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  1. Can you give me the link, please ( I'm not able to find it ... )!!
  2. In the contra dancing article : Is robert going to see (or to dance with) Buddy Miller on june 7? (I know I'm obsessively monitoring his movements... )
  3. Here http://lemonsqueezings.blogspot.com/ I read this: What do you think? Can that be true? If it's true, 12-18 months are a lot of time!!
  4. Found this comment: here http://esarsea.wordpress.com/2009/05/05/fu...on-up-the-road/
  5. Have you seen the photo? Jimmy looks deeply sad :'(
  6. YES!!!! yes, but whatever name they'll chose, I'm afraid journalists will continue to use "led zeppelin" forever. They need a very impressive new name..
  7. The second one you said... so there are three parts in all: the first one doesn't want to do it at all , the second one wants to do it and knows why and the third one wants to do it without understanding what it's doing ... oh harvey
  8. Hi Amazonic,

    I 've just read the comment you left to me in march!!! I never check my profile page :o)

    (Si, sono io isabelarcher...)

    ciao ciao

  9. Thanks but in the radio site they say Sunday June 29th, "Off The Record with Joe Benson" will feature the music of Led Zeppelin as well as conversation with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant(?!!!)
  10. Ciao Blanchedb! Italiana anche io ma residente a Sydney..Were you a member of La isola dei bannati forum under the nickname isabelarcher? If so, I read a few posts on the threads and couldn't stop laughing and smiling. You seem to be fun. Grazie per avermi fatta ridere leggendo i tuoi posts, troppo divertenti. Jimmy Rules! Keep on rocking.CIAO CIAO

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