite songs. What really surprises me is how much people like When the Levee Breaks, I dont dislike the song or anything but I consider IMTOD to be far superior as both songs have similar sound (slide guitar), a sound I welcome as a change from the rest of their songs. I dont really like the "Oh my jesus" part too much either. And No Quarter, studio is completely different from live so definitely have to judge them separately. Studio is good but the part I like most is actually the mood/feeling I get from it because of the varied-speed affect, I really dont like the keyboard solo much. Live is just, wonderful, its not as repetitive (maybe select keyboard/guitar solo parts are repeated, but its almost intentional) as some of the other long songs and really showcases the bands parts individually very well. My favorite part is actually the end of JPJ's piano solo where it becomes jamming and bonzo kicks in, to me this is the most move-worthy (cant help but to move something to the music) Zeppelin music. Im sure you have heard them plenty of times but I just feel like not liking No Quarter means you are really missing out, same goes for not liking post 73 shows as much.
  18. Thanks for the heads up this improves one of the best recordings from 69.
  19. Likewise, im in Grand Rapids, MI. This could be only chance for me to see Jimmy.
  20. Best: No Quarter (03-04-75, 03-27-75, 06-23-77) Worst: Hot Dog (song in general, not its performance) Songs I prefer studio version of: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (its just too good acoustic) Battle of Evermore (vocals couldnt be matched)
  21. Yeah the Bluecongo Matrix sounds better than Flying Circus. Higher quality version of one of the highest quality recordings isnt near the top of my list of LZ Bootleg wants. (A soundboard of Seattle 75 would be) Any yeah, overall St Louis Blues and Days Confused definitely have the best sound (good sound balance) from the 75 board shows.
  22. This is the type of information I was looking for, thank you much. I had just assumed they could hook up a mulitrack recorder to the soundboard.
  23. Im curious as to why the good number of 1975 soundboards out there have the best sound. The only other soundboards I can think of that sound this good are perhaps Southhampton, but thats borderline official release as I heard that was remastered for potential show before HTWWW was chosen. Why do 77 soundboards not sound better? I find many others, especially 77 and 80 to be sort of flat or not have the "crisp" sound that 75 soundboards have. Were the recordings done on the 1975 US tour done on a better recorder or something?
  24. 06-23-77. I began to love this song live after hearing it in that bootleg.
  25. Whats this "other site"? I was thinking to start a bootleg/ setlist database if one didnt exist so we could query anything like when they played song X
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