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    I anagrammed Stairway To Heaven's first verse :/<br />AHA! ETERNITY'S A VOW<br />Led Star! Yes u hear show,<br />Led's art still got a light,<br />When she aims higher to eden,<br />eschew vanity, ether thaws, heals self,<br />shift ahead, go toward show bantr, say<br />'seeker new sage soul contract'.<br />n.b. Tao white area Savy, sends a yin hug :)
  1. Happy Birthday and many many happy returns Robert. Hey we're the same age... how did that happen!! And it makes me wonder... if we think alike, hee hee Toronto, '98, queen
  2. Happy Birthday Jimmy! Below is your animated Birthday Card, we're jumping jacks for joy! oops, how'd that get in here! (it's so unique (like the album cover) and fun (adult), I just had to put it here!) hee hee http://www.jj1.com/intro.html
  3. here's a song you might have heard... the controversy goes on... if she singing "I take my diamond shoes" or "I take my time and choose" ??? "Animato" lyrics Utada Hikaru album : Exodus ©2004 (on you tube...nice tune! ) Nobody' like you, no ooo ooo ooo ooo Somebody out there better get this Not many people can do it like this How about some speakers to amplify me How about a rhyme to fortify me Life's messy so I clarify it Simplifying things for everybody I need someone who's true Someone who does the laundry too So what you gonna do Please don't forget to follow thro
  4. Livin' Lovin' Maid it doesn't do anything for me... the rest do!
  5. um... if Jimmy asked you personally to attend the trio, would you? oops sorry, just having a giggle on me
  6. the song most stuck in my head is usually the last song I heard on the radio... it can stay with me a lonnnggg time... until I hear another song which stays with me. today it's the song "I Can't Quit You Baby" here's a version of LZ doing it that I haven't heard before wow amazing guitar! and Robert is so... well I digress!
  7. IT'S ME REPORTING BACK posted by IrishWarCry (today) in response to my query: well those aren't EXACTLY my words i've been reading hammer of the gods which is about them really good book! andd just bits and pieces i've heard about them going on tour. i honestly can't remember where i heard it if you get any solid facts tell me please:) All of you were right as usual and who would know better than you guys! really!
  8. I was what if Robert re-joined the band but he renamed it. why would he do such a heretical thing?! well for example, what if the new name was just "LED" ? LED is the new Led Zep and an honorable self-tribute to the band Led Zeppelin's past. "Zeppelin" could be now in the background for the age and time it represented. "L.E.D.", a light-emitting diode as you know, and we could say LZ are luminaries, having achieved eminence, and who are an inspiration. Luminary also mean VIP, lion, and superstar. (it's still a little difficult to come up with a band name not that's already take
  9. here's another rumour... I just saw this on youtube under Led Zeppelin Earls Court Tangerine. by IrishWarCry (1 week ago) "Led Zeppelin is going on tour this summer I'm so excited!!!! but no robert p i don't know who they're gonna get who can scream and moan like a guitar... so sad" I'm following up with Irish, trying to get the source of this this news or a website. I'll report back asap. p.s. I think it's really clever how he says "...who can scream and moan like a guitar"... I hadn't thought of it like that before, but it seems to fit! gee, now I'm going to have to listen to
  10. ♫ Freedom (Cosmic Child) ©2009 Diane H. ARR My mind is out here in the wild, afloat intended cosmic child, but not knowing and unsure, scared moments I'm not anchored, body mind and soul metaphored, I'm not prepared for what's in store. To assert my independence, once required my attendance, material dependence, now I have made my decree, sword of light won my spirit free, but between fulsome and empty. My mind says 'now let yourself go', I surrender to 'let it flow', my heartfelt is yearning so, for the promise that takes hold, breathless that claims my oversoul,
  11. everyone's lyrics are really good, they move me. you can feel it! I just wanted to say that the lyrics I post here on the LZ Forum were, at one time or another, at some point or another in them, inspired by Led Zep so it's ok that they kinda belong here. thanks. On Whispering Winds ©2009 Diane H. ARR They warn me love can be excessive, that it's not love if it possesses, wearing down slippery defenses, you awaken my visceral senses. Swirl in and out of my destiny, the muse falls into the euphony, I float endlessly in harmony, revolving, evolving cosmogony. The star
  12. thanks for the heads up on Mr. Jamison; I'm going to have a look see at him I have relatives in Kingston who are opinionated as well. Quebec's political party, Bloc Quebecois (the separatists), who want to separate Quebec from Canada, want to join with the Liberals and NDPs to form a coalition to outvote the Conservatives. but we don't want a separatist party to have such power... isn't this tantamount to treason! how can we let a separatist party hold government seats? the Canadian Government (who is us) is funding part of Quebec. Because we have a constitutional monarchy... (t
  13. hi Yukon, I live 10 minutes from Mohawk Raceway in Campbellville (20 minutes west of Toronto). I only saw the harness racing once but I really liked it. Mohawk has common-pool wagering and I wouldn't mind becoming a betting woman one day and as well for the thoroughbred racing in North America. Woodbine is constructing a luxury hotel, but Mohawk also has in construction, a hotel and golf course. Generally I go to Mohawk to the casino a couple of times a year. (I'm up about $127.00! pathetic huh?!) re Robert and The Strange Sensation, I saw them at the Molson Amphitheater, and stu
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