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  1. Can anyone tell me the last 5 or so soundboard releases? I am still waiting for 3-21-75...
  2. I never knew this. What shows?
  3. Somehow I missed Thank You live though I had a few bootlegs (I think i assumed it would be like the studio version so not too exciting live) until I discovered 1971-08-31 Orlando. I was blown away by the solo. It was my reference version for a very long time as I could not find any that sounded as good and clear. But eventually I revisited BBC Sessions and found it was almost exactly the same solo and it was studio quality so it became my reference version. If other versions mentioned in face have better solos i guess I should try them but its hard to give up the sound quality from BBC Ses
  4. Also search for existing threads on this but: Break it down by the variations of it with bold as my fav from each era First era (1973) TSRTS Full Version [*]Second Era 1975 (Pre-Grand Piano) 2-12-75, 2-14-75, 2-16-75 [*]Second Era 1975 (Grand Piano) 1975-03-05 (The piano/drum jam in this makes me go crazy, its fully developed and master in 03-27) Faster tempo versions: 1975-03-19, 1975-03-21 1975-03-27 1975-05-18 1975-05-24 [*]Third Era (1977) Nutrocker: 1977-04-28 1977-06-21 (For standout drums) 1977-06-23 (Awesome jam after piano solo, overall most complex) [*]Forth Era (1979) 197
  5. Ah good news. I will have to get this soon. So looks like my prediction of 03-21-1975 SBD before the "End of the World" is still on pace.
  6. I just think its that (re)mastering is very time consuming (and therefore expensive). Especially for full length live shows. So they would never do every show. If anything it would be a select show or two. Probably a decent chance we might see the albums come out in high def audio (bluray as of today). Especially if the Pink Floyd Immersion box sets sell well.
  7. All listed here: http://www.ledzeppelin-database.com/geekbaseweb/songpage.aspx?songid=54&sort=0 1977-06-23 is the best one I've heard and looks to be the longest according to the above list as well. There are 5, count them, 5 solos.
  8. Cant speak for that specific one but I have a few Wendy releases that are the best versions I can find of the shows (I think they are Japan 71 and/or 72). As for the download "lecture" I think you should come to expect this especially if you are new to the forum. Not too many are actually in the know when it comes to bootleg sites and so may only know how to get shows buy purchasing them. I feel very responsible to inform everyone that every show is available for free on the internet as I know its the reason I have experienced so many Zeppelin performances. If I had to actually buy them
  9. Yeah Mule became my favorite active band rather quickly after I discovered them in late 2008. They are the only band that can fill my Zeppelin needs and also beyond that in many ways. I was slightly dissappointed with the Holy Haunted House performance particularly Over the Hills. But Bonnaroo 2007 show with John Paul Jones includes insanely good versions of SIBLY and No Quarter. Warren manages to pay respect to Pages style and licks in his playing but totally makes it his own (which is very intense btw).
  10. I would have chosen 03-05 Dallas No Quarter and probably 02-12 Over the Hills. Agreed on IMToD and I too think 02-16 has the best overall sound balance. I'd have to re-listen to confirm the other choices.
  11. If you like it I would check out St. Stephen Jam from Gov't Mule.
  12. Ive never wished for a time machine so much until I became a huge live Zeppelin fan. I would do 1977-06-23 or Royal Albert Hall
  13. 03-27, especially the NQ. I will have to revisit the Trampled from that show as I currently consider 03-25 the best but thats sort of based on the quote from Louis Rey about it, something like "organized musical chaos". It really is unique but if the 27th is the same format but longer/better I would definitely give that the nod.
  14. Pretty sure i read this somewhere else too but here is snippet from Led Zeppelin: The Concert File: "The performance was filmed on instruction from Peter Grant for potentical future use, with no less than four different film crews in attendance. Peter Whitehead, who worked with them at Albert Hall, filmed the entire Zeppelin set for Grant but the film had incorrect exposure and was unusable. No Footage from this is believed to have survived "British Lions films were in charge of the Eidaphor TV projector screen at the festival and also recorded some acts on two inch tape. They were refus
  15. I thought the word was there was an exposure or picture issue with the video footage.
  16. Chicago 75 or March 75 other than Seattle (we will probably get that one last as its the most desired)
  17. Knebworth (DVD), Studio Rare for me for Zeppelin but I dont think I could give any other live versions 5 stars.
  18. Yeah this is probably the best sounding recording I own. Should be the go to reference for how good a matrix can sound.
  19. I have a slight bias towards 02-12 as it was my first boot I heard, the SBD at that. I cut my teeth on that No Quarter in particular. SIBLY is very nice add on the 02-14 and I think overall the No Quarter is slightly better. But I still think 02-12 has the best Over the Hills that Ive heard and the overall sound mix of 02-12 is very very desirable if you like guitar. With very good headphones I feel Jimmy has plugged his guitar directly into my ear. I might say overall 02-16 is the best of these three, I certainly think it has the best sound balance when it comes to all instruments.
  20. I have the Blu-ray and I imagine (as with probably many films) it probably hard to tell between up-converted DVD picture and blu-ray. If you already have the DVD I dont think its worth upgrading unless you have a very very good system as It also has Dolby Digital HD and DTS-HD and if you have a stereo like I do then thats also desirable.
  21. SIBLY (Its my reference version) No Quarter (I use original version though) Stairway (All around almost perfect) The Rain Song
  22. I'm not sure Ive heard this, I will have to go check. Nothing compares to 1971 Thank You's for me though.
  23. Just listened to Hamburg for 2nd time ever. The 2nd half is just insane. Page is non stop on his game soloing while Bonzo is just going off on the drums and all the dynamic aspects. Just crazy good Zeppelin. This reminds me why they are the best ever, no question.
  24. EzyEric


    Hmm I never thought or knew he used different guitar. I thought Knebworth was the most liked version? Its certain my fav.
  25. Well Ive seen many on this forum confident it will be released eventually as so many SBDs from the tour have. We have gotten at least one every year for the last few years right? The releases are purposely spread out I think and they know Seattle is the most desired. I couldnt do that myself, Im all about greatest good for greatest number of people so as soon as that could get out there and make thousands of people happy the better.
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