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  1. Some things that will be impacted... -Massive defense cuts -Significant income tax increases -End of unemployment insurance for about 2 million people -Reduction of child tax credit by 50% In light of this Obama ended the federal wage freeze so the VP and Congress will get a raise in March.
  2. Is it time to revive this thread? How is Pres. Obummer working for you all? Mitt looks to have the GOP nomination in hand, so it will likely be between him and Barry this fall. It's like choosing between being stabbed to death or burned to death, IMO. Discuss.......
  3. I have audience shot videos from: 1999.10.12 Roseland Theater New York, NY 1999.10.13 Roseland Theater New York, NY 1999.10.14 Roseland Theater New York, NY 1999.10.16 The Centrum, Worcester, MA 1999.10.18 Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA 1999.10.19 Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA If memory serves me correct, the last 2 are the better ones.
  4. Hardly de facto. It was very much legislated. You need to brush up on your Richard J Daley history with his work to keep blacks segregated in the city, as well as the work of school superintendent Benjamin C. Willis to keep blacks out of white schools. MLK had little success with his civil rights movement in the city. And yes, I am a South Side Irish native.
  5. Let's see.................. I have lived in many states in my life, but presently reside in the state of California. Or should I say, Yo vivo en el estado de California. It is true, there are major differences in the people from Northern California and Southern California. Everyone is not a bleeding heart liberal here. It is not true gay people kidnap straight people and turn them gay, as one Alabaman once asked me. Nor is there something in the water that makes this happen. The Bay Bridge is not the world's longest bridge. It does not really go from San Francisco to Africa. We
  6. 'Bout time we get some fresh blood in the Senate. We need some change, and not the kind Barry hoped for.
  7. The 2003 Led Zeppelin DVD, because it is a good cross section of filmed performances from 1969-1979.
  8. If you are really concerned about your liver, go to a doctor. There are simple blood tests that can taken. Your abuse of alcohol is only one thing that can affect your overall health. Are you fat, do you eat crap food, do you take lots of medicines (both over the counter & prescription)? Also, try drinking a glass of water in between drinks. It will fill you up and help counter-act the dehydrating effect of alcohol.
  9. Please. Outside of the war, does Bush control the economy? Is Bush's person the Chair of the House Financial Services Committee? Does Bush control the budget? Economies go up and down. We are in a down period, with a lot of factors influencing it. Start passing that blame around to the members of Congress before you jump right on Bush's back.
  10. Our enemies in the Middle East have such a fine record of treating captured American, Brits, etc. so well. Agreed, however, they need to get this shit over with. They need to process these people as quickly as possible. The ones that deserve to go home should go. The rest - tag em and bag em.
  11. I clearly understand, it was written in English, not something else.. I am sorry I am new, and felt it necessary to start a quasi argument with you, whom I barely know and did not address for that matter.
  12. Is it a requirement for persons to know each other on this board without stating a difference of opinion to someone else? Why can't a new person jump into the fray? And yes, I was serious about you being a post whore: 3. A person, who feels their higher post count gives them added credibility in the forum, even over people who have contributed for much longer and as such they go to great lengths to increase their post count. I am well aware of what a post count indicates. Thank you for your unnecessary definition Webster.
  13. What, their opinion on a subject doesn't matter? It's a generic subject, and posted for all to see. Should they have to stay in the Newbie section until queen electrophile declares they are worthy to leave? Just because you are a post whore, it doesn't give you anymore relevance over any other member.
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